Peace Drums Batterie Wood Snare Drum

Peace Drums Batterie Wood Snare Drum: Overview

The drums in our Batterie Maple line are through some changes recently. By experimenting with completely different crafting techniques, Peace has developed an Associate in Nursing distinctive method for cutting bearing edges and snare beds. These new properties mix to draw all of the best sonic qualities from the Maple shell and make incomparable depth and sensitivity in snare tone. each component from the snare strainers to the improved lug styles has been scrutinized and per feted to satisfy our new standards, all of that you’ll hear after you let these drums do the talking.

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• Wood shell
• Chrome Metal Hoops
• 10 DA-22 Lugs
• PEACE Heads
• Color #11 Black

Snare Drum

A snare drum is the core part of a contemporary drum kit. you’ll decision is because of the brain of a drum set that helps to feature that distinctive sound.
As a whole, the kind of snare you decide on can outline heaps concerning the sound you’ll manufacture.
So, whether or not you would like one or multiple snare drums to finish your drum set, below may be an elaborated guide that may assist you to get your hands on the most effective one.

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Peace head

The drums are fitted with a hand of Remo batter heads. The ebony front head of the snare drum contains 3 miking ports. once planning to all the difficulty of creating Associate in Nursing undrilled kick, peppering the top this fashion appears a touch excessive. One port would be fine.

Sticking with the snare drum, the Spurs don’t seem to be the foremost substantial that we´ve encountered. whereas they’re adequate, a big, serious drum like this deserves a meatier try of legs and, additional significantly, a try that isn´t very easy to show onto the shell once packing up. The hardware pack is a generous and fitly serious duty. the 2 boom stands and snare stand ar double-braced and performance while not grievance. The snare drum and hi-hat stand pedals bristle with options and changes and feel solid enough to face up to a lifetime´s stomping.
Shell, it’s like

The bearing edges are angulate to a sleek edge instead of sharp purpose and are systematically cut. within the shells, are sanded to an equal gull. Peace´s style of lugs (the Deus Two-Way small Tube Lugs) puncture the shells at even intervals. they’re primarily pairs of low-mass lugs connected by a formed length of the tube. Their neat style ensures least contact with the shell, implemented by the inclusion of rubber washers at the purpose of entry.

Both the tympana and also the snare drum sport a fine-tuneable 10 lugs. The RIMS-style mount on the rack tom engages with the lugs that it’s hooked up to, really pull them far from the tensioning rods. Peace says this leads to less stress to crucial standardization points, with another bonus of creating it attainable to vary ahead whereas the tom is mounted.

The snare drum sports a try of formed hoops, whereas ironed steel varieties are a gift on the toms and matching chrome metal hoops complete the tympana.
A small space of erosion was visible on the chrome of 1 of the ground tom hoops. the remainder of the chrome on the kit appeared fine, thus hopefully it had been Associate in Nursing aberration that somehow slipped through internal control. Another minor criticism of the ground tom was within the length of the legs provided. because the drum is 15″ deep, slightly longer legs are required to make amends for the missing in..


Having the correct drum snare will positively assist you to go an extended means in rising your skills and manufacturing higher and prime quality sounds.


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