Elektron TurboMIDI TM-1

Elektron TurboMIDI TM-1 Is it Worth It?

Elektron TurboMIDI TM-1 could be a USB MIDI interface capable of accelerating the first MIDI information measure up to ten times from your laptop to compatible devices. The TurboMIDI customary is associate open customary, free for any developer to implement for complimentary.

The TM-1 is meant particularly with the Machinedrum and also the Monomachine in mind, however, it’ll work absolutely with any MIDI customary gear. except for its elegant appearance and rugged brushed atomic number 13 and steel construction, the TM-1 permits MIDI temporal order and information measure to be up to 10x a lot of correct.

The TurboMIDI TM-1 MIDI interface is available currently for seventy-nine euros from Elektron Direct Order or Certified retail partners.


On a laptop running Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS X simply connect the TM-1 to a free USB
port. The TM-1 is mechanically recognized by the pc. No drivers area unit required.


The TM-1 involves its fullest once used in conjunction with the Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1/ SPS-1UW, the Monomachine SFX-6/SFX-60, and forthcoming TM-1 compact instrumentation. solely by mistreatment TM-1 compatible devices will the turbo mode be engaged.
Users of the SPS-1UW can instantly fancy the immensely improved sample transfer rate. you’ll have a minimum of OS one.31 put in on the Machinedrum SPS-1/SPS-1 UW and OS one.07 put in on the Monomachine SFX-6/SFX-60 to be able to use the turbo mode.
We suggest the mistreatment of our C6 utility. C6 is specifically developed for the safest, easy and fastest utility for sending SysEx files and MIDI SDS samples, mistreatment any laptop MIDI interface. C6 will be downloaded from the support page of the Elektron web site.

How to use Elektron TurboMIDI TM-1

1. Connect the TM-1 to the USB port of a laptop.
2. Connect the MIDI in on the TM-1 to the MIDI OUT on the MIDI device.
3. Connect the MIDI OUT on the TM-1 to the MIDI IN on the MIDI device.
4. press the TURBO button and make certain the TURBO diode is continually lit.


The TM-1 from Elektron could be a one input/one output USB MIDI interface that’s category compliant on each Windows and Mac OS X. No drivers ought to be put in. However, the compact device conjointly options the company’s Turbocharged customary. once used with their Machinedrum and also the Monomachine product, the interface is capable of accelerating the MIDI information measure by up to 10 times. It will, after all, work absolutely well with any MIDI-equipped gear however at customary MIDI outturn rates.
● USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible MIDI interface
● 1 x MIDI In, one x MIDI Out
● Full customary MIDI support
● 10x MIDI speed increase once connected to the company’s alternative product
● USB audio customary compliant
● USB steam-powered
● Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X driver-free operation
● Sleek brushed atomic number 13 casing


We can note the presence of a switch that makes it potential to have interaction with the turbo mode, the beast behaving sort of a standard USB / MIDI interface once it’s deactivated.

The TM-1 doesn’t need specific drivers for Windows XP and Mac OS X. A package update is obtainable for the brand’s synthesizers and drum machines to confirm compatibility with this new protocol.