Godin 5th Avenue Acoustic Archtop Guitar

Godin 5th Avenue Acoustic Archtop Guitar [Winter NAMM 2008]


Godin Guitars also travels quickly for the nearby NAMM series, which is undoubtedly one of the most stunning movements that have been seen lately. With a fantastic retro style, but with some modern changes, the Godin 5th Avenue Acoustic Archtop Guitar wants to remember the’ 50s, turning an apparently rustic archtop model in a sleek and playable instrument.
Godin 5th Avenue Acoustic Archtop Guitar is made up of an American wild Cherry frame, an adjustable Rosewood Bridge and all of the classic features including an archtop, f-holes and the pickguard, and a trapeze retractable frame. The fingerboard featured a rosewood fingerboard and 21 frets (no inlay after the 12th fret). The guitar has also been released in favorite black and natural finishes.

The versatile ton of 5th Avenue makes this sophisticated instrument a joy to play, but not a nightmare to pay for, with more projection & volume in the lower / mids than the standard Archtop acoustic guitars. The affordable North American archtop guitar is now made a possibility by Godin 5th Street. 5th Avenue can always be supplied by Alt-Country, Delta Blues, Slide, and Jazz to Rock.

Fifth Godin Avenue takes you back to the time of the strongest acoustic guitar in the archetype. Much time and work have been spent on 5th Street. Revoked for today’s music, this instrument does not seem mysterious to appear in the hands of musicians like Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Ryan Adams and even Jack White (White Stripes).

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Brief Details on Godin
The Godin Guitar family now has six lines of guitars with its early beginnings in 1972. The famous electric line of Godin and the beautifully crafted classic guitar lines Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, Art &Lutherie and LaPatrie are among them. The innovative TRIC acoustic guitar case is also manufactured by Golden Guitars.

This Canadian company is based in Montreal, Quebec. It has six factories, including five in eastern Quebec and one in New Hampshire, Berlin. Additionally, Godin Guitars funds the John Lennon Education Tour Bus and Songwriting Competition with its Official Guitar Sponsor.

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Design Detailing

The Godin Guitars are made up of various objects with a professional architectural design like
• The Top portion of the Godin is made up of Canadian Wild Cherry.
• The back and sides are blended with Canadian wild cherry and cream.
• The neck portion is designed with Silver leaf maple with the contoured black headstock of high brilliance.
• The fingerboard is mixed with the premium Rosewood.
• The bridge is plotted with Adjustable Rosewood Bridge.
• Finishing is done with polished metal finish.
• The overall radius is 16” i.e. 40.6cm.
• The scale factor is 24.84” i.e. 63cm.
• The Nut width of Godin is 1.72” i.e. 4.6cm.
• There are three premium metallic colors blended in Godin i.e. Cognac Burst, Natural and Black.

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Features of Godin 5th Avenue Acoustic Archtop Guitar
The internal boundaries of the f-hole are not very rough and the binding average is about seven out of ten, however, in comparison to all the wonderful stuff 5th Avenue has to bring, these slight grievances are mild. The rhythm and dynamic response to the tones of the 5th Avenue makes it so enjoyable to play.

Energized with a flat pick, 5th Avenue maintains its clear, balanced voice, and when you hank in single-note lines, it doesn’t sound snarky. Apart from being very expensive, the Tric brand case in which it ships is another cool feature of 5th Avenue. Apart from being very expensive, the Tric brand case in which it ships is another cool feature of 5th Avenue, this hip box provides more security than the regular hard shell box.

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