JZ Microphones release JZ Vintage Line- Complete Hand-Made and Unique Design

It is called JZ Vintage and it will be a microphone line with a unique and smart design with a well-known vintage sound.
The new microphone series mics have a flask shape with a built-in shock mount and unique capsule. JZ will have three different models — V-67, V-47, and V-12. Each mic will have the best vintage sound in honor of U67, U47 or C-12. Capsules will be improved by patented JZ Golden drops capsule sputtering technology.

“We all know how important for recording industry are certain vintage mics and how people use to prefer them as standards for comparisons and evaluation with other mics,” says Juris Zarins, microphone designer. In fact, that vintage mics in high quality are not easily available, we decided to launch this microphone line to satisfy the demand of our customers and complete also our microphone range. I believe that JZ Vintage microphones are going to shake all microphone industry!”.
JZ Microphones was established in Latvia in 2007. The company develops innovative modern recording equipment and world-renowned studio microphones.

Hand-Made and Modern Design

The JZ Vintage mic is completely hand-assembled in JZ’s Latvia factory and its body is made up of aluminum and plastic with a two-layer, brass mesh grille. The screen of JZ Vintage is fabricated with a rugged metal mesh and no internal wind/pop filter is present. You can access the interior part by using two small, recessed screws on both the sides of a gold pinned XLR output connector present in the bottom of the mic. Unlike in old condenser mics, JZ Vintage has no pad or roll-off switches, hence you will not face any problem with age or in heavy use.

The pins that are used in the output XLR connector are Gold-plated, hence it reduces the problem of corrosion and oxidization. Besides, there are further two threaded holes in the base of the mic to accept the included stand mount, which has its pins mounted across rubber buffers to provide a degree of resilience.

A modern and practical touch is given in the designing and construction of the internal electronics package. The complete circuit is sealed within a module made of a high impact carbon fiber which is easily replaceable.
Shaping Up
The shape of JZ Vintage is a wide and flat oval with the gold JZ logo combined with the glossy black paint finish. There is a logic behind the wide and flat oval design as it is generally suggested that the shape and construction of a capsule housing has a technical impact on the sound.

This design of JZ Vintage eliminates the need for any side support pillars and all that is required is a single pillar at the back. Due to this, there is less effect on the pickup response and sound waves can reach the active area of the capsule unhampered. It uses a large dual-membrane capsule with a diameter of 27-mm which is held in a holder made of carbon fiber.

The Golden Drop Capsule (GDC)

It is manufactured using JZ’s Golden Drop sputtering technique and is externally charged but not an electret. As we all know that capsule is the most important component in every mic, it is responsible for transforming sound into an electric signal for use in the recording which is important! Golden Drop Capsule technology uses an advanced sputtering technique which is created by Juris Zarins himself! In this technique, an exact engineered pattern of golden dots is distributed across the diaphragm. The advantage of using JZ’s method is that the diaphragms of the mic are lighter and thus allow the faster movement of sound waves for extra clarity and more precision with lower coloration and less distortion.

Lift Off

The JZ Vintage mic a substantial lift around 80–100Hz, which translates into a bass response that’s full and vibrant. When you address this mic from the front, it has a wide sweet spot with a very slight loss of treble as you move to the sides, hence it is suitable for the vocalist who can’t keep still. The Vintage mic provides very natural sound, the highs are all present without tearing your eardrum.

Well Balanced and Super Rich sound

There is a perfect sitting of capsules in the grilles, which makes them easy to get close together for coincident stereo. The Spaced and coincident stereo recordings generate spacious, room-filling and realistic results. The coincident recordings also present crisp imaging and extensive detail. The space recording provides more open quality by making the bass and low-mid frequencies occupying the center-ground and the treble clinking away towards the edges. In Vintage mic, the Sensitivity is high and noise levels are low, thus it works equally well for close and ambient stereo recording tasks. The JZ Vintage mics are designed to deliver a well-balanced and super-rich sound recording in numerous applications.

Aural Specs

JZ Vintage is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that has low self-noise (6.5dB, A-weighted) and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. The thickness of its dual backplate capsule is six microns, it is edge terminated, and has a diameter of 27mm.
It uses class A FET-based amplifier with an electronically-balance output (no transformer) circuit same as the Black Hole microphone. It has an output impedance of 50-ohms and suggested load impedance is greater than 500-ohms. The sensitivity of JZ Vintage is 22 mV/Pa measured at 1kHz and into a 1k-ohm load. It requires Standard phantom power at 48 Volts for operation.

Some of the important features of JZ Vintage are:

• JZ Vintage are premium class large-diaphragm condenser microphones
• These are true electrostatic Golden Drop™ capsules
• These are Inbuilt with class-A discrete electronics for maximum performance, durability, and extremely low self-noise.
• These Vintage mics are completely handmade with the best and most carefully selected electronic components.
• Smart and innovative built-in shock-mount technology and swivel mount

Some of the Technical Specifications of JZ Vintage microphones are:

• Diaphragm diameter: 25 mm
• Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Directional characteristic: Cardioid
• Output impedance: 50 Ohm
• Rated load impedance: 1000 ohms
• Sensitivity at 1kHz and into a 1k-ohm load: 22 mV/Pa
• S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 weighted: 76 dB
• S/N ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted: 87 dB-A
• Equivalent noise level DIN/IEC A-weighted: 6 dB-A
• Maximum SPL 0.5% THD at 1k-Ohm: 134 dB
• Requires 48 V phantom power
• The dynamic range of the microphone preamplifier: 128 dB
• 3-Pin XLR connector with gold-plated contacts
• Current consumption: