ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox & Future Amp

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox & Future Amp: An Overview

ZT Amplifiers is founded by Kenneth Kantor, which is a manufacturing company for musical instrument amplifiers and imports its equipment from a line in China that is a parent or registered company called DSP and amplifier technologies.

In 1981, Kantor is one of the first student pioneers to graduate from the Art and Media Technology course at MIT. In addition to his outstanding achievement, he has co-founded many revolutionary companies (Tymphany, International Jensen, Altec-Lansing, and many more) and has been awarded 4 Grand Prix honors. The current and innovative ZT Amplifiers is situated in Berkeley, California.

Since ZT Amplifiers became a hit, a lot of artists started using its amps, such as Dolly Parton, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, WILCO, and Andy Summers of The Police. There are 2 new models that are produced by the Chinese company ZT Amplifiers: the ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Amp and the ZT Amplifiers Future Amp.

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The best features of these 2 amps are the sound that it produces, as these small amps may deceive its viewers, it is packed with power.

The Lunchbox Amp could be the world’s smallest amp with its Nano-head, solid-state, and Micro Cube-R. It consists of a custom-made speaker driver at 6.5” with power-punch ad 4 knobs which make it easier to control how you want your sound effects.

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There is an internal speaker mute switch installed on the amp if you want that soft and tranquil sound. An ambiance effect for open-back speaker simulation, class A/B power level output of 200 W, and an aux output of 1/8” with headphone output jack of ¼” including volume control.

The Lunchbox amp has a pure analog front-end incorporated with a high-gear diode ability that is capable of producing 120 dB at 1 meter which can blast your eardrums to shreds! The controls this amp contains is the Volume, Gain, Tone, Ambience, Line Out, and Headphone Level. All of this mojo sealed away in a cabinet waiting for you to unleash its true power.
With a width of 7.5”, the height of 9.8”, and depth of 5.5”, besides, having a mass of only 9.5 lbs, one would think what sound this amp can produce, however, with its switchable control between 115 V and 230 V, this innocent-looking amp will roar like a lion within seconds!

Then there is the ZT Amplifiers Future Amp which is slightly bigger than the Lunchbox amp but is also just as compressed as the Lunchbox. It produces over 200 W of power, with a sound that surpasses 130 dB which is more than the Lunchbox. This Future Amp is sure to blow you off your feet with its soundwaves! It features a width of 13”, a height of 15”, and a depth of 8”, such a piece of small equipment, yet consists of a 12” driver that is completely wrapped in a strong enclosed case to project that loud bass and vibrant high tones. The controls of the Future amp are the Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Line Out, and Headphone Level.

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Both the ZT Amplifier Lunchbox amp and the Future amp features a cool metallic design with a handle on the top for portability and easy to grip on when carrying around with you. They both also have a great power output for size and appearance, but produce a flexible tone with rich harmonics and expressive dynamics.

The sound effects can range from the softest delicate tones to very harsh and aggressive sounds. Although, the Lunchbox amp looks more like the name that it has been given. These two amplifier models are ideal for professionals, even if it looks like playing toys, it is not for kids! The Lunchbox amp and the Future amp will be available next spring and their prices are yet to be announced with more upcoming information at NAMM 2008.


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