Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal

Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal – A Complete Overview

I’ve seen big, small, huge, and strange drum kits but this is one of the most strange cymbals I’ve ever seen, I understand why Zildjian put it in the FX Series. The Spiral Trash is a cymbal with a strange shape to provide a wave-like timbre.

The Spiral Trash is a 16″ or 18″ cymbal that features cast bronze, T weight, traditional finish, and its long design allows you to mute its sound with the foot (no hands needed). It can be used by everyone from marching orchestras to jazz drummers, it’s playable almost everywhere and can be mounted on a regular stand or hanging from an arm.

Soak up, drive and complement any mix with a trashy hand cymbal. Despite its grim name, this cymbal is truly a dirty, misunderstood hero of the modern music age. Check out our review on the Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal.

The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbals are a great addition to any drummer’s set-up and come in a range of sizes from 15″-22″. The trashy, darker-sounding cymbal makes for an amazing accent to any routine.

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A Trashy sound in a small package! The trashy sound of the 14″ Zildjian spiral trash crash cymbal is perfect for laying down big accents and hammering on chunky rhythms. This one features their medium-weight “crash” weight as opposed to some of the other spiral cymbals they have in their line. Symmetrical shape with a round brilliant finish, this one great for use with or without a stand depending on your level of trashiness.

Every year, a few of the trash cymbals are broken and can’t be sold to retail stores. These broken cymbals would normally be considered scrap and be discarded. However, Zildjian craftsmen have developed a process where they take these mismatched cymbals and blend them together to create a special line of recycled instruments called the Spiral Trash Cymbals.

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Spiral Trash, a relatively recent addition to the Zildjian line, features a design that makes a definitive trash sound with china-like overtones. The fast decay and sustain of this cymbal are powerful and penetrating, highly effective for accents and maximizing the cutting power of your kit.

If you’re a trash player, Zildjian has developed a line of Trash Cymbals just for you. These Trash Cymbals are spirally grooved to increase the trash appeal. The Spiral Trash Harpshaker has a short sustain with a deeper tone than most trash cymbals.

The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal comes in a 10″, 13″, or 16″ and is built with a player in mind. This cymbal has a trashy tone that’s very distinct from a china type of sound. It includes a tapered top that creates an amplified sound and is built with hand hammering to produce the sound that it does.

Finally, the trashy sound you want to achieve without destroying your wallet. The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal comes in a beginner-friendly price range and offers everything from a high-pitched crash to low trashy china. Familiar to the sound of an old Koto, this is one cymbal that is bound to steal hearts.

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The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal is the classic thrash metal sound in an economical, high-quality China cymbal that fits into any kit. They are loud and trashy, with a cutting tone that cuts through the most demanding musical passages. A bright, penetrating, and slicing crash with an explosive attack, this cymbal has a fast decay rate for accents whenever needed.

Sometimes you need a trashy sound to punctuate the flow of a song, but more often you want something fast and clean with a bunch of overtones. In that case, our new Zildjian Spiral trash cymbals may be your new go-to ride or hi-hats—the Spiral features a slightly concave top and tightly wrapped spiral edge. This leads to a thin but springy stick feel, a high pitch, and a fast response similar to an extra-thin china cymbal.

The Zildjian Spiral Trash can stand out in a live show or a recorded studio performance. The trashy sound of the Spiral Trash is an associative sound because it reminds people of trashy music and band performances that are nearby. The best characteristic about this cymbal is that it may be used in multiple situations. It is powerful enough to use on stage for any song; from rock to jazz or even classical pieces.

Spiral Trash Cymbals are thin, light, fast, and loud. They offer a bright attack with a trashy grind. They’re highly sensitive, so they create a lot of volumes, especially if you’re playing softly. Thinner cymbals have more high-frequency content than thicker ones. Because of this, thinner cymbals can be bright.

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The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal is a very strong and durable trash can. It was tested and it passed every time. I would recommend this to anyone needing a trash can. I have had mine for 12 years and use it every day, almost constantly. Every now and then I need to tighten the bolts but other than that it is a great product.

Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal is constructed making use of a spiral-wound design. The spiral-wound design effectively reduces unwanted overtones, while the inclusion of a brilliant finish with a widespread of harmonics creates a trashy sound.

Wear the Zildjian spiral trash cymbal as a true work of art. This works equally well as a trash cymbal or as a visual accent for any drum kit. Aluminum is flexible, very durable, and easy to maintain. The Zildjian spiral trash cymbal is sure to turn heads at every performance.

When it comes to trashy, trashy is great! Be honest; sometimes a trashy cymbal is what you’re after. The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal will definitely get the job done.  This multi-purpose cymbal is one of the most instantly recognizable sounds in music and has been at home in rock, country, jazz, and other styles for years. The 23″ Spiral Trash brings that legendary sound up close and personal on stage or in the studio.

Zildjian’s new Spiral Trash Cymbal is the first and only trash crash with a twist. With a spiral grooved cymbal edge, this unique sounding trash crash with a trashy trash sound can be used alone, or in combination with other cymbals. Comes with a free cymbal bag.

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For singers, drummers, and guitarists who need more volume because of their amplified environment, the Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal produces a focused attack that cuts through with ease.

The Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal is a unique trash cymbal added to the Trash Collection. This trash can be opened and allows you to put an item inside of it. With a versatile sound that can be produced with the touch of a stick, it is great for any player at any skill level.

The most versatile trash cymbal ever, the Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal plays and feels like a crash/ride, but looks unlike any other in existence. It features an eye-catching swirl with a midnight finish that works for any style from jazz to metal. The Spiral Trash creates a tone that can cut through the densest mix with ease, making it ideal for heavy music.

The all-new Zildjian Spiral Trash Cymbal is a truly unique drumming instrument. The included Trash Can Cymbal Stand can be configured in multiple angles to allow for easy practice by drummers of any skill level. The Trash Can innovation also eliminates rim clamping and prevents snare wires from being damaged due to the trash can not being set deep enough inside the cymbal stand.

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For more than 350 years, Zildjian has been handcrafting cymbals and making them available to the greatest drummers on the planet. Today, Zildjian continues to be a leader in cymbal innovation by incorporating the latest technology into its designs. The Spiral Trash Cymbal is one of these new cymbals that allow players to create all different types of sounds from decent-sized trash crashes to a piercing high-pitched ring. With this new line of trash cymbals, Zildjian has launched two sizes of 16″ and 18″ in either a high or low pitch.

The Zildjian Spiral Trash is a uniquely pitched trash cymbal that can be used as an accent, a crash or ride in your drumset. The trash finder sound of this cymbal is the result of two gutters – one elevated and one recessed – producing a precise metallic trash sound.

Open your door to the world of cymbal making with the Zildjian Spiral Trash. This metal trash cymbal is built to destroy with its huge hammering power and bright, high-volume sound. Welcome to the Zildjian family.

Spiral Trash Cymbals are the ultimate ride cymbals: rich, multi-dimensional tones for every player. The long-lasting finish provides a bright, clear stick definition and powerful projection. A finely-crafted brass hammering process produces a musical and delicate tone.


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