Gibson RD Standard Reissue

Gibson RD Standard Reissue Electric Guitar – All You Need to Know

The electric guitar with the space grey looks is a limited edition model released by Gibson and the RD in the name of the guitar stands for Research and Development as it is named after the research and development team of the brand. The reissued model is designed to keep up the glory and popularity of the standard guitar that is released back in the 1970’s.
Gibson Guitar Brand is founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson. From then on, the brand has manufactured some of the best pieces and they are equally loved by the people too. In 1952, the brand introduced the Les Paul guitar which is the most famous model in guitars in those times. Almost all the music lovers possessed that model.

In the 1950s, apart from manufacturing the guitar lines, Gibson also produced the Tune-o-Matic bridge system and its version of a humbucking pickup. The brand is seen as a traditional manufacturer of guitars by the public as the only thing their products lacked is modernization. So, to meet the expectations the company reintroduced its classic Les Paul model back in the market. Thus, the Gibson Guitar Brand has remained an active competitor in the music industry for a very long time and strived to produce some of the amazing musical instruments.

Gibson launched its RD series electric guitars in 1977. These guitars are specifically designed for those who are interested in guitars as well as synthesizers. This series is an attempt by the company to try their hands in synthesizers. This particular series had a longer scale with maple body along with the pre-amplified electronics.

These models consisted of active circuitry with switchable modes, bass and boost, compression, and expansion. The pre-amplified electronics is known as the active mode and thus it did not have the passive mode.

A 9v battery is used to power the circuit board from the backside of the body. The models that are manufactured in late ’70s became some of the modern classics as well. On the contrary talking about the RD guitars, they remained into the production for only about five years. We cannot neglect the fact that it is a well-designed product but the brand could only sell around 1500 such units.

In 2007, a limited edition of 400 guitars is introduced as Gibson’s “48th Guitar of the Week” and is named as Gibson RD standard reissue. We cannot deny the fact that this model had a vibe of the typical electric guitars. It also possessed all the features that are previously loved by the Gibson fans. Some of the features of this guitar are mentioned below.

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• The body of the guitar is totally made up of mahogany with a reversed Firebird style. The neck is also of mahogany and it has a rounded shape which is quite popular back in the 50’s.
• The fretboard of the guitar is made up of rosewood and it is a 22-fret with the traditional scale length of 25-1/2”.
• The tune-o-Matic bridge provides firmness to the strings and allows them to be placed stiffly. With this, the player can adjust the string height and fine-tune it in a matter of minutes.
• The tune-o-Matic bridge provides the required coupling between the strings and the body and as a result, it maximizes resonance and tune. A separate top bar tailpiece is further added to enhance the connection between the strings and the body.
• There is a special lubricant placed inside the gearbox which provides accurate tuning stability to the musician while playing the guitar.
• The complete hardware of the guitar is chrome plated.
• It comprises of the Burstbucker Pro pickups that enhance the vintage edge of the guitar with the added feature of Alnico 5 magnet in the guitar.
• The magnets are wax potted so that they can withstand the loud volume pressures without disturbing the tunes. They are very well equipped in producing the stunning humbucking tune.
• The RD standard reissue guitar also features 2 dirty fingers humbucker pickups. These are output units designed to produce much more clarity with an amazing volume response.
• Only 400 Gibson RD standard reissue guitar units are produced by the brand.

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• Body Wood: Mahogany
• Scale length: 25-1/2”
• Neck joint: set-in
• Fretboard: Rosewood
• Neck shape: C-shaped
• Frets: 22
• Fretboard radius: 12”
• Bridge: Fixed
• Pickup bridge: Dirty fingers humbucker
• Pickup neck: Dirty fingers humbucker
• Controls: Volume/Tone
• Tuners: Kluson
• Pickup selector: 3-way

From the early inventions of Gibson, the brand has always excelled in producing the guitars with the top-notch features and all its models possess high-quality material which showed that the company never risked compromising on its product quality and building material. Even in this RD Standard Reissue, the complete body consisted of the mahogany wood with each piece being selected very carefully by the quality check department of the brand.

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Even though this specific model is a limited edition production by the company, it did not let down its fans and the guitar is soon sold out from all its outlets. The buyers did have an issue with the weight of the guitar which seemed to be a bit heavier than its former models but that did not bother them from getting their hands on the limited edition guitar.

The guitar did manage to conserve the bright sound quality from the original model which made it pretty famous among the guitarists. Overall, Gibson has always thought about delivering the best even when they try to experiment with something new and unique with the instruments. And there is no denial to the fact that Gibson’s RD Standard Reissue is actually a powerful re-entry into the market that won the hearts of many and still many people strive to get their hands on this particular model even if it is a reselling item on the internet in present times.

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