PRS Limited Edition Singlecut Semi-Hollow

PRS Limited Edition Singlecut Semi-Hollow Guitar Explained

PRS Limited Edition Single cut semi-hollow guitar is a classic guitar that resembles a model that was responsible for a steamy controversy between Gibson and PRS that got resolved through a court decision. Three major dealers of this guitar model are Washington Music Centre, Magdon Music, and Martin Music.

Stevensville, Maryland is the basic residence of Paul Reed Smith Guitars, one of the leading amplifiers and guitar manufacturers. Since 1985, PRS Guitars has left no stone unturned to create the best possible quality of all instruments. Every talented person is a player in the instrumental market, trying to refine their art as musicians, artists, and builders. Commitment and consistency in the art of manufacturing instruments are what which has driven PRS to create an unshakeable place in the marketplace.

PRS, in fact, could be a great fit for people who are looking for a thrilling and growing career in the instrument industry as they are a great talent-bunch. PRS is a perfect blend of traditional values and culture and modern trends which form the base of today’s music community. Being situated on Kent Island gives PRS the best of location which can be easily commuted for people around Maryland.

PRS has launched amazing models from time to time. In 1998, PRS released McCarty Hollow body, one of its top-notch Hollow body models. Since then, the McCarty Hollow body has become the victorious model of all kinds, pushing Paul Reed Smith’s spirit of precise construction and top-quality components into the kingdom of blues, fusion tone, and traditional jazz.

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Design Overview: –

This limited-edition PRS Single cut Semi-Hollow is like somebody’s ticket to vintage-inspired tone and modern performance. Some of these guitar models have 58/15 Low Turn pickups which have got to offer you single-coil textures as well as bell-like humbucking. PRS specially focused on the neck, and designed an asymmetrical vintage-like neck carve with scale length approximately 24.594″.

This gorgeously carved instrument ensured that the user enjoys it at its best version. Moreover, this limited-edition Single cut’s semi-hollow body adds rich resonance and amazing frequency while somebody is playing. One would fall for the beauty and depth this instrument offers.

The 6 finishes of this instrument that would be consistently available in the market are Whale Blue, Jet White, Violin Amber Sunburst, Dark Cherry, Black cherry, and Amber Cherry Sunburst. The available quantity for all these varieties would be just 90 units. In most cases, dealers don’t reveal the cost of the limited-edition guitar, but one can explore it through research.

Describing the features of this limited-edition PRS Single cut Semi-Hollow guitar, it has got a mahogany neck and hollow mahogany body, mostly with Maple Top. The fingerboard is of Brazilian rosewood material, has 25” scale length, PRS #7 Bass pickups, and PRS #7 Treble. There are two controls each for volume and tone and a three-way pickup switch.

When PRS Single cut Semi-Hollow is plugged into someone’s best-loved amplifier, it fills the air with a rich and amazing vintage tone. The sound resembles the warm and clear tones that have driven so many guitarists to be on the top list of everyone’s favorites. When the tone is pulled up, the knobs acquire an exact single-coil chime, and one has full-fledged and independent control of every pickup with the use of a four-knob control layout.

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Summary: –

With a long journey of variations, PRS has been a trendsetter. The PRS Limited Edition Single cut semi-hollow guitar is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, sound excellence, and quality. Each instrument in the category celebrates PRS’s legacy through authenticity, attention-to-details, and top-rated accuracy.

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