SolidStand FREEDOM

Solidstand Freedom Breakdown Keyboard Stand – A Quick Review

Here we have another, the genuinely necessary arrangement from console stand producer SolidStand. Presenting SolidStand FREEDOM. This is the primary completely mechanized console stand that permits you to consequently change the stand utilizing a foot pedal, without evacuating the console first. Modifications can be made mid-melody by squeezing the foot pedal while moving from a sitting to standing position, or the other way around.

The Freedom Breakdown Keyboard Stand from Solidstand is a compact rendition of their Freedom console stand. The Freedom Breakdown stand changes without expelling the console. Here and their modifications are practiced just with the bit of a foot pedal.

The Freedom Breakdown has discretionary extras that permit the utilization of a music stand, a perfect amplifier blast stand, a subsequent level, and others that alter with the Freedom Breakdown console stand.

Musicians presently have the opportunity to easily alter the stature of their console while playing from a remaining to a sitting position. No more mystery. No more indents in an inappropriate spot. With Solidstand’s opportunity Breakdown Keyboard Stand there’s no all the more carrying a console on and off your stand.

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Specialized Specifications:

● Transportation Weight: 45 lbs Maximum Height: 43 3/4″ + stature of console Minimum Height: 25 1/8″ + tallness of console

● Delivery Dimensions: 29 3/4″ x 25 1/4″ x 10 1/2″ (LxWxD)

Get Comfortable

The FREEDOM II console stand is extraordinary for genuine artists and their exhibitions. It permits the keyboardist to represent some portion of the show and afterward conform to a sitting situation for an increasingly agreeable feel. We situated the catch so you can make these modifications while playing. You will adore the openness under the console. The u-formed structure of this stand permits more space for pedals and your knees.

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Differing Players

Searching for a represent a studio or a congregation? This stand allows different keyboardists to utilize the remain to change it to the specific position they want surprisingly fast. No all the more carrying the console on and off the stand. No all the more speculating on positions while modifying your console stand. No more scores in an inappropriate spot. Convenience Another extraordinary advantage of FREEDOM II is its compactness.

We made this stand apart of tough yet lightweight aluminum, making it a snap to move from gig to gig. The one of a kind collapsing configuration causes setting to up or bringing down the stand fast and simple. This additionally permits it to fit into a vehicle trunk or other tight space.

Free Yourself!

Conventional console stands are restricting. You might resemble numerous genuine keyboardists who feel as though they don’t have a decision. We welcome you to “Move with the Music” and attempt the FREEDOM II Keyboard Stand from SOLID STAND.

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The SolidStand FREEDOM will alter from it’s most reduced stature to it’s most elevated in only 19 seconds. What’s more, have no dread about your console sliding off. It utilizes strong segments of slender cement froth to adequately keep your child safely set up.

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