Vestax VAI-80 USB Audio Controller

Vestax VAI-80 USB Audio Controller with 2 Stereo In And Outs

The VAI-80 is a sound interface structured with straightforwardness for simple activity and empowers multi-channel recording using USB with top-quality sound. This conservative metal body sound interface is good with proficient DAW and DJ application programming, material to live arrangements in front of an audience, and is appropriate for recording and sparing vinyl to PCs while checking.

The Vestax Corporation is an organization that continues delivering items with its uniqueness, prescience, and unwavering quality for the individuals who do music effectively from contributions to yields of sounds. Vestax’s crucial consistently to convey items requested by the world’s top-class performers, DJs, music makers, and fans that all longing to have solid music instruments and hardware.

Vestax targets delivering premium items with the world’s most elevated level of innovations to satisfy customers’ needs gathered in its worldwide deals division, deals outlets, and presentations that happen the world over. Vestax isn’t an organization working for itself as it were. The items are constantly evolved from clients’ viewpoints and what Vestax feels pleased most is that the items speak to a piece of culture in music.

They go available after a long procedure of rehashed conversations with top performers, preliminaries and mistakes, and exacting quality control on creation lines.


• XLR (x2) and RCA(mono x4) yield
• 2 band EQ control (Hi/Low)
• LED input/yield level marker
• Selectable earphone screen yield (ch1-2 or ch3-4)
• Headphone yield, MIC (Phono) input
• XLR (x2) and RCA(mono x4) yield
• USB spec adaptation 1.1
• audio class spec adaptation 1.0
• A/D Converter: Resolution : 16bit, Dynamic range : 103dB, Frequency reaction: 20~20kHz (@ fs=44.1kHz)
• D/A Converter: Resolution : 16bit, Dynamic range : 106dB, Frequency reaction: 20~20kHz (@ fs=44.1kHz)
• Analog Input: LINE: 4 channel simple data sources *RCA Pin Jack Impedance: 100k ohm, Hi-Z: 1 channel simple information *1/4 Phone Jack Impedance: 1M ohm
• Analog Output: UNBALANCE: 4 channel simple yields, RCA Pin Jack, Impedance: 1k ohm, BALANCE: 2 channel simple yields, XLR connectors (male) Impedance: 1k ohm(minimum load: Headphone: 41mW + 41mW (47O)
• EQ: LOW : 70Hz – 16dB~16dB, HI : 15kHz – 16dB~16dB
• 2 band EQ control (Hi/Low)
• LED input/yield level pointer
• Selectable earphone screen yield (ch1-2 or ch3-4)
• Headphone yield, MIC (Phono) input
• Dimension : 121(W) x 47(H) x 140(D)mm
• Weight: 600g
• Windows System Requirements: Windows XP(SP2), Vista, Intel Pentium lll 450MHz more, RAM: 512MB more, USB port
• MAC System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Power Mac G4 more, RAM: 512MB more, USB port

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e VAI-80 from Vestax (likewise lovingly alluded to as THE TANK) is a USB sound interface equipped for multi-channel playback and recording for Mac and Windows PCs. While numerous PC sound interfaces show up easy to use from the outset, it before long becomes clear that they depend upon a product blender that adds numerous layers of unpredictability to their use.

The VAI-80 offers a “what-you-see-is-the thing that you-get” approach with the entirety of the controls on the equipment itself. The receiver/instrument input and the 4 RCA contributions on the VAI-80 make it a decent interface for recording. In any case, the genuine quality of this gadget is in its wealth of yields.

The four RCA yields, double adjusted XLR yields, and earphone jack that can switch between checking yields 1/2 and 3/4 make THE TANK an imposing interface for computerized DJs and live entertainers.

There are two channels of 2-band EQ incorporated with the VAI-80, with continuous simple controls for the high and low frequencies. Every one of 4 of the 8-section LED meters can be utilized to screen the signs coming all through the VAI-80. Vestax is known for making proficient apparatus with a strong, street prepared feel, and THE TANK carries on this convention with its hearty form quality and trendy looks.

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VAI-80 is an incredible instrument for recording blends from live sets, digitizing vinyl records, or Home chronicle. TANK is a strong development and a similar sound. Excellent drivers utilized in the gadget will reliably change over your sound into a computerized signal, and the reasonable yield on the XLR connectors ensures amazing and ground-breaking sound in front of an audience or the club.

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