Vox amPlug

Vox amPlug – A Complete Guide

Amplifiers are known to rock-out as a piece of cube-like equipment that produces quality sound, although it took many types of models and development to produce the exceptional one. There is a variety of solutions for the portability of amplifiers, such as the Boxing Metal Monster, the Fender G-DEC or the Carr Mini-Mercury amps. There is even one that does not look remotely close to an amp, it is the Stethoscope Amp. Even with a range of portable amps, in today’s newly released portable amp is probably the one that will astound the world: The Vox amPlug.

The British boutique-styled series of Vox is possibly as small as an adult-sized thumb; therefore, it is like a lucky charm in your hands. It has the classic Vox amp design which can be used anywhere at any time, even at night while the neighbors are sleeping. This will allow musicians to play to their hearts’ content without disturbing other’s slumber.

It is as quick and simple to use as putting a plug into a wall socket. Just plug in the amPlug into a guitar and put a set of headphones on. You will not even realize you’re in your room, instead, you’ll be pulled into another dimension of on-stage awe.

There are 3 original types of Vox amPlug Models

Vox amPlug AC30 (AP2AC)/

This emulates the classic AC30 sound, despite the size of the amp, the tone quality is very well depicted and clear once you wear those headphones. Although, if it is compared to any standard full-sized amplifier AC30, the sound effects will be different, but do not be bothered, amPlug AC30 has a unique and bell-ringing sound to give. The AC30 is very useful if you just want to jam for fun, practice or play mellow Rock melodies.

The jack is foldable which makes it easier to plug in considering where a guitar’s amp input is. The battery life lasts for hours, so there is no need to be concerned that you will not be able to get any music sessions done.

Vox amPlug Classic Rock (AP2CR)

This efficient portable and the foldable plug rotates at 180-degrees and to allow the convenience of use, it consists of an auto power-off function to sustain the battery life. The Classic Rock produces a strong, rich sound and is a definite recommendation for guitarists or bassists. It contains 3-amp modes for a variety of tones and 9 selectable effects (3 choruses, 3 delays, 3 reverb). The battery life of up to 17-hours with improved analog circuitry for clear sounds, which reproduces the high-gained sound of a 100W Marshall amp. Any input can be used for any audio player.

Vox amPlug Metal (AP2MT)

This delicate-looking yet hard-core sounded amp is the perfect headphone amp for US-made metal amps for transmitting that raw on-stage atmosphere. It is suited to both bass and guitar players who would like to hear multiple sounding effects and rhythm functionality. This contemporary-styled portable amp also has enhanced the circuitry of analog with a newly-installed 180-degree folding jack.

These Classic Vox Amps all have the same specifications, the only distinct difference between the 3 Vox amPlug models is the quality of the sound and tone, gain and volume. It varies between person-to-person and the style of playing that one prefers the most. Nevertheless, all 3 of the models have their unique output sounds that give a musician encouragement and determination to keep playing.


• Type: Solid State Headphone amplifier
• Inputs: 1 x ¼” plug, 1 x ⅛ with aux in
• Headphones: 1 x ⅛” plug
• Controls: Basic controls – On/Off/Standby, with Volume, Gain then Tone, FX Controls
• Effects: Chorus; Delay; Reverb
• Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries
• Battery Life: 17 hours (FX Rhythm off) / 11 hours (FX Rhythm on)
• Dimensions: 3.39”W x 3.15”D x 1.22”H
• Weight: 0.09lbs (excluding batteries)

Vox amPlugs feature a 100% analog circuitry in the mechanisms, which makes it hassle-free for those who find modeling technology complicated. The Vox amPlug amps have an estimated price of $190, which is value in both quality and quantity. With the features that the amPlugs offer, this is sure a modernization in Vox that has helped and will continue to help musicians around the world.