Casio new Privia Digital Piano models

Casio New Privia Digital Piano Models – An Overview

Products of this company include musical instruments such as digital cameras, calculators, mobile phones, electronic and analog and digital watches. The Privia is a range of stage pianos and digital pianos manufactured by Casio. Casio Computer Co., Ltd launched its first electronic keyboard, The Casiotone 201, in 1980.

This revolutionary model received praise from music lovers and critics around the planet as a lightweight and attractively priced device that could play sounds from multiple instruments.

For those who love making music, playing digital guitars, and portable wind instruments, digital drum kits Casio has expanded into these instruments too. The Privia was initially developed to be a new competitor for brands including Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai to provide digital piano products in the budget.

In recent years, Casio has stepped up efforts to expand the use of electric pianos, in addition to mechanical keyboards.

Casio has released 2 new models under the Privia Digital Piano series with a pretty classic layout and a slim and lightweight design, but with the melody and playability of a grand piano. Both the Casio Privia PX-120 and Casio Privia PX-720 piano models feature the 88 scaled hammer action keys. Casio’s new Privia Digital Piano models have 4 layer stereo piano samples which provide interlocked dynamics using Casio’s Linear distorting sound mechanics and up to 256 notes of the melody, depending on the model.


The Casio Privia PX-720 offers an ash walnut and wenge or cherry and maple shades finish while the Casio Privia PX-120 comes with a dark grey or light brown and silver finish. Acoustic and Intelligent Filtering (AIF) technology is used in these pianos. This technology helps in generating a sound that propagates seamlessly.

These new Priviapiano models also come with tri element sampling, in which 3 real pianos samples are used for each note, which results in enabling the reconstruction of specific sounds in reaction to various main forces, including the tone and voice of an actual acoustic piano.

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However, an initial Acoustic and Intelligent Filtering (AIF) Sound Source system transfers every single delicate detail to the sound source, such that all of chromaticism to fortissimos is replicated with the same intensity of clarity as an acoustic grand. There is not much technical difference in both models other than product finish and a minor change in size.

These Privia models also support 128-note polyphony, ensuring that notes automatically percolate without being cut off during high-speed passages and components involving intensive damper pedal. It also gives lots of extra playability for four- duets too. For more natural piano experiences an acoustic resonance device propagates the resonant effects of a grand piano damper pedal.

The PX-120 provides a lot of dynamic versatility with eight onboard visual effects like four separate reverbs, and four separate choruses. Moreover, two grand piano configurations bring still more options-for a softer you may pick from “modern” Digitally optimized Digital Signal Processing (DSP) features that recreate a high-quality grand piano tone, along with the vibrato and acoustic resonance. The slender frame of the Privia is a thin mere 298 mm.

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A modern slide-type keyboard cover protects the keyboard from dust, debris, and disruption and slides effortlessly out of the lightweight shell. The representation of the discordant strings generated by the CASIO influence the “Acoustic Resonance” beautifully rounds off the sound experience. The features of both Casio Privia PX-120 and Casio Privia PX-720 piano models are quite same, here are some features:


• 88 full-size keys
• 9 digital effects
• 128 note Polyphony (Maximum)
• Duet Mode
• 11 tones
• Acoustic Resonance System
• Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)
• 3 levels of touch response sensitivity
• 2 tracks x 1 song (up to 5,000 notes) of song memory/sequencer
• 60 music library tunes
• 2-Way bass reflex speaker system
• Metronome
• Tuning
• Key transpose
• Includes: AC adaptor, scorebook and music stand
• Digital Effects: Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)
• Recorder: 2 tracks, 1 song, approximately 5,000 notes, real-time recording
• Pedal connection
• Layer tones (excluding bass)
• Split tones (low-range bass tones only
• Built-in metronome
• AC Power Adapter (AD12)
• Sustain footswitch

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• Keyboard: 88-key (Layer – excluding bass tones / Split and dash; low-range bass tones only)
• Effects: brilliance (-3 to +3), reverb (4 types), chorus (4 types), Acoustic Resonance
• Tuning: A 440 and plusmn; 99 cents
• Key Transpose: 2 octave -12 to 0 to +12
• Headphones Terminals: 2
• Key cover: slide-type
• MIDI: 16 channel multi-timbre receive
• Power: 12V DC
• MIDI: OUT/IN terminals
• Power output: 8W + 8W
• Speakers (diameter x quantity): 4.72 (12cm) x 2
• Power requirements: AC Adaptor: AD-12
• Power consumption: 12V; 18W
• Size with stand (W x D x H): 54.09 x 11.73 x 31.18, (1,374 x 298 x 792mm)
• Weight (with stand): 70.54 lb.
• Amplifier:8W + 8W
• Pedals: 3 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
• Half-Pedal operation (damper)

Basically Casio Privia PX-720 and Casio Privia PX-120 are built and designed to generate the actual sound and taste of a concert grand piano. Although the PX-120 is perfect for artists to track, it also allows a fantastic digital piano for educational settings. One can break the keyboard region in half so that both instructors and individuals on their separate sides will perform the same notes at the same time. It’s undoubtedly easy to pack away to rehearsals and back to lessons.

Nevertheless, it carries features that make it a perfect studio device or rehearsal room for you. A versatile two-way speaker system includes four microphones, which ensures that one doesn’t need to insert the PX-120 or PX-720 into a device to create music. Any of the sounds that can be modified involve a harpsichord, vibraphone, piano, and strings sounds clear in its own way.

In short, it is just a perfect piece of beauty with a combo of great features!

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