Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro

Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro USB Audio Interface – An Overview

The Digidesign Mbox-2 micro is an ultra-portable USB flash drive that features Pro Tools LE system for on the go editing, mixing, and music creation. You just need a computer and a USB port and you are good to go! You can create your portable studio anytime anywhere you want to. The pro tools software along with the Mbox-2 is a complete package for home users and musicians on the go.

Digidesign is a digital audio technology company that was founded in 1984 and was formerly known as Digidrums. The Pro Tools software is a flagship of this company and it was available in three variants namely- Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered. Pro Tools is basically a digital audio work station that can be used for music creation and production.
Digidesign launched its first-ever Pro Tools multi-tracking system comprised of integrated software and hardware back in 1991 and it became one of the most popular audio production tools for television, music, and movies.

In 1995, Avid Technology acquired the ownership of Digidesign and it started operating as a business unit of Avid Technology. Since the launch of Pro Tools, the company has received so much fame and appreciation and the software was a huge success that it received Grammy Award in 2001 and then there were updated versions of this software that improved the Pro Tools each time with adding more sequencers and tracks and system offering recordings up to 24 bits.

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After the launch of Mac OS in 2001, Digidesign also updated the Pro Tools software and hardware to make it compatible with the Mac operating system as well. The Mbox-2 Micro comes with pre-installed Pro Tools LE software. In this version of Pro Tools, the signal processing completely relied on the host CPU. It had a smaller track count and supported a maximum sample rate of 96 kHz. The software did not include some advanced features like Automatic Delay compensation, multiple tracks beat detective, and surround sound mixing.

The Digidesign Mbox-2 Micro is a portable USB flash drive that is embedded with the Pro Tools LE software and compatible applications. The user also gets Bomb Factory and DigiRack plug-in along with Xpand. It is a playback work station that allows access and manipulation of thousands of sounds from within Pro tool.

The outer body of the Mbox is made up of aluminum which results in a very rough and tough use of the product. The company also provides a free upgrade to all the pre-registered Pro tool users and you are free to use the Pro Tools 8.1 version on your Mbox-2 Micro. The device also possesses some of the noteworthy features that are mentioned below.

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• It is an ultra-portable device for the musicians on the go along with high-quality sound up to 24 bits, 48 kHz.
• The device has a convenient volume wheel for quick headphone adjustments and it comes with 1/8 inch stereo output jack for a headphone or speaker monitoring.
• It has Pro Tools that features some of the following techniques used for mixing and creating new beats by the musicians.
I. Editing: The audio tracks can be cut, duplicated without destroying the source file and equalization, dynamic processing could be performed on the audio clip in the real-time.
II. Mixing: It is a virtual mixer that controls the components of all the tracks and keeps the record of volume up/down, faders, level meters in the track. The inputs and outputs of every track’s channel depth may vary such as mono, stereo, multi-channel. Such audios can be routed from different inputs and outputs and can be mixed together.

III. Track Rendering: Virtual instruments could be used on a track to add the new mixing to the clip. Multiple tracks could be rendered at a time and can be done on a specific timeline of the track to gain the rendered output.
IV. Data Exchange: The data created in the Pro Tools could be exchange with other software that supports similar embedded files into their metadata. When the sent file is opened in the destination software, the structure is rebuilt along with the original clip, edits, and basic track placements.
• The device supports the sample playbacks, synthesis work stations to start creating, mixing, and editing anytime and anywhere.
• It supports the music production toolkit and DV toolkit 2 for working on the places other than your homes and during a road trip too.
• It is powered by USB 1.1 connector along with a light indicator.

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• Connector Output: one 1/8” stereo jack with volume controls
• Maximum Output: +3dBV into 600 ohms
• Audio Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
• Dynamic Range: 103 dB
• Supported Sample rates: 48 kHz
• Maximum word length: 24 bits
• Host Connection: USB 1.1 connector
• Dimensions: ½” H × ¼” W × 7/16” D
• Weight: 1.2 oz
• Power requirements: powered from USB port only
Requirements for the Software (Pro Tools LE) on your PC
• Windows OS vista, XP or higher and Mac OS 10.5.5 or higher
• Minimum 1 GB RAM
• DVD-ROM or similar optical drive for software installation
• USB port

This little device with designs similar to a pen drive has a lot of features intact into it. It is a perfect device for music enthusiasts who like adding their touch to the pre-recorded tracks or even can create their authentic tones with its help. The real boss is the Pro Tools software that is embedded inside this pocket-friendly device that has an epitome of multiple features that can be tried on the pre-mixed tracks.

The software is definitely a mastermind which only requires a laptop and that is it; you have your own studio right here in front of you in your room itself. This incredibly small device is surely like carrying your studio in the pocket of your pants!


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