Hercules DJ Console Rmx

Hercules DJ Console Rmx – Winter NAMM 2008

Hercules Computer Technology Inc. is a manufacturer for PC’s peripherals (computer) and was founded in 1982 by Van Suwannukul and Kevin Jenkins in Hercules, California. That is where Hercules’ name was derived from. It is also the subsidiary company of Guillemot Corporation that focuses on technological and computerized mechanisms for the use of entertainment accessories and hardware.

Hercules released its newly-produced and affordable controller on January 17th, 2008 which can be very advantageous for professional DJs. This futuristic-looking product has the same width as a laptop and contains a built-in audio interface. Due to its compacted size and light-weight material used, it is efficient and portable. The ergonomically-placed controls are designed for preciseness, and for an easy, natural gesture of your palms to access the surface mechanisms. There is a spacious and maximum room between each control for the DJ to avoid any accidental slip-ups and mistakes.

Hercules DJ Console Rmx was the first prototype that combined a dual-mixing deck with audio built-in for PC standards. There are years of skills and experience acquired and drilled into this device. It has an inventive case that can be used for both on-stage and private studio use. With a total of 42 buttons, 12 knobs, and backlit LED buttons to give that disco atmosphere. It is also recommended by many Hercules DJ Console Rmx Users and has been published in magazines known to be the top DJ controller for advanced DJs.


• Audio built especially for DJ
• 2 x jog wheels (scratch on/off) for modifiable resistance and accuracy
• 6 x faders (3 x volume, 2 x pitch, and 1 x crossfader for multiple styles) for precise fading and mixing
• 6 x rotary equalization pots for balance and transport controls (3-band equalizer and gain control per deck: Bass, Medium, Treble)
• 6 x functional kill buttons (3 per deck: Bass, Medium, Treble frequency on/off)
• 2 x loops in/out pots
• Rotary Balance pot
• Rotary Monitor Select pot
• 2 x decks with a cue selected for each deck
• Output: volume control with headphone (2 x stereo ¼” plugs)
• 4-way navigation buttons to select music from the library (Up, Down, Left, Right)
• 2 x load buttons (1 per deck: to load selected songs into each deck)
• 2 x source buttons for switching the audio source played on either one of the decks
• 6 x pitch setting buttons
o 2 x pitch reset
o 2 x beat lock
o 2 x syncs (adjusting the pitch settings)
• 6 x effects/loop buttons per deck
o Loop in, Loop out, Flanger, Beat-grid, Flipping double, Reverse
• Connections that are included on this controller
o Inputs: On/Off button (talk-over) and mic (2 monophonic ¼” plugs)
o 2 x stereo RCA inputs
o Outputs: 2 x stereo RCA and headphones and USB connection
• Power supply: USB powered to prevent the need for batteries or peripheral power supplies plugged into a laptop or PC



• Material: Solid metal with grip-hold pads
• Weight: 10.36lbs
• Dimensions: 13.8”W x 9.8”H

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This masterpiece controller that changes the lives of DJs around the world can work with MS Windows XP/Vista computers 32-bit of 1GHz CPU or higher and Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 computers with 1.5GHz CPU or higher. But that is not all, it has a number of different formats that it can also be compatible with.
Compatibility Formats: MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG, iTunes library & CD-Audio

In addition to this ground-breaking controller is that it includes a special version of the software: VirtualDJ 5 DJC Edition software. This software is incorporated with uniquely and specifically programmed features into this device.

Characteristics Featured in this Software:

• Twin players with controls
• Automatic gain
• Automatic beat match
• Automatic seamless loops
• Master tempo
• FAME algorithm
• Beat lock
• Intelligent auto-mix mode
• Play music video and karaoke
• Can plug headphones
• Can play through a mix-table
• Can input external sound source
• Limited timecoded vinyl support
• Limited free plug-ins download
• Hercules DJ Console support
• Optimized for live use

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To produce the maximum sound within the operation, the PA equipment has an output of +4dBu and the audio output levels at -10dBv for the connection between systems and other particular recording devices. The switches and controllers are made to perfection to ensure smooth and satisfactory customer standards that provide live-class music and performance. With the expertise put forth to manufacture this small-built feature with the productivity it yields, the level of quantity matches the level of quality. The Hercules DJ Console Rmx will be available in March with an absolutely reasonable price of $350 for the status this console holds.

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