Epiphone So-Cal 50h amp

Epiphone So-Cal 50h amp & So-Cal 412Sl cabinet

Epiphone recently proclaimed the discharge of a brand new amp and a brand new cabinet from its amp assortment.
The Epiphone So-Cal 50h amp, designed and built within the USA, and also the Epiphone So-Cal 412Sl cabinet type a really sensible wanting gear particularly the clear amp front.

The So-Cal 50h amp is Associate in Nursing all-tube amp with a solid-state rectifier with 5 12AX7 and 2 EL34 tubes, two freelance channels that share a 3–band EQ with two modes, freelance and interactive.

The amp conjointly options a tube-powered electrical device that has the spring reverb, a switch to pick five0W or 25W modes and 5 speaker outputs (1 of 16, 2 of 8 and a couple of 4 ohms).
The So-Cal 412Sl cabinet options a girl Luck speaker to boost the sound of So-Cal amp.

So Cal 50-Watt guitar amplifier head:

The so Cal fifty offers a chic tone with a versatile EQ and a very good definition from a solid-state rectifier. it is also a really quiet amp due to DC-powered filaments.
The distinctive EQ enables you to choose from freelance treble and bass vs. treble that rolls off the bass once boosted and vice-versa.
Presence management enables you to sharpen up the sound whereas 25W (triode) choice enables you to drive the ability section onerous while not driving the neighbors haywire.
Contour knob presents dramatic tonal choices and also the tube-driven reverb is smooth sleek and natural. Multiple speakers outs for nice flexibility onstage.

So Cal 412SL 4×12″ Speaker Cabinet:

The four specially designed 12″ girl Luck Eminence speakers within the acoustically optimized so Cal 412SL cab delivers the supreme response and correct sonic.
It will conjointly handle anything you throw at it, up to 280 watts.
11-ply birch cab has powerful vinyl covering, recessed bar handles, and bolstered corners.

Features :


● Designed and built within the USA by Gibson
● 50W or 25W category AB switchable
● All-tube electronic equipment
● 2 channels
● Solid-state rectifier
● Dual 4 ohm, dual 8 ohm, and 16-ohm speaker outs
● Presence management
● Contour knob and gain management for channel two
● High-tension fuse
● Tube-powered reverb
● Independent/interactive EQ switch
● Standby switch
● 12AX7 preamp tubes with DC-powered filaments
● Shared 3-band EQ
● Master volume
● EL34 power tubes
● 26″W x 10-3/4″D x 10-3/4″H
● 42 lbs.
● Footswitch jack (switch not included)
● 16-gauge bent and spot-welded chassis
● 11-ply laminate cab construction


● 4 – 12″ girl Luck Eminence speakers
● 280W handling
● Vinyl covering
● 11-ply birch cab
● Reinforced corners
● 28″W x 28-1/2″H x 14″D
● Recessed bar handles

Performance :

The So-Cal 50H might not value a lot of, however it positive sounds costly. whereas it’s going to not be as versatile as a mega-channel store beast with multiple gain stages, it covers the gamut of “meat ’n’ potatoes” tones that players accept most, from raunchy overdrive to classic metal crunch.

Channel one is good for clean and biting bluestones, delivering punchy power tube distortion that kicks in once the degree management is simply below twelve o’clock. connect a begin to relish some Stevie Ray sting or a Tele for traditional Keef jangle, and crank up the reverb for a few Dick vale surf riffing.

Channel two produces the amp’s best trendy metal tones with the freelance EQ setting, that permits you to scoop out some mids and crank the bass and treble. change by reversal to the interactive EQ setting and you may most likely fool the foremost conservative Marshall fan during a blindfold tone take a look at, particularly if your Priest/Maiden riffs are up to snuff.

Summary :

The so Cal 50H and 412SL cabinet may be fabulous. this can be fantastically affordable—rock and blues beast. it had been not very discomposed concerning the clean channel being a small indefinite quantity slow, as a result of the overdrive channel cleans up therefore fantastically, and it rages sort of a passionate panther once cranked up. If you like that half-stack pants flap, this all-tube assaulter may be a dream machine.