Gibson Les Paul Supreme Autumn Burst

Gibson Les Paul Supreme Autumn Burst – A Quick Review

The Les Paul Supreme lifts the world’s best electric guitar to the accompanying level. The cut, fire maple back and fire top are sparkled with the cutting edge Autumn Burst finish. Diverse authority, elucidate pearl trims, and a fretboard of remarkable wavy dim, make this the Supreme creation in the Gibson Les Paul family.


● Cautious weight is 9 lbs 4.7 oz which is an amazingly better than average load for a Les Paul.
● AAA flamed maple top and back
● Mahogany body
● Gold Speed Knobs
● White Triple-handle body definitive
● Gold gear
● Grover Keystone Tuners
● Neck Pickups: 490R Alnico magnet humbucker
● Mahogany Rounded neck with wavy dark fingerboard
● Expansion Pickups: 498T alnico magnet humbucker
● One of a kind Gibson case

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The Les Paul Supreme is meriting the Custom Shop. Body in blasted Maple grade AAA/table Flamed maple grade AAA. Mahogany stuck neck/Ebony ‘Wavy’ fingerboard 22 Rounded profile cases. 2 Gibson 490R + 498T humbuckers. 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3-position selector. Tune-O-Matic associate + Stopbar backside.

Grover Keystone machine heads. Gold hardware. Concealing: Autumn Burst. Decency: single string at the edge of the handle – diverse string at the edge of the body – keeps an eye on the edge of the handle ‘Spots’ – Abalone Pearloid ‘Globe Supreme’ standard on the head. Shows up in a Gibson ‘Dim Reptile’ hard case

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A handle end for a les paul, outstandingly present day with an OK improvement (in colossal handle for amateurs and refined designs for exhibitions)

Accessibility assistive TRS right one for a les paul cen’est not the handle of 1950 for example

the upside of this Gibson is that it doesn’t use a dead ass, in conclusion, this isn’t a strat discount anyway that the body “wavy dark” Allgemeine guitar without affecting its.

the sound is not hard to get a les paul is mainly so … everything is said

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Play rock, metal, pop, blues, so it is perfect this style, Deplus branch in a respectable light and a marshall rolls!

the sound is normal Gibson, hitting and overflowing with certified medium fairly runny yet so pleasant!

in the rack is a reasonable corner in the neck position and treble in the augmentation position supportive.

Most astonishing is the proceed, massive! to vibrate in the body of the guitar to finger … sensation anytime seen with another guitar, I’m starting to look all starry peered toward at.

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This makes it a touch of a remarkable especially as reap time concealing burst is positively not a current concealing that gives the inclination that the Les Paul of all the world (it is exceptional brief).

Guitar is … nothing

the limit for understudies that there is no overlay on the handle (the normal) can be crippling, notwithstanding the way that there are centers around the edge of pre-run anyway it’s a conventional detail for some that can be debilitating.

by then report quality worth: fabulous! certain cen’est, not a guitar Euro 1000 yet rather it justifies the cost and it is far from the expense of PRS (Gibson has advanced an endeavor in its duties)

This guitar looks and sounds impressive. From its delightful twists to its gutsy yet impeccable sounds, it is an excellent instrument.

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