Love Pedal Word Class Mini Buffer

Love Pedal Word Class Mini Buffer – Everything You Need to Know

If you are a heavy pedal user (using a lot of pedals) depending on the number and the kind of pedals you may notice that the signal that gets the amp is low or doesn’t have the clarity you’d like. To fix this kind of thing Love Pedal has released the Word Class Mini Buffer that added to the effect chain will resolve all these problems.

The Love Pedal World Class Mini Buffer features credit card size, epoxy powder coat case, 1/4” jack input, and output, status LED, and 9V DC input.

The World-Class Mini Buffer price is $119 and Love Pedal is accepting orders through its website (paying by PayPal). It’s a reasonable price for a handmade device that can save your sound on stage.

Love Pedal Word Class Mini Buffer is a completely analog type of pedal. It is a buffer pedal that is different from other analog pedals. It does not have any oscillator or digital circuitry and it has been designed and assembled with the highest quality components and new technology.

There are plenty of guitar amp preamp pedals around on the market, but how many of them have both the technical know-how and the attitude to warrant serious consideration? In all seriousness, Love Pedal has managed to create a pretty special pedal with its unique Word Class mini buffer.
The Love Pedal Word Class Buffer is a little jewel. I have owned other buffers, as well as the Pyle Pro Buffer and the Boss GE-7. I won’t compare it to them because it is not fair to any of the three.

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The Lovepedal Mini Buffer is the latest in guitar and pedalboard accessories. This small pedal provides a super simple solution for adding, or reducing your overall volume by up to 6dB’s. Same great compact size as its big brother, you will love the many uses of the mini buffer.

The EHX Lovepedal Word of Mouth mini pedal combines the Moog style filter section with a State Variable Filter to giving you a wide range of tones. The pedal also has an octave up effect and can double as a super cheap looper. Comes in either a normal-sized enclosure or a miniature version.

This is a compact guitar preamp with 99 presets that can be used for any musical instrument. It works with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, and many other instruments. The pedal has knobs for bass, treble, reverb, compression/sustain, and master volume control. There is a footswitch to turn the effect on/off and mute on/mute off functions.

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The Love Pedal Word Class Mini Buffer is an excellent pedalboard for guitarists that want to rock out with a keyboard or synthesizer. This pedalboard features 8 short and sturdy rubber legs, two in front to separate the top and bottom keyboard levels. The Word Class Mini Buffer is equipped with a built-in mounting plate made of a sturdy aluminum plate. This ensures that your pedals will be safely mounted and won’t shift during jamming sessions.

The Word class Word Clock in the Mini Buffer size. The “Mini-Buffer” is modeled after the iconic Love Pedal word clock with three neons pointing to the time. Set your love pedal for half-hour increments, use it in coordination with your iGrill 2, and leave it open for guests to decide when they want to eat.
The Word Class is a premium mini buffer with the benefits of the Pedal series, but for a smaller price. Perfect for smaller vintage or modern guitars, this mini buffer features dual speed controls and easy-to-use true bypass switching.

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With the Love Pedal, you can make the greatest demand on your devices. Whether it’s from any audio or guitar signal, this pedal will allow you to give a new character and increase output. It has a discrete design that makes no one look different when you get into your home studio or local bandshell with a professional recording device!

The Word Class Mini Buffer from Love Pedal is a mini pedal buffer with four adjustable buffers. It has a total of 36 possible combinations of sounds including bypass, acoustic, solid-state, and mid-gain tones. The buffer knob adjusts the amount of buffer you’d like to get from no buffer all the way to ultra-high gain. The result is an extremely wide variety of tones.
If you are in the market for a mini buffer pedal, then take a look at the Love Pedal WORD CLAS Mini Buffer. It is an analog buffer with only one pot and one switch and it can really help to kick up the sound of your guitar.

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The Word Class Mini Buffer is a high-quality buffer pedal that allows you to get professional results from your guitar, drum, and bass equipment. With three different buffers onboard, the Word Class allows you to dial in the tone you want: Bright – Fat – Tube-like.
The new LOOPER WORD CLASS MINI BUFFER is Fun to Play. It’s a well-crafted, professional-sounding pedal from the simple, stylish compact design, to the smooth controls and the rich tone.
The Rock and Roll Word Class Mini Buffer Pedal was designed with the guitarists in mind who want to improve their tone and encourage creativity. This little Pedal is a perfect addition to your pedalboard and can be used in combinations with others for unique effects. The mini buffer contains 3 adjustable outputs which vary from vintage styling to modern overdrive.

The Love Pedal Word Class Mini Buffer is a fun pedal for your guitar. This pedal has three settings: volume, wah, and fuzz. The “Fuzz” can make that sustaining sound when you play louder notes on your guitar. You don’t need to be in a band for this pedal to be useful. It’s also great for performing life, or for recording. Either way, the Word Class Mini Buffer will make your instrument sound crisp and clear!
Love Pedal’s newest mini buffer was designed for ease of use. You don’t need to be a guitar player, you don’t need to break the bank just to have that good tone like in a studio, all it takes is a few loving swipes of the Wordclass mini buffer and you will experience your guitar like never before!

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The Best Pedal Word Class mini buffer is the perfect tool that adds some zing to your experience when you sing or talk. The large XLR cable with four 5-pin connectors is attached seamlessly to the pedal word-class mini buffer for attaching directly to the male plug of microphones. As it is light in weight and it can be moved from one place to another easily, so your singing show can be done anywhere.
A buffer pedal featuring replaceable word-class smooth and for the first time in new packaging. This pedal isn’t just a fun toy; it’s also an effective way to rid your instrument of unsightly scratches. The innovative, patent-pending design features a spline that slides out easily for replacement and then locks down securely.

This pedal has a few mods and was created by the same pedal designer who had worked on the EHX pedals. It is made from high-quality finish and material by a team of expert technicians Who are dedicated to creating a sub-minimalistic tone using as very few effects as possible. The Lovepedal word is famous for its ability to emulate the sounds of vintage analog devices. Its fundamental design involves only a couple of overdrive circuits, one with two different modes of attack: Vibrato and the other Sustain which is suitable for bassists.


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