VOX Digital Amps

VOX Digital Amps – What’s Special in It

VOX products have been sold to many musicians in the world, especially to the famous Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and Queen. Vox started a revolutionary innovation to assist in music production. Amplifiers are known to rock-out as a piece of cube-like equipment that produces quality sound, although it took many types of models and development to produce the exceptional one.

There is a variety of solutions for the portability of amplifiers, such as the Boxing Metal Monster, the Fender G-DEC, or the Carr Mini-Mercury amps. There is even one that does not look remotely close to an amp, it is the Stethoscope Amp. A new model of digital amp series has just recently been introduced by VOX, known as the VOX DA15.

These amps may look small, but it is packed with a lot of power because of its wide range of styles and effects (11 main amps and 11 effects). These elements form the bases of projecting those clear and vibrant sounds through the controls of knobs on the panel.

The effects of the DA15 have a digital variety that consists of the auto-wah, chorus, and delay, chorus, and reverb, compressor, compressor and chorus, compressor, and phaser, delay, flanger and reverb, reverb, rotary and reverb, tremolo and reverb.

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The VOX DA15 includes controls on the amp which gives the user the selection of knobs and effects, such as gain, volume, treble, bass, and middle knobs. This amp is able to produce a variety of controls on the tones, it is also capable of setting the modulation speed and delay time through the touch of a button.

This means that it is just that simple to recreate your own combined sound effects and the amp setting, then by using the Channel Select option on the amp, you can easily store those custom created styles into your favorite settings. However, even if it would be better to have more, it is effective to only 2 of them at the same time. There is also quick access to the Manual mode where there are 3 different sounds that are shown on the settings of the knobs.

In addition to the Manual mode settings, there are also 2 locations for the user to code his/her desired sounds. To access the 2-user programs or the effects of the bypass, there is a VFS2 footswitch (dual) that is optional for use, by plugging it into the amp, the 2 effects can be obtained. The VFS2 footswitch is also handy when you want to switch between the Bypass effect and the Manual mode since it is a footswitch, no hands are needed.

The VOX DA15 amp has the implementation of Headphone/Line output is the perfect fit for practicing and recordings, since it projects that clear and genuine sound. Therefore, all you do is plug in the headphone, recorder or mixer to the amp and you are ready to jam!

It does not matter whether you prefer headphones or without headphones, because by connecting the jack, it takes away the speaker’s output of the amp. If you do not want to disturb the neighbors or you just prefer having some privacy from the real world for a while, simply connect the jack and play to your heart’s content!

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• Number of Styles: 11
• Number of Effects: 11 (including reduction of noise)
• Signal Processing: 24-bit with the conversion of both A/D and D/A (both A/D and D/A, 44.1 kHz frequency sampling
• Input and Output Jacks: input, footswitch, line/headphone
• Power Amp Output: Max.15W RMS
• @ 8 ohms
• Speaker: Original VOX (8 Ω) 1 x 8″
• Power Supply: Local Mains
• Options: VFS2 Dual Foot Switch

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• Dimensions (W x D x H): 16.81” x 8.90” x 15.24”
• Weight: 22.05 lbs

The answer to both affordable and portable is the VOX DA15 Digital Guitar Amp, with a weight of only 22.05 lbs, you can have a road trip with this action-packed amp. With the objective in mind of making sure the amp is easy to maneuver, adaptable to the environment and produce just as much power as a standard-sized amp, VOX sure has outdone itself. From a diverse list of tonal effects to choose from and a first-rate sound quality, whether it is loud and bashful or soft and muffled, this amp is sure to amaze its audience.

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