Vox Expands DA Series Amps

Vox Expands DA Series Amps – All You Need to Know

VOX Amplification introduces 2 new models in its DA Series of transfer Digital Amplifiers.
Supported the popular DA5 amp, the new DA10 and DA20 feature real amp designs, in-built high-quality effects, and therefore the convenience and suppleness of AC and battery power choices.

The DA Series options movable amps with digital effects, during which amplifier output power may be zero.5 W, 1.5 W, and MAX.
These amps are excellent for home or on the road apply, they little, however, conserve the voice tone even at lower volume levels.


Features :

● 11 completely different amps designs (from clear clean to saturate overdrive sound)
● 11 completely different effects (compressor, auto-wah, delay, reverb, 24-bit signal process (in D/A and A/D)), two 6.5″(DA10) or two 8″ (DA20) speakers
● mic (for singing, whereas, playing)
● aux (for CD/MP3 inputs) inputs,
● line/headphones output

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Performance :

A singular power choose switch lets the user modify the facility electronic equipment output by choosing one in every of 3 values: goop, 1.5 Watts, or 0.5 Watt. These help to increase battery life and additionally permits the player to show the master volume all the high to drive the facility amp for optimum tone and feel, whereas keeping the output volume level affordable.

Both amps feature 11 guitar amplifier tones starting from pristine clean, to outrageous overdrive, to configuration rhythm — all are often dialed up instantly. Eleven single and combination effects embody motorcar wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo, and rotary, and noise reduction. All result parameters are often adjusted.

In addition to a MIC IN with its own level management, an AUX-IN a connection to an external audio device like a mixer, CD, or MP3 player.
The inputs are also used at the same time, sanctioning the DA5 to function a whole rehearsal amplification resolution.

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A headphone/line output is often used for personal or late-night active, or for direct affiliation to a mixer or recorder.
The output conjointly adds cupboard key and character for a way of “air” and depth.
The DA10 and DA20 are every equipped with 2 vocalization original style speakers. The DA10 is loaded with a pair of x 6.5″ speakers, whereas the DA20 offers a pair of x 8″ speakers. All amps feature black vinyl with black chrome grilles.

The Vox DA Series amps associate with a black vinyl end and maybe battery-powered with DC power or four C batteries.
The Vox DA Series Amps is given a combination line/headphone output Therefore, you will be able to attach with associate electro-acoustic transducer, mixer or recorder.

And since plugging into the jack defeats the speaker’s output, you will be able to follow you want, where you want, and as loud as you want in total.

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Summary :

Vox DA Series Amps are higher power with a similar nice tone and go-anywhere movableness of their smaller relation.
The Vox DA10 and DA20 offer the choice of running on battery power, thus you’ll take the musical performance virtually anywhere!
Vox DA Series Amps are good for practicing and recording.

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