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All famous adult film companies and Schecter have joined hands to launch first-ever commercially licensed graphic guitar series. This is a great step in merging creativity with famous guitar series which are in demand in the market.

The concept behind vivid guitars is, they will be featuring images of vivid’s adult film stars. The prime models are Stefani Morgan Tempest and Brianna Banks. Both these models are based on the Schecter Tempest series and have identical features, the only difference is that of the design based on photos of different artists.

Almost every person has an ideal artist. Those artists are like god to them. These vivid guitars are like an angel musical instrument for music and instrument lovers. The guitars with graphics of favorite artists even give more motivation to play it, at times when someone doesn’t feel motivated enough to work on the musical instrument.

A look and feel of something are always a motivational factor, in any field. Moreover, the demand for vivid guitars arises when you get bored of watching the same guitar lying beside your bed. Then it calls for a change definitely. And this change is actually good and motivating.

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The market for vivid guitars is quite wide and varied. Awesome designs are available for guitars with any size, any shape, any style, or any finish. Vivid guitars basically fall under the category of customized guitars. People go for customizations according to their choice and preferences. If we talk about some famous vivid guitar models in the market, Schecter Tempest’s name would definitely come into the picture.

This model may be a limited run launched by Vivid production, but it is super clean. It plays great and it is referred to as “the lightweight screamer”. The look is quite cool and get the attention of many!
Design: –
If we talk about the design, famous vivid guitars like Stefani Morgan Tempest have a good-looking design which is quite impressive. If we go into the details, it has tempest body design and maple neck. The scale length goes up to 24.75’’. Moreover, it has humbucker and 2 Schecter Alnico pickups, Tune-O-Matic bridge, 3–way pickup switch, and two volume and one tone control with a push or pulls options.

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The overall review of the design is quite satisfactory. The reason for this is user-friendliness, the most important factor which makes the model quite unique and in demand. But there may be one downside, that people may pay more attention to the guitar rather than the player’s playing skills. After all, the photo belongs to Brianna Banks Tempest.

The vivid guitars come in various variations in the market. Some of the famous ones are Brianna Banks Tempest and Stefani Morgan Tempest.


– Vivid guitars are an amazing category in the guitar world. They provide an awesome look and feel to the users who love to have the image of their favorite artist imprinted on their guitar so that they are always motivated to play with their instrument.

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