TASCAM PT-7 – A Tuner, Metronome and Recorder All in One Device

TASCAM designed its first revolutionary mass-produced recorders that were multitracked at a low-cost. The reel-to-reel tape machines and audio mixers were also fabricated by TASCAM. This shows that this company had strict goals that it aimed at accomplishing and was successfully achieved by incorporating innovations and designs which creates a multi-usage in its designs.

TASCAM will be launching the PT-7, it is small in size and compact because it combines a tuner, metronome and a recorder. It is the perfect and unique tool for musicians, educators, and students, subsequently, it can also be used for anyone interested in obtaining this multi-purpose device. Why have a baroque-style metronome, or using your ear as a tuner, or having a recording device that can only do that specifically-given task, when you can have a 3-in-1 device?

The TASCAM PT-7 commences with a high-speed chromatic tuner, adjustable to 7 alternate scales, with a display ideal for students to practice finding their pitch on wind and string instruments or for musicians test out instruments. The metronome plays from the speaker or headphone out at rates from 30-300bpm in six-time signatures. A mono recorder engages with the internal mic to capture song ideas, listen back to a phrase or slow down a complicated passage to play along.

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Numerous benefits can come across one’s mind with the PT-7:

• Tuning your instrument to the perfect pitch, being able to follow the rhythm/tempo of a piece and recording to track your improvements
• Pluggable into a guitar or bass for tuning
• For an immediate recognition of pitch, the most advanced processing chip placed in the tuner
• It can stand all by itself with its very own music stand
• A note that’s played on an instrument is shown on the display
• It is completely wireless
• The self-produced tone for musicians or singers to synchronize to the given pitch

TASCAM’s PT-7 consists of a memory backup is stored within the system when the power is turned off. There might be a 2-second delay for the storing of the backup data, so once waited for the 2 seconds to pass, then the power can be turned off without worrying about lost data.

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The following components can be saved when the power is turned off:

– Calibration value
– Sound output in sound mode
– Scale
– Tuner response speed
– Metronome sound type
– Tempo
– Time signature
– Playback pitch
– Playback speed
– Loop points

Subsequently, it is designed for an acoustic instrument player and educator, the PT-7 is the ideal companion for any instrument player, whether it would be from a student playing wind instruments to an electric guitar. Therefore, this unique chromatic tuner/recorder combines diverse features into an abundant and compressed package that’s both easy to carry around and easy to use.

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Features of Tuner:

• Tuner Oscillator
• High-speed chromatic tuner
• Calibration option
• Alternate between 8 tuner scales
o 12-note equal temperament
o Pythagorean
o Meantone
o Werckmeister III
o Kirnberger III
o Kellner
o Vallotti
o Young
• Display on the screen for training students in hearing pitch variations

Features of Metronome:

• Metronome Tap Tempo of 30-300 bpm
• Built-in mic and speaker
• Headphone output
• Alternate within six-time signature meters
o 0-7 beats
o Duplets
o Triplets
o Shuffle
o Quadruplets
o Quadruplets without center beats

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Recorder Features:

• Digital recorder via a built-in microphone
• No change in the pitch when replayed and slow down
• Audio playback with pitch correction
• Quickly captures song ideas or phrases
• 20-minute recording time


• ¼” mic or instrument input
• Flip-out stand
• On/Off Switch
• Internal speaker with Headphone Output jack
• Custom Backlit LCD
• Power consumption: 1W
• Power supply: 1 x AA battery or optional AC adapter (PS-P520)
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 5.9” x 2.5” x 1.0”
• Weight (without battery): 0.33lbs/150g
• Battery life: 4 hours (with backlight) / 12 hours (backlight off)

The PT-7 is a truly exceptional creation that has both value in money and aspects of quality which gives it a modernized and technological grasp into the contemporary world. It has been a companion for everyone who uses it and has been there as a support for musicians and artists of today. This device is not only worth buying, but once bought, it is worth keeping, because it emphasizes every characteristic of what TASCAM is made of.

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