MAWZER modular controller

MAWZER Modular Controller – Everything You Need to Know

Mawzer Modular Control Surface games a structure like a group of connectors that will have the implanted modules.

The Mawzer is a music controller portrayed as the primary MIDI controller accessible allowing an endless movable mix of controls.

The Mawzer design applies estimated advancement to MIDI controllers, permitting you to mix and match modules to address your issues. From the Mawzer site, evidently, the association is targetting DJs.


● Fused comprehensive power supply
● 8 one of a kind modules to investigate
● 32 modules openings (ex 128 pots max !!)
● MIDI and USB affiliations
● Gigantic LCD appear
● Any module blend will work
● MTC and midi clock age

Mawzer Modular controller Overview

The Mawzer Modular Control Surface is one thing that could simply modify the way where we see the control surfaces and their working. Basically, the Mawzer Modular Control Surface is made of 2 central parts: the river and the modules themselves. You can get the exhaustive view as you’ll find that the Mawzer Modular Control Surface games a system like a group of connectors that will have the inserted modules.

Truth be told you can make this control surface look the way where you need. Whether or not we’re talking direct handiness or making the controller look normal, the Mawzer Modular Control Surface will let you do everything. You get both level and vertical modules with faders, potentiometers, lit gets, and mixes of the previously mentioned.


Modules with 10 cm. fader, crossfader, pots, get just as various portions can be joined solely in the Mawzer 1610 (or in the Mawzer 3210, they differentiate for the number of standard modules they can hold, 16 versus 32), absolutely correspondingly as you would do with a deliberate system, yet this time it’s beginning and end about Midi.

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Halting and un-halting these modules is incredibly straightforward and brisk; transforming from a structure to another takes just two or three minutes. What’s a lot cooler is the way that the customer benefits by an expansive bunch of settings and requests that will finally allow the Mawzer Modular Control Surface to have the choice to control more than one application with a comparative display.

Wide MIDI channel modifying and sort of requests are moreover open so you can help out the entirety of your contraption in essentially all waies comprehensible: SMTP and MIDI, with MIDI and USB connectors, the Mawzer Modular Control Surface games everything.

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● MAWZER void box with 32 module openings: 650 euros
● Modules POT, FAD, BUT, XFD: 30 euros
● Modules ENC, KBD, VUM: 35 euros
● Module TCH: 40 euros


For the most part, it is a complete MIDI controller that is absolutely versatile. Right now Mawzer is cautiously a model that is being shown far and wide.

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