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Privacy Policy

This page will state the privacy policy we tend to follow at Music Gadgets. You will find the steps we follow to collect the required data, in addition to how the data is used and al the procedures in regards to its disclosure. We will also elaborate the steps followed in collection and how when you use our service, the data is collected.

The data we collect when you use our website is used to improve the website layout and the content that is offered. The terms used in the Privacy Policy is the same as those mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of the site.

Data Collection and its Use

The data collected by the site is in various forms and is used solely to improve the user experience every time the user visits the site. Following is a discussion on how the data is collected and what types of data we tend to collect.

Types of Data Collected

  • Personal Data –The personal data collected by the site includes personally identifiable information. You may be required to provide this information upon signing up or subscribing for the service. This personal information will only be used to contact you when needed.
  • Usage Data –The site also collects the usage data, to see when and how much traffic is generated and how many people are actually going through the content. The usage data collected may include IP addresses, browser version and type, pages of the website visited by the user and other diagnostic data.
  • Tracking & Cookies Data –Like any other site, our website also makes use of cookies to track the user activity and hold certain information.

By cookies we mean files that carry a unique identifier, and certain small amount of data. These are sent from the website and stored on your device. In addition to the cookies, tags and other track technologies are also used to improve the website for the users.

How, when and what cookies are sent to your browser can be controlled by you. However, if you do not accept the use of cookies, you might not be able to enjoy all the features offered by the site.

Use of Data

Music Gadgets collects data to be used for the following purposes:

  • To improve and maintain the content on the site.
  • In case of changes in the policy, there is a notification sent to the users.
  • To make the site more interactive for the user and to improve the interaction when need.
  • To provide customer care and support
  • To get feedback and to see the pattern that will improve the site content.
  • To monitor the audience of the reviews
  • The data collected also aid to detect, prevent and address technical issues

Transferring of the collected data

The information we collect including your personal data can be stored or transferred to areas outside of your locality, country or state. This implies that wherever the data is stored it is ought to follow that particular community’s data protection and privacy laws. These laws may differ from your jurisdiction.

If you happen to be from outside of the US, and you agree with the information collection, then you also agree with the collection, storage and processing of this personal data in the United States.

Music Gadgets will by all possible means make sure that the data is treated in a secure manner which follows up to the privacy policy of the website. At the same time the site will also make sure that the personal data collected is not transferred unless the receiving party is assured of the security and privacy of the data.

Data Disclosure

Music Gadgets may choose to disclose the collected personal data, if there is some legal requirement. The disclosure will take place when absolutely necessary; for example in the following instances:

  • In order to fulfil a legal obligation
  • To defend and support the right of the website, Music Gadgets
  • To look up for possible attacks on the site and to investigate any possible wrongdoing
  • To safeguard the personal safety of users of the website
  • To protect against legal liability

Data Security

We at Music Gadgets realize the importance and security of your data. However, you ought to remember that no electronic data transmission, especially over the internet is 100% safe and secure. We push to deploy all legal methods to secure and protect your data, but we cannot guarantee you the absolute security of your personal information.

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