Dean Guitars Dean Buddy Blaze ML Guitar

Dean Guitars Dean Buddy Blaze ML Guitar Overview

Dean Guitars is known for its avant-garde, solid-body electric guitars, it also produces bass guitars and acoustic guitars. Other instruments that this company manufactures are also in the string family, such as resonators, banjos, amplifiers, mandolins, basses, ukuleles, custom guitar pickups, guitar accessories, and cases. In its experimentation with the guitars, Zelinsky believed that in order for the sound to resonate, the wood needs to be extended. Thus, he did, leading to almost all his guitar creations having the contemporary crossed with futuristic and artistic appearance.

It is a wide variety of products that Dean Guitars provide for its customers. For over 40 years in the music industry, this company’s guitars have been played and used by several musicians. From the most iconic ones like the guitarist of Slayer, Kerry King, the Swedish guitarist from Arch Enemy, Michael Amott, then there’s the former UFO and Scorpions guitarist, Michael Schenker.

Furthermore, one of the most known and respected guitar builders and designers, known as Buddy Blaze. Located in Kailua Kona, Hawaii and formally named Buddy Blaze Fine Stringed instruments is founded in 2005 by Buddy and Joyce. This company values and believes that the best standard of excellent guitars should be provided for all its customers. Buddy Blaze has been recommended by many notable artists, such as Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell, Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister, and Pantera’s Terry Glaze.

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A great light shone upon Dean Guitars and Buddy Blaze, they joined forces to release a new model based on Blaze’s requirements, but keeping the typical Dean appearance. A new dawn of age was formed and beholds the Dean Guitars Dean Buddy Blaze ML Guitar with its blue-flamed color body and a black chrome flame graphic (designed by Blaze himself) painted with details on the guitar.

Filled with professional components that adhere to both Blaze and Dean’s demands and expectations. With a 15.7k output of 8 Alnico magnets and Grover tuners that are greased for gear meshing and no repercussion, due to a 14:1 gear ratio, this guitar will last for decades with no services needed. There are several Blaze elements incorporated into this guitar, one of the elements is its trademark in the position of the bridge and middle pickups that comprises of Dean DMT custom humbuckers (Nostalgia) with an output of 8.1k.

It features a 24.75” scale V-neck headstock carve consisting of 2 octaves and a rosewood fingerboard patterned with inlays of the mother-of-pearl of a rising flame. There is also a top-mounted Genuine Floyd Rose tremolo bridge with a sustain block of 37mm within the interior so that it stands out from the other guitars. By implementing the Floyd Rose Tremolo with a double-locking system, the player is able to lock a tune that’s played by the bridge and nut of the guitar, this gives a range of vibrato that can be obtained freely without worrying whether or not the tone will change.

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Unlike other guitars, Dean Buddy Blazer is only 1.5” thick, which means it is also very light. By having a single volume control that can give a good output tonal range, the Volume knob is placed at the same place as other traditional ML guitars, which gives the option for players to add another Tone or Volume control if they wished to. Usually, guitars have one particular shape, whether it be a “C”, “V”, or “U”, but not this one. It is designed to have a “V” shape starting from the top of where the neck starts and gradually becomes rounder as it comes down to a “U” shape at the 22nd fret, which is where the neck links to the body.

Fret sizes on guitars are usually medium-jumbo sized for easy grip and positioning of the fingers, but with Dean Buddy Blaze, its frets are medium-height sized, which makes it look contemporary, but at the same time, challenges the player to use their skills on these smaller-sized frets. The best-suited amp for this guitar would require an amp with a lot of gains. At first when glancing at this guitar, the fret size looks like the standard medium-jumbo, but similarly to the gradual “V” to “U” shape, the fret sizes also become smaller in size.

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Features and Specifications:

• Body and Top Wood: Mahogany
• Scale length: 24.75”
• Neck shape: “V”-shaped
• Neck: Set-in Mahogany with 3 neck angles
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Fretboard: 2 octaves
• Fret size: Medium-height
• Number of Frets: 24
• Controls: Single volume with a 3-way switch
• Inlays: Custom Buddy Blaze
• Tuners: Grover (with a gear ratio of 14:1)
• Hardware Color: Black
• Tremolo Bridge: Floyd Rose Original (top-mounted)
• Bridge Pickup: U.S.A Dean DMT “Blaze Bucker”
• Middle Pickup: U.S.A Dean DMT “Baker Act”
• Finishes: Buddy Blaze Custom Graphic
• Hard-shell Dean guitar case with a Certificate of Authenticity
• Dimensions (H x D x W): 50” x 5” x 22”

This asymmetrically shaped beauty is suited for any type of music genre, because of its equilibrium tonal projection, it can be modified for classic rock, the blues, to thrash metal. The Dean Guitars Dean Buddy Blaze ML Guitar is a limited-edition ML model that is also custom-made, which means that the production run will be limited to a number of guitars only. The availability information of this guitar is still not announced yet, nor has the price been confirmed. However, when it is available to be sold, then be prepared for the price, as it is a guitar consisting of the finest and most intricate molds made by the greatest guitar constructionist and an exceptional guitar company combined.

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