Gretsch G6199B Billy-Bo

Gretsch G6199B Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird – Overview

Gretsch G6199B “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird bass guitar is one of Gretsch’s new product launches. A different version of the guitar of the same model has launched 2 years ago with an identical futuristic design. It got the famous name ‘Billy-Bo’ from a group of artists, Bo Diddley and Billy F. Gibbons.

According to Billy F Gibbons’ confession to a famous website interview – “Some time back, Bo gifted me this angel guitar. While attending ZZ Top recordings recently, when I and the engineering crew were snaking through the guitar vault looking for that specific kind of guitar, and here it was! We didn’t risk exposing such an uncommon instrument to the thoroughness of the road. So, this new replicated model was reproduced with some BFG mojo dragged in for a good cause. It’s today’s time, it’s the mainframe guitar with a groove.”

Rock inspirations Billy F Gibbons and Bo Diddley have joined together to present everyone with a 21st-century version of the evasive Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird now referred to as the Billy-Bo which was manufactured in ’59 by the very talented Bo Diddley!

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The Gretsch G6199 “Billy-Bo” Jupiter is a replication of a guitar manufactured by Bo Diddley in 1959 and designed by a previous Gretsch employee.
In the year 1945, Diddley made his first guitar. As per Diddly, when he used to play with regular-shaped Gibson L5, it was like a hindrance in his live performances. So he considered a trapezoid shape for his new guitar. With the usage of trapezoid-shaped guitars, he could jump around on stage while performing with his guitar. Diddley kept on playing a lot of rectangular guitars made by himself, which became a trademark for him in his entire career.

In the year 1959, a previous Gretsch employee referred to as “Juliano” was approached by Bo for manufacturing some guitars using hardware and Gretsch’s necks. The output was three wonderful guitars, e.g., Cigar Box, Cadillac and Jupiter Thunderbird. Two of these were named on popular automobiles and became interchangeable with Diddley and its stage partner from ’60s.

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Design: –

One of the best things about being a legend in the guitar world is the capability to have major guitar makers who would make custom guitars for you. The unique selling point (USP) of the founder of Rock and Roll, Bo Diddley, was the custom guitars that he created in the year 1959 for his own home band. That’s the story of how the Jupiter Thunderbird came into the picture.

The “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird belongs to Gretsch’s professional collection. Most of the models have 6 strings and a firebird red color. As far as the body is concerned, it has a semi-hollow mahogany body and the body top is laminated maple. The neck material is also mahogany. It has a rosewood fingerboard and 33.3 inches scale length. It has 2 Dual TV Jones Thunder ‘Tron pickups, 3–way pickup switch, and Space Control bridge with G-Cutout tailpiece. There are three volume controls, i.e., neck pickup volume, master volume, and bridge pickup volume. It also has master tone controls.

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Some remarkable players like Jack White had played a customized Jupiter Thunderbird for the track “Another Way to Die”. According to many customer reviews, the design is quite stylish and not at all old-fashioned.
Most of the online buying is accompanied by a PDF where all of the specifications for guitars and basses are mentioned. The details are mostly about the standard gauges of Gretsch strings that the guitar is equipped with when they are supplied straight from the factory. If someone has a plan to modify the string gauges, they may need to make compensations. Some of the specifications can be modified with limited parameters and under some special circumstances to support the player, depending on factors like how hard the person frets the instrument. The minimum specifications, which are exposed to the user are not hard and fast rules. The customizations may be available.

Summary: – Gretsch G6199B “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird is a bass guitar and has a fashionable plus user-friendly design. With a long journey of variations, this instrument has been a trendsetter. If we talk about market availability, the “Billy-Bo” Ju

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