Drawmer S2 Dual Channel Tube Compressor

Drawmer S2 Dual Channel Tube Compressor – Explained

The Drawmer 1968 is a 1U Tube/FET ‘sound system transport’s blower which by configuration conveys a straightforward ‘open’ sound in any event, during times of overwhelming pressure. The 1968 mixes valves and FETs for quality pressure.

The first Drawmer 1960 utilized a cylinder organize at the front of the blower, while 1968 utilizes a J-FET (Field Effect Transistor) gain decrease circuit that works quicker than an optoisolator. The blower utilizes a 12AX7 cylinder cosmetics gain speaker where you can include, with the Output Gain control, up to 20 dB of extra addition. The requirement for a proportion control has been evacuated as the blower works on the delicate knee standard where the beginning of pressure is dynamic.

The 1968 grows assault times to six decisions: 2, 9, 15, 25, 30 and 50 ms. Discharge times come in three fixed occasions (100ms, 500 ms and 1 second) and three program-subordinate decisions – 200 ms to 2 sec, 500 ms to 5 sec and 1 to 10 seconds- – all program-needy and programmed.

The 1968 gives full sidechain access to interfacing an outer equalizer for vocal focusing or de-essing.
Included on the two channels is a switchable ‘Huge’ and ‘Greater’ mode which applies less preparing to the principal low recurrence yet trains the upward related music which if untamed can bring about a ‘boomy’ or ‘square-shaped’ sound.

The outcome – a strong base end with improved sub-bass and a smoother, more extensive recurrence reaction by and large. This lets the administrator utilize more pressure on a general blend in with less siphoning activity brought about by a kick or potentially bass instrument.

The yields of Channels 1 and 2 are observed on two yellow-lit up VU meters – with a red notice sparkle to connote ‘moving toward cutting’. A three-position switch alters the meters to show either ordinary yield level, gain decrease, or VU +10dB mode, which re-scales the meter for clients working at ‘hot’ yield levels.

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• 2 Channel delicate knee tube blower
• Fully adjusted interior sign way
• Class A plan
• Isolation transformers IN and OUT
• ‘Alltube’ circuit plan
• Variable assault and discharge with discretionary ‘Program Dependent’ auto discharge activity
• Dual mono or sound system interface activity
• Switchable ‘pinnacle’ or ‘VU’ metering to show drifters
• Switchable +10db or +20db meter re-scale modes
• 8 fragment gain decrease metering
• ‘Big’ mode for holding low frequencies
• ‘Bright’ mode for upgrading high frequencies
• ‘Dry’ blend mode for ‘equal pressure impact’
• Balanced XLR inputs/yield.

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The Drawmer S2 is a double channel tube blower that includes a large group of inventive preparing potential outcomes.

Enormous Retains bass frequencies and limits unfortunate ‘siphoning’ by moving off the recognition signal at 75, 125, or 250Hz (client switchable). A complete factor level control takes into account the ideal measure of Big handling and an in/out switch gives the choice to expel from the sign way for A/B examination.

Brilliant A unique high-recurrence enhancer to keep packed sound sounding new and splendid with constantly factor recurrence control (500Hz to 20kHz) and measure of dynamic improvement.

DRY-Mixes client characterized the measure of ‘uncompressed’ signal with the compacted sign to make ‘equal pressure impact’ without the requirement for outer blending gadgets.

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The S2 is a Two-Channel Tube Compressor presented in 2008 from Drawmer’s Signature Series. It has some extraordinary Features that give numerous inventive choices with regards to dynamic control.

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