Vox Joe Satriani Signature Effects

Vox Joe Satriani Signature Effects Pedal: An Overview

After revealing the beautiful Virage Guitars, Vox has unveiled that they teamed up with Joe Satriani to create a complete line of effect pedals. The Vox Joe Satriani Signature Effects will not pedal with the sound of classic Satriani songs, they will be new effects designed by Satriani and Vox.

This line will include at least a distortion and a wah pedal, that has been used on the last Satriani album that will be released this year. We hope Vox releases some new information soon.
Grab a slice of Satriani-approved tone. The Vox Joe Satriani Signature Effects Pedal is part of his very own signature line for the company. It’s a true bypass, and comes with 12 onboard presets that are tuned specifically to match the Satch tones on his albums Surfing with the Alien, The Extremist, and Strange Beautiful Music.

If you have been dreaming to have an effects pedal that is a product of the collaboration between Vox and Joe Satriani, then you will agree with me that this signature Vox Joe Satriani effects pedal is truly the answer to your request.
Vox presents the Joe Satriani Signature Effects Pedal, which features two overdrive modes, a Satriani switch, and a gain knob for extra bite. It comes with an 18-inch power cord and can be powered by an AC power adapter or a 9-volt battery.

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The Vox Satriani Signature Pedal is the only effect pedal Joe Satriani personally endorses, an assurance of its quality and performance. This authentic analog overdrive pedal incorporates circuitry taken from Joe Satriani’s own custom ‘brown’ pedal. To dial in his sound, he uses a modular system, with up to three effects boards at once. The Vox Satriani pedal faithfully replicates this system, with three independent voices available via internal DIP switches.
In collaboration with the master musician, we are honored to introduce Satriani’s new signature amplifier, the JOE SATRIANI JET CITY JOVIAL. And that same innovative spirit has inspired us to create his new signature pedal, built exclusively for “the master of effects.” The Vox Satriani Signature Pedal contains some of the most powerful effect capabilities that you’ll find in any portable pedal out there today.

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The Joe Satriani Signature Effects Pedal features nine effects with up to five simultaneous, including Chorus/Vibrato, Delay/Reverb, Overdrive, Distortion, Modulation, Echo/Tremolo, and Octave. Each effect has been voiced by Satriani and can be easily turned on or off using the signature Satch switch.
Welcome to the dark side, Vox has introduced a new signature Joe Satriani Effects Pedal, the JOE SATRIANI MODERN GIANT. Many of you may have no clue who this guy is but he is a virtuoso guitarist who has played with Frank Zappa and Whitesnake.

The Vox Joe Satriani Signature Series guitar effects pedal is a true celebration of one of the world’s most legendary guitar players and teachers-Joe Satriani. While Joe’s ‘signature series’ pedals are intended to offer guitarists a high-quality and affordable way to incorporate his tone into their own playing, they’re also gateway pedals for the beginner or intermediate guitarists who want to start exploring new, exciting musicals horizons by learning how to use them.

Vox Satriani Signature Effects Pedal is a combination of single effects pedals that allows you as the artist to create your own custom sound without having to buy many pedals. It features an overdrive, distortion, delay, and reverb that are similar in their vintage tone as Vox amplifiers.
Vox Satriani Joe’s signature pedal combines it all into one compact, tabletop package that is loaded with features. The JET Overdrive delivers a massive, face-melting tone, and the boost switch allows that sound to grow if you need it to. The built-in attenuators allow you to kick your amp into high gear or pull it back for that in-between sound.

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A company that has been making high-quality guitar pedals for quite some time now, Vox decided the time was right to team up with Joe Satriani to create a pedal that was no-nonsense and full of awesome tone. The Vox Satriani Signature Series Pedal is exactly that, a single stompbox that covers just about every type of effect you would want in an all-in-one unit, but from a sound quality perspective, the only thing it shares in common with the standard pedals is the exterior casing (though you could probably stand on that and it wouldn’t break).

Vox has been working on this special edition pedal, which features Joe Satriani’s utterly distinctive playing style and tone, for over a year. Designed alongside Joe, it’s the ultimate guitar effects pedal for his fans and the ultimate tribute to the master of a renowned effect—the wah-wah. And thanks to Vox’s VOX Tone Chamber™ technology, it uses a new inductor with a custom resonance control that allows you to get even more sounds than Joe.

The Vox JHS has a mind-blowing sound that gives you access to Satriani’s tone. The features on the pedal are the same as the guitars used during his live sets. He even uses the same strings he plays live on stage. This makes it an awesome-sounding, top-notch product. The only thing missing is his signature hand movements when playing!

The Vox Joe Satriani Signature Effects Pedal is a 2 channel pedal featuring the full range of effects that Satriani uses on stage with his playing matched to his streamlined signal flow. It is equipped with a total of 27 onboard solid-state effects, ranging from classic analog to modern digital. It has a maximum power output of 50W and features a built-in digital tuner. There is also an external power adapter included.

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Vox, in collaboration with the legendary rock guitarist Joe Satriani, presents the Satriani Signature Effects pedal. A complete set of guitar effects in one sturdy, yet compact box. Vox’s G.C.F (Global Controller Function) system and a streamlined layout make it easier than ever to manage your guitar tone like never before. Enjoy your favorite Satriani tones, plus a few of Joe’s signature features that have been specially selected and assigned to the new FX pages. All-new resonant filters and dynamic wah are just two amazing additions you’ll experience first hand.
The Vox Satriani Signature Series, or “Joe Satriani” pedal is here! It’s essentially a toned-down version of the BV512 that I own. Joe Satriani works for both electric guitar and bass due to it having a gain control and not just volume. Unfortunately, there is no continuous control of the wet signal, but that doesn’t matter since you can set the volume pretty high without your amp going into saturation.
Shaped just like the legendary Satriani model, the Vox Satchurator distortion pedal is an accurate reproduction of Joe Satriani’s tone. It features three highly interactive controls — Gain, Tone, and Level — each taking you deeper into the sonic world of Satriani. With a full-throated distortion for aggressive leads plus a cabinet simulator for direct-in recording, this effects pedal will not disappoint.

The Vox Satriani Signature Series pedals were developed in close collaboration with the guitarist himself, and have been designed to deliver a serious tone to match their stunning design. Every pedal offers a variety of Satriani’s signature effects, including exclusive new effects like the Cry Baby Fuzz.
Paying tribute to Joe Satriani’s original custom-made pedal board, the Vox Satriani Signature Pedalboard provides guitarists with an authentic tone-shaping experience. Housed in an aluminum effects chassis, this pedal board includes nine vintage-style rock and blues effects, plus a premium amplifier that produces classic clean and overdrive tones–all with Satch’s signature style.

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