DVK Technologies GNR8-130

This is the newly introduced stereo guitar amplifier. This 130W powered stereo guitar amplifier cabinet is designed by Australia specifically for use with any DSP- or analog-based direct recording device or preamplifier. It enhances and improves the sound quality and volume of the input.

Guitarists are blessed with incredible realism and versatility by the existing developers of guitar modeling and their effects units. The most sought-after vintage tones and effects for the entertainment of the life are now just away with the difference to push a button. These incredible amplifier counterfeit are at our disposal for the first time without the forbidding expense and are associated with bulk classic hardware units.

The headroom, dynamics, low distortion, the familiar feel and form of a guitar amplifier helps the system of GNR8-130 to deliver a wide range of frequency. The closest possible neutral response is ensured by the construction and constrained layer cabinet design. Whatever goes inside this amplifier or namely the guitar amplifier, comes out and shows loudness and unadulterated by an amplifier and cabinet coloring. In other words, we can say the input sound is enhanced to another level.
Molded to be in line with the GNR8-130’s preamplifier and amplifiers, 2 x 12″ is the specially selected full range speakers from the series of Lorentz Audio Services (C304P/PA) which have been employed to ensure accurate production of any modeler of any type. The flat response of the cabinet along with the coupled true sonic reproduction of the amplifiers and speakers bare competitive with the quality of today’s top modeling devices.

Portable: The weight is equally distributed throughout the device. It has several handles that allow it to be displaced to different places as per the requirement.

Volume enhancement: It is an amplifier as the name identifies it refers to the device which improves the voice quality and increases the volume to an extent. It bears several volume-enhancing inbuilt systematic additions that allow it to increase the volume of the input sound.
Attractive Features of the musical instrument:
This is a kind of volume-enhancing instrument specially designed for the enhancement of the volume of the guitar. It consists of a headroom, volume dynamic and guitar amplifier with a familiar feeling.


1. This device is designed in Australia with the latest technology.
2. It consists of 4 x internal 19″ rackmount bays which enhance its capability.
3. The presence of Removable faceplate is responsible for easy rack accessibility.
4. Pop in/out casters is inserted in the device which creates a difference.
5. It has a ground lift switch that enables easy on/off features.
6. It is equipped with a 130W stereo power amplifier which amplifies and enhances the input sounds.
7. A top panel strap handle is present which allows you to lift the device and make it a portable one.
8. The weight of this device is distributed equally which make it worth adjustable.
9. It has sturdy corners pieces that make its body smooth.
10. Two models are present which are 110 and 230V respectively.
11. It consists of recessed side handles which make it easy to handle and displace from one place to another.
12. It bears 2 x 12″ 8Ohms Lorentz C304P/PA 12″ 100W speakers which is responsible for the enhancement of sounds.
13. It has spare rack blanks which make it a storage piece too.
14. It has an External auto-switch extension cab output.