Gibson SG-3 Fireburst

Gibson SG-3 Fireburst Specifications

Another one within the series, the 21st week of the stringed instrument of the Week is for Gibson SG-3 Fireburst, you must not confuse it with the Gibson SG-3 that was introduced throughout Winter NAMM 2007, however, you’d certain confuse it, as I did, with the Gibson SG commonplace with three single-coil pickups that were free as week tenth of the stringed instrument of the Week, they appear terribly similar.

The Gibson SG-3 Fireburst options ash tree body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, 24.75″ scale length, Tune-o-Matic bridge with stop bar appendage, 3 Blade single-coil pickups, 6-way pickup switch (all the pickup mixtures in pairs) and one volume and one tone controls.

This stringed instrument comes with a hardshell case and like all the models from the stringed instrument of the Week series the assembly, a run is restricted to four hundred units. the value and availableness for the Gibson SG-3 Fireburst ought to be proclaimed nonetheless.

Gibson 2014 SG Special

2014 SG Special is one in all six SG models introduced into the lineup for 2014. it’s a fairly cheap stringed instrument, considering it’s still underneath $1,000. Special SG is that the border choice between the vernal and cheap sections of the lineup delineated by the vibrant SGJ and SGM models on one facet and heavy and versatile SG commonplace on the opposite. Existing on the no man`s land permits SG Special to be regardless of the player’s needs. straightforward and vintage-styled construction of this reliable six-stringer is not to mention stripped-down style.
The solid and double-cut mahogany body is skinny, topped and is paired with a collection in maple neck. Two-piece bridge unit is formed from 2 items (Tune-o-Matic bridge within the front and also the stop tail bar within the back) and is fronted with a combination of Gibson 490 humbuckers. 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, and a triangular toggle pickup switch comprise the controls. The set-in maple neck is lidded with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. The MSRP for this intermediate SG is ready at $979
The SG-3 stringed instrument pushes the facility, sustain, and tonal vary of Gibson’s legendary SG into new sonic dimensions.
The Gibson SG3 Fireburst guitar goes wherever no SG has gone before. Combining unequaled playability with a rare spectrum of sweet nonetheless hot humbucker tones, the SG-3 is that the good stringed instrument for rock, metal, and blues guitarists.


• Body Species: Mahogany
• Species: Mahogany
• Profile: SG
• Neck Joint Location: nineteen
• Species: Rosewood
• Scale Length: 24-3/4″
• Number of Frets: twenty-two
• Nut Width: one.695″
• Inlays: Dot
• Fingerboard Binding: Antique
• Plating Finish: Chrome
• Tailpiece: Stopbar
• Bridge: Tune-o-Matic
• Knobs: Black chapeau with chrome inserts
• Tuners: inexperienced key
• 3 single-coil pickups
• Controls: One volume, 1 tone, 6-way chicken head
• Strings: Brite Wires .010-.046

The sound:

It’s not a strat, it is not a tele, it is a not a Rick, it is not a P-90 casino. therefore it’s arduous to explain. Overall it’s abundant thicker sounding than a Tele. Not as Byrdsy cacophonic as my Rickenbacker 350. however The blade pickups area unit hot and extremely responsive. Not as hot because of the high gains on the Rick (which will generally be approached too hot).
It is louder and dirtier than my buddies Yankee Deluxe Strat on bound settings. With the correct neck pickup combination dialed in and also the tone rolled off a notch or 2 it jumps into country clean rhythm mode terribly swimmingly while not the Tele’s twang. there’s one pickup setting that’s terribly humbuckerish in tone once overdriven. I feel once it is running the neck and bridge along it acts sort of a humbucker. The setting that I feel entirely uses the bridge pickup approaches the nasty sound I prefer for traditional British punk.

However, it is not quite nearly as good at that because of the Rickenbacker. I play through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with none pedals. I exploit my amp’s channels and my stringed instrument to vary the sound I buy. really I do use one pedal. A Boss AC-3 acoustic machine, that I’ve already determined gets on nice with my SG-3

All around it’s far more versatile than the Rick I am enjoying currently. It’s a lot of made sounding and bassy whereas maintaining single-coil clarity. However, at an equivalent time, it likes to be overdriven. I could not notice a muddy sound out of it. whereas my self-report inventory phone Alleykats Epi fifty-seven humbucker would drift generally within the bands combine, this SG does not ever disappear.
I play largely rhythm in my band and our sounds vary from roots country to Clash like a punk. therefore I feel I created a fairly damn sensible blind alternative. I’d miss the high gain Rick sound on many of our songs that border “The Jam”s sound, however, I will live cuz the SG will a lot of overall.

Of course, my opinion would possibly modification over time! however, that is the best I will add it up currently. For 800 USD it absolutely was a steal in my opinion.