Vox Satchurator Joe Satriani Distortion Pedal

Vox Satchurator Joe Satriani Distortion Pedal: Detailed Overview

Drawing on Joe Satriani’s information collected from many years of historic exhibitions, each life and inside the studio, vocalization discloses a leap forward in guitar tone — The Satchurator twisting pedal.
In 2008, once virtually a year of scrupulous experimentation and road testing, Satriani and also the Vox R&D team discovered the secrets to capture the last word distortion tone in an exceedingly modern pedal.

The Satchurator is capable of terribly high gain levels, however, it operates additional quietly and musically than different trendy distortion pedals.
It conjointly preserves the tone and pick-attack of the musician plugging into it with the “Input Clipping” system, no matter vogue, from subtly distorted blues tones through classic rock and shred.

The outcome’s an expert quality pedal that holds looked for after vintage and well-known sounds in a ground-breaking, flexible, and extremely melodic pedal style.

From smoky blues for screaming leads, the Satchurator delivers wealthy analog distortion, with all of its creamy heat. Gain, Tone and Volume knobs allow you to dial in your signature sound quickly.
The dynamic electronic equipment preserves the essence of your sound, whilst you switch down the amount of the guitar feeding into it.

A pad switch has been thoughtfully another, permitting you to use the Satchurator with different hi-gain pedals — while not adding noise or clipping artifacts.

However, there’s additional, literally. Once you want it most, stomp down on the additional switch and take your tone over the highest.

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Features :

● Analog distortion pedal designed below the whole management of Joe Satriani
● Controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume
● MORE gain boost switch allows 2 foot-switchable distortion sounds in one, pedal. This gain boost is dramatic once the gain knob is ready to low, and maybe a refined solo boost once the gain knob is ready to most.
● ‘Cushion’ change cushions down contribution to allow for prime increase pedals, (for example, chic wahs) put before Satchurator. Up is cushion, ‘ON’. Down is a cushion, ‘OFF’ for full Satchurator sway.
● High gain, low noise style provides vintage to fashionable distortion sounds
● A dynamic circuit is very awake to rolling off the guitar’s volume and preserves the guitar’s high finish once the amount is rolled off.

Sound :

The tone is taken from the low-pitched, all-tube roar of a 120-watt peavey JSX head through a 4 x 12 cab, and that we at the start felt that the distortion was to a fault toppy, even once attempting to calm it down with the tone management. However, a fast trip back to surf riding with the Alien reminded us of Joe’s classic tone, and, in fact, the Satchurator gets terribly shut so.

With a fairly high-output bridge humbucker, the massive levels of gain enable trustworthy recreation of Joe’s heartiest moments, principally those chugging rhythms and harmonically-rich solos.

One major disadvantage of exploitation high gain is that there is seldom any place to travel to spice up solos. Adding a lot of drives compresses your tone to mush while not truly increasing volume.

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The MORE Switch :

This switch was missive of an invitation of Joe for the Satchurator and adds a large quantity of tonal flexibility to the current pedal that the majority ancient distortion pedals don’t have, and primarily makes this a two-in-one pedal. At a high gain setting, additionally provides a refined boost in gain and mid-range that’s merely enough to push your results in the highest of the combination, while not adding unwanted distortion, clipping, or noise.

At lower-to moderate gain settings, the additional switch can boost the gain considerably, providing dual-sound setups. Strive to set the gain control at 2 o’clock and using the additional switch to spice up your tone to the equivalent of the pedal’s “10” gain setting. That’s two all totally different and dynamic sounds in one, pedal!

Chicken Head Knobs :

There were plenty of sensible reasons Joe selected these knobs over one thing additional fashionable trying. For one, they only look cool!

however, the controls of the Satchurator are therefore sensitive, and therefore the variety of sounds so broad, that Joe and therefore the vocalization team found that terribly little changes in knob settings yielded terribly cool sounds.

So, we tend to set it had been essential to convey to you the foremost exactness attainable in exploring and documenting your own favorite sound settings.
The chicken head handles with pointers were the least difficult gratitude to go. Joe chose cream, along these lines you’ll have the option to see them in dull spots, as in front of an audience or in your storm cellar.

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Pedals :

When we will, in general, get the basic sound of the pedal nailed, Joe tossed a conveyance at us. He legitimately demanded that we will, in general, ensure that the Satchurator performs neatly, and keeping in mind that not the contortion and over-burdening of elective twisting pedals once running them with wah pedals or elective step boxes. The Satchurator holds its tone in any anchoring arrangement.

Summary :

The Vox Satchurator Distortion Pedal isn’t solely a distortion pedal, maybe a tone generator build with the directions of Joe Satriani to breed its noted tone, big, natural, and harmonically wealthy.
Vox Satchurator Joe Satriani Distortion Pedal has the main highlight is that despite its high gained sound it preserves the first tone and doesn’t manufacture any noise.

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