Korg Nano Series USB Controllers

Korg Nano Series USB Controllers – Everything You Need to Know

They have a fantastic, ‘smooth’ smoothness, and the get feel reassuringly positive to the touch. Exactly when set to transmit CC messages, the Nano Kontrol’s gets value the additional lavishness of self-ruling ambush and release times, stretching out from quick response up to the furthest reaches of 10 seconds — important for correctly arranged channel clear, obscure outs, sway guidelines and other exactness tumbling. All of the gets can be either transient or togglable.
Korg Nano Series USB Controllers
The six-vehicle gets are used to remotely control the vehicle components of flawless programming and contraptions and can be allowed to transmit either MMC requests or MIDI controllers, as demonstrated by the requirements of the getting device.

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Regardless of the way that Sonar doesn’t respond to these vehicle affixes as per normal procedure, its vehicle limits can be redone to react to external gear controllers using either Sonar’s restrictive Active Controller Technology (ACT) or it’s in collected Control Surface module. I settled on the last system using the Cakewalk Generic Surface, and Sonar’s vehicle controls could then adequately be made to respond to the Nano Kontrol.


• Low-profile, multi-work control surface especially supportive for a flexible course of action using a scratch pad PC
• Perfect for controlling any PC based DAW or different various sorts of music creation programming
• Knob, fader and 3 switches suited all of the 8 channels
• Track selecting option and marker advance parameters button makes it easy to name marks at huge concentrations in a tune for continuously capable narrative and tune creation

Beneficial, diminished control surface, with a straightforward game plan without a doubt fire use.
In a body proportioned to fit amazingly before your PC, nanoKONTROL2 gives eight channels of the controllers you need to control your music programming. The nanoKONTROL2 furthermore incorporates a submitted vehicle control region. The gets have been meticulously decided to be useful with your item, ensuring essential and intuitive control. Various item titles – including critical DAW programs – are maintained, radically diminishing the need to make frustrated affiliation settings.

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Complete oversight for your DAW or programming synthesizer

A handle, fader, and three switches are suited all of the eight channels, separately given out to skillet, volume, and solo/calm/record. This game-plan is an authentic solace when recording computerization for different channels. There’s in like manner a marker button, making it easy to give out engravings at noteworthy concentrations in your tune for logically powerful narrative and tune creation. While using an item synthesizer, you would dole be able to out parameters to the perfect controllers for straightforward control. For example, you could use the faders to control the ADSR of an envelope generator, and use the handles to control the channel’s cutoff repeat and resonation, etc.

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KorgKontrol Editor programming

The nanoKONTROL2 works with the “KorgKontrol Editor” programming – open free on the Korg site. Weight it into your PC, and use it to make point by point changed settings. For example, the base and most extraordinary characteristics for each control change message can be resolved.

USB power for an uncluttered course of action

Basically partner a singular USB interface from your PC to the nanoKONTROL2, and you have a rapid and minimized music creation system. Power and USB-MIDI data go down a comparable wire for an unblemished, compelling work creation.


The nanoKONTROL2 from Korg is an ultra-preservationist and low-profile controller that gives eight channels of control to different programming titles, including critical DAW programs. It fits perfectly before a PC or work station reassures, and using alone USB connect offers astonishing control while protecting significant set-up space.

A handle, fader, and three switches are suited all of the eight channels, from the outset designated to the compartment, volume, and solo, calm, record. The various controllers can be reassigned for use with a virtual synthesizer, for instance, to change things like envelopes or channels. A submitted vehicle control portion is furthermore included.

The controller is USB transport filled, and with the best possible connector pack (rejected), the unit is impeccable with Apple’s iPad. Downloadable programming considers specially crafting the faders and handles, and licenses are suited to 3 virtual instruments to empower snappy music creation.


The nanoKONTROL is a bit of Korg’snanoSERIES USB powered slimline MIDI controllers , so little you can put them on your workstation, before your PC, on record support, or wherever else you need adaptable order over your DAW, virtual instrument, effect, or DJ programming.
Whether or not the KorgnanoKONTROL controller is your first attack into MIDI control, be ensured that you’ll have the alternative to get related to programming quickly.

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