Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Am

Fishman Solo Amp Acoustic Guitar Amp: Explained

The creator of Fishman Company is Larry Fishman who made his first acoustic pickup sample in 1980. He, later on, he started producing a few pickups for Guild Guitar Company and as words started to spread, the following year, Fishman’s acoustic pickups became a demand by C.F. Martin Guitar Company. To expand the creation of pickups, instead of just focusing on guitar pickups, Fishman made pickups for other string instruments such as banjos, violins, basses, cellos, and mandolins.

One of the best designs of Fishman, with its sleek and contemporary appearance, is the Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Amp. This Class-D digital model is the perfect amplifier for small-crowded shows, performances for approximately 250 people, which is around an area of 100 feet respectively. It does depend on how many of these amps are purchased and for what event these amps will be used. People usually buy amps in even numbers so that the sound can project from 2 corners or 2 sides of any area.

The Acoustic SoloAmp features a power of 220-watts for output, a 3-band equalizer, and 48V phantom power. This can produce very accurate and vibrant sounds that are better in quality in comparison to those amps used in your sloppy average clubs. To include high-quality preamps, reverb, effect loop, phase and notch filters for a wide sound projection. With its elongated design and

This vertically designed amp is not your everyday cube-like amps, it has 2 mic/instrument and aux stereo (with level control) inputs, balanced XLR D.I. output per channel and the main mix output. These are installed for sound control and keeping the equilibrium consistent. The Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Amp consists of built-in wheels for easy maneuvering and it also includes a bag so that the stand can be detached from the amp and placed directly into the bag for portability and easy to carry around. It takes around a minute to set it all up.

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• Brilliant sound quality and exposure for different types of events in different venue areas through the

Solo Performance System

• Completely digital power amp and power supply (Class D)
• Universal voltage for use of the amp anywhere in the world
• Discard the use of the support of the subwoofer by sustaining high-frequency custom drivers and the

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installation of a servo power amp

• Linear compact design with 6 x line array speakers for distributing sound horizontally and deeper saturation of sound
• 3-band EQ, phantom power, and high-quality preamps for different input sources (e.g. acoustic instruments; microphones; line-level bases)
• Input: Auxiliary stereo with level control
• 4 x digital reverb effects and master level
• Channel outputs: 2 x XLR D.I. balanced with the main mix
• Monitoring input and output for on-stage performance
• Footswitch input: Remote and channel mute
• Mix Processor Impedance: 600 Ω balanced with phantom power and isolated ground
• Tuner output: Impedance of 5k Ω
• 2 x ¼” Mic/Instrument channels for input:
o A clip indicator and 10 dB pad for input gain
o Both channels contain phantom power of 48V
o Bass and Treble Shelving
o Midrange with resonant style
o Effects level
o Feedback control with Notch filler and Phase switch
o Dedicated effects loop

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• Woofer system: 6 x 4” patented dual-gap with neodymium magnet (200 W)
• Tweeter system: 1 x 1” neodymium magnet and cooled ferrofluid soft dome (20 W)
• Tweeter level: 6 dB cut
• Crossover system: 4kHz
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.6″ x 41.54″ x 6.7″
• Weight: 25 lbs (amplifier alone with no stands) / 35 lbs (amplifier with stands and carry bag)

This multi-purpose amp can be used for both sound systems for events or just a set up at home for that cinematic experience. The equalizer built into the amp gives a very defined sound and to add to the advantages, it only weighs at 25 lbs, which means that you can travel anywhere via any type of transportation. Why admire stadium-sounded speakers when you can have smaller ones with just as much mojo? The Fishman SoloAmp Acoustic Guitar Amp is the best friend any musician, in fact, anyone can ask for if you want satisfying sound system, this amp is your answer, at an estimated price of $850.

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