Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer Bass Synth Pedal

Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer Bass Synth Pedal – Everything Explained

Octavius Squeezer incorporates a committed channel circuit reproduced in our Agent 00Funk envelope channels. It likewise incorporates the fluff circuit from our Brown Dog gated bass fluff. A computerized pitch following stage tracks the notes you make light of the right to the base of your instrument’s range and drives a simple synthesizer that can create different waveforms at either a similar pitch as your info, one octave down, one octave up or two octaves up. The entirety of this can be fixed, blended, and arranged in an assortment of approaches to give a tremendous cluster of accessible impacts.

Utilize the impact control to switch between the 50 clients’ editable pre-sets that can be put away in the Octavius Squeezer’s locally available memory. Change any of the pre-sets on-the-fly with a spot of the param handle. See the present impact and parameter settings obviously showed on Octavius Squeezer’s illuminated LCD.

Utilize the two client assignable footswitches to sidestep, tap the beat, and switch impacts on the fly. Spare and burden extra pre-sets to SD card (like the one in your computerized camera) utilizing the installed card users, and use it to overhaul Octavius’ firmware as new forms become accessible.

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• Designed for low register guitar.
• Wide scope of synth, octave, envelope channel, fluff, and different impacts.
• True sidestep – input is associated legitimately to yield by a mechanical transfer when turned off.
• True simple sign way with a reconfigurable simple innovation.
• 50 advanced pre-sets locally available.
• SD card attachment (SD card excluded), permits you to spare/load extra pre-set, redesign firmware.
• Analog two shaft low pass and bandpass channel circuit.
• Analog fluff circuit.
• Digital pitch following propelled consonant dismissal.
• Analog waveform combination with portent.
• One octave down, one octave up, and two octaves up combination.
• Runs from a solitary 9V battery or outside force supply (excluded).
• Convenient structure factor incorporates no-apparatuses battery cabinet.
• Sturdy steel case completed in an eye-getting red.
• Two client assignable footswitches.
• Two advanced control handles.
• Backlit 2 line, 16 character LCD.
• Blinking beat LED.
• Auxiliary yield for click tracks and Agent 00Funk Mark II envelope input.
• Tuner.
• Metronome and beat-bolted impacts with tap rhythm mode.
• Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO) changes channel cut-off.
• Beat-bolted channel waveforms incorporate triangle, slope, square, staircase, irregular, and step grouping.
• Effects can be sorted out into banks for a simple choice.
• Additional impacts arranged in future firmware refreshes.

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• Turn the impact control to switch between pre-sets. Push it to enter the menu framework
• Push the param control to flip which parameter of the present impact you need to alter. Go to modify the present parameter. The Exchange Knobs menu alternative lets left-gave players switch the capacity of the impact and param controls so they don’t dark the LCD with their hand when exchanging impacts
• Click the privilege footswitch to flip among impact and sidestep mode, shown by the dynamic LED
• The capacity of the left footswitch changes as indicated by the current footswitch mode.
• Hold both footswitches to spin through the diverse footswitch modes

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Different elements of left footswitch:

• Cycle advances through the impacts in the present bank (NXT mode)
• Cycle in reverse through the impacts in the present bank (PRV mode)
• Tune your instrument with the yield quieted (TUN mode)
• Tap a rhythm for the beat-bolted impacts and metronome, start and stop the beat (TAP mode)
• Briefly empower the LFO or beat-bolted impacts (MOD mode)


The Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer is a simple synth pedal that is structured explicitly for low pitch guitar. The Octavius Squeezer bass pedal offers genuine simple reconfigurable sign way innovation, genuine detour exchanging, and a far-reaching exhibit of simple synth, octave, fluff, envelope channel, and different impacts all determined by a helpful computerized preset framework. With this in addition to tuner and metronome” in a size that fits in your gig bag” this is one bass pedal you can’t stand to be without.


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