Tonium Peacemaker portable DJ player

Tonium Peacemaker portable DJ player

Tonium Laboratories is a Swedish company that specializes in the manufacturing of technology, founded by Jonas Norberg in 2005. In order to be different in the music industry to other companies, Norberg and his associates – Wallner, Renck, and Sars – wanted to create an exclusive gadget that defines futuristic and convenient.

A lightbulb came across Norberg to assist DJs, discarding all that heavy-weight boxes of CDs, vinyl, and speakers as big as a fridge. To make the lives of DJs easier, Norberg thought of a portable device that gives the same functions as a piece of standard-sized DJ equipment. By developing the hardware and software, this company produced the world’s first pocket-sized DJ device with the incorporation of professional systems, known as the Pacemaker Device (PMD) or the Pacemaker DJ.

In Barcelona Spain, the Pacemaker had the honor of being announced first at the Sonar Festival. It was later showcased at the IFA Berlin and PLASA trading shows. Furthermore, it was introduced at the Amsterdam dance event held in the Netherlands. The Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ player makes the mix and plays the result with no difficulty, in addition, the size is similar to that of a Sony PSP console. This incredibly small and well-developed turntable and mixer combined can play music wherever and whenever, because it can store music, beats and mixes within its 120Gb internal storage.

The Pacemaker can play 2 songs/tracks concurrently which gives the option of fading or mixing the 2 chosen pieces for a real DJ effect. It also features SNR that is bigger than 100dB, 13-millisecond latency input and a 120GB hard disk. The beats per minute (BPMs) are calculated for each track that is listed in the Pacemaker’s memory. There are different compatibility formats for the Pacemaker, it can even also be used on the PC and MAC.

Tonium did an outstanding work with the Pacemaker. It offers the Pacemaker Editor that allows the users to create, edit and play music freely. This software is both free and compatible with PC and MAC with just a quick-and-easy download. There is also a built-in equalizer for the great sound effects, has a pitch bend for the variation of the pitch and a cue for when you have a song waiting to be played with or after another track. Then, there is the loop and DJ pause selection that is accessible for the user, the output consists of line out and headphone crossfaders, then a USB 2.0 port is installed within this small but jam-packed gadget.


• Parameter effects: Echo, Delay, Trans and Role
• Time: 1/8 – 8
• Auto beat-match: for instantaneous synchronization of the tempo and 2-track phase button
• Time stretch: adjust and sets the tempo of a track to ±100% without affecting the pitch/key
• Beat graph: Visual monitor relative drifting in tempo and/or synchronization
• Create synchronized loops at will, set and alter / split / double in-point/end-point, exit loop or re-loop
• Frequency response: 20 – 20.000 Hz
• Output channels (2): headphones and lineout
• Crossfaders (2): headphones and lineout
• Pitch speed and pitch control: ±100% (for adjusting the track tempo)
• Pitch/key: ±1 octave parallelly
• EQ: for adjusting treble, mid, and bass amplitudes
• Mix saving: continuous caption to the hard drive
• Signal to noise ratio: 100 dB @ 2 VRMS
• Compatibility formats: MP3, MP3 VBR, M4A (AAC-LC), AIFF, FLAC, WAV, OggVorbis and SND
• Input latency: