ESI U46 XL USB Audio

ESI U46 XL USB Audio Interface [Winter NAMM 2008]

Another ESI update and small home or portable recording device. U46 XL is a great moving laptop / desktop recording device. The ESI U46 XL USB Audio Interface, which was based on the product U46DJ, but has additional features to add to the list of USB recording interfaces.
There are 4 input channels and 6 output channels in a stylish and compact package. It is the perfect solution for road-based playback and recording applications–all in a powerful and lightweight kit that can carry around with you.
The input and output of the line level are supplied by RCA connectors. Also, a professional microphone entrance with XLR input, + 48V fantastic power support and adjustable input, Hi-Z instruments and headset output with a separate volume control system are available.U46 XL is a bus operated by your PC or Mac, meaning that no external power is usually required.
U46 XL is ideally suited to all existing audio applications, including professional logging and DJ programs from different companies, with its EWDM driver interface. Support is offered for ASIO, MME, WDM, CoreAudio, and DirectX.

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Foremost Console

• Connector channel 1/2 input (CH 1/2)
o Selector of source information (MIC / LINE): Here you pick channel 1/2 input sources.
o Link MIC IN: Attach to this XLR connector your microphone.
o Phantom switch+ 48V power: Push-button supplying+ 48V DC phantom control to the input channels 1/2.
o Microphone input GAIN control: Control input level of the microphone.
• Connector Channel 3/4 input (CH 3/4)
o Selector for source data (HI-Z / LINE): This is where you pick channel 3/4 input sources.
o Connector HI-Z IN: Share this imbalanced 1/4 “connector with an electric guitar or bass guitar. This input can only bind unbalanced 1/4 “phone jack.
o Hi-Z input GAIN control: This control button controls the level of input of the attached electric guitar.

• Output headphones powered by volume (HEADPHONE): Track all sources of input and output through the use of headphones. With the control knob, the output level may be adjusted.

• Turn POWER: Allows you to enable/disable the device.

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Back end PANEL

• External connector for power supply (DC 9V): It is strongly recommended to use a DC+9V/500mA adapter when you are using a microphone that demands phantom power especially with your laptop.

• USB junction: Connects the USB cable to the computer.

• MIX OUT: The Mix output helps you to control both input and output sources.

• OUTPUT 1~6: Such outputs can be used to connect to specific external devices with separate playback channels.

• INPUT 1~4: Inputs for line-level sources such as tapes, blender outputs, CD players, etc.

Requirements of minimum framework

• Intel Pentium III 600MHz CPU or Power Macintosh G4 (Mac)
• 512MB RAM
• Microsoft Windows XP or Mac OS

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Audio Implementations

• Windows Multimedia Setup
o If you want to use your U46 XL framework for Windows Multimedia applications, you need the Windows multimedia setup. Go to My Computer-> Sounds and audio system-> Audio control panel. To ensure all standard signals are played using U46 XL hardware, pick the U46 XL entry as your replay tool.
• Mac OS
o U46 XL’s key control center under Mac OS X is the Audio MIDI Setup software that is located in the configuration folder of your computer.


DirectWIRE wire is an ESI-developed driver technology that can be used for internal routing of the audio streams in applications using ESI-developed EWDM Audio MIDI drivers. The DirectWIRE router allows an application to record data on other audio outputs without additional cabling or data loss while operating concurrently.
DirectWIRE helps you to rip any sound stream conveniently in real-time by transmitting data from MP3s, on-line and on-demand live broadcasting and video.

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Packaging Box

• U46 XL USB audio interface
• Installation and Driver CD
• Steinberg Cubase LE 4 DVD
• User’s Guide
• USB cable

Main Functionality

• 4-in 6-out multi-purpose USB audio interface
• 4 line inputs (mono)
• XLR microphone input with gain control
• +48V phantom power for the condenser microphone
• direct instrument input for electric guitars (Hi-Z) with gain control
• 6 line-level analog outputs with separate mix outputs
• headphone out with level control
• 4 channel recording and 6 channel playback at the same time – Full Duplex
• 4-in 6-out at 44.1 kHz, 4-in 4-out at 48 kHz
• WDM, MME, ASIO, Core Audio and DirectSound support
• compatible with Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X


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