Blackheart Engineering Little Giant Amps

Blackheart Engineering Little Giant Amps: All You Need to Know

In the music industry amps are the short form for amplifiers. An amplifier is a device that increases the amplitude of the incoming signal and the output of the signal is a larger electronic signal to feed into a loudspeaker that makes it audible for a large number of people. The Blackheart Little Giant Amp includes the BH5H head amp that has a power output of 5-watts. It offers a low distortion to highly overdrive tones in two different formats. Overall, this particular amplifier represents true quality in tone as well as in its aesthetics.

In the mid 70’s St. Louis Music Company started developing their own guitar amplifiers. After the launch of the Crate Amplifiers’ first product which was the CR1 guitar amplifier, St. Louis Music chose to manufacture the amps by themselves rather than outsourcing them from overseas. St. Louis Music was the parent company of the Crate Amplifiers and after the huge success of CR1 Guitar Amps; it was extended to a whole line of Crate Amps for guitars, bass, keyboards, etc.
The company was quite famous by now and started gaining the profits day by day as its amps were loved by the public. In 1986, St. Louis Music took over Ampeg which was an age-old bass amplification brand from bankruptcy and reintroduced its signature Bass Amps which was also a huge success in the market.

Blackheart Engineering is a successor of Crate Amplifiers and Ampeg and all these companies belong to its parent company named St. Louis Music Inc. and in 2005 the company was sold to Loud Technologies. Little do we know about the manufacturer of these Little Giant Amps but they were definitely power-packed performance givers. The little as we know is denoted for its power and size and the giant is for its exceptional amplified sound output.

Many players focus on the quality of the sound rather than the volume output an amplifier provides. As the statics are shifting towards a good sound quality of the music the low wattage in amps is being preferred by many musicians. This low wattage product not only enhances the sound quality but also keeps in mind what is an actual audible sound that will be music to your ears.

The low watt amps are pretty old in the music industry, Fender being the first one to introduce 5-watt Champ Amp in 1948. But lately, more and more companies are offering these low watt amps and Crate being one of them. The crate has manufactured the Blackheart Engineering Little Giant Amps in China and they have come up with the whole line of these low watt amps.

The Little Giant Amp is a 5-watt amp, which is available in two different formats- the half stack and the combo version. This particular amp possesses some of the features that are noteworthy and are mentioned below.

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The Body
The build quality and the construction of the amp are quite impressive. Along with the eye-catching Blackheart logo, it comprises of the aesthetically placed head knobs, power indicator and the beautiful salt and pepper outlay on the cabinet makes it perfect fitting on the stage.
Max Headroom
As compared to other low watt amps, the Little Giant amp is equipped with a cleaner headroom. This means that even after reaching the maximum volume output, the distortion levels in the sound quality of the amp are almost negligible. The distortion is very smooth and audible even when the volume is turned to the maximum.
The amp sound quality is very clean and warm. The Amp has 3 tone controls that are very responsive and thus it makes easy to adjust the tones suiting an individual’s taste. The midrange audio is also pretty decent of the Little Giant Amp. Overall the with the variable tone adjustments the sound quality of the amp does not get compromised.
Pentode/Triode Switch
There is a feature of cutting down the wattage of the amp from 5 watts to 3 watts. This frequency fluctuation is possible with the pentode/triode switch. The one with 5 watts is called the pentode switch and the one with 3 watts is called the triode switch. When the switch between the wattage takes place, the audio pops at once and it is quite noticeable. The distortion is very frequent at low wattage and sometimes the musicians prefer distortion in the tracks. So if you want a distortion sooner, then opt for 3-watt audio output in the amp.
Output Power
There are five external speaker outputs aided to the Little Giant Amp. A pair of 4 ohms, a pair of 8 ohms, and a single 16-ohm output is provided to the amp. There is also a three-band EQ section and a volume control visible on the front panel.

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• Model: Class A, 5watt single-ended
• Speaker outputs: 4, 8 and 16 ohms
• Rectifier: Solid-state
• EQ: 3 band
• Switch: Pentode and Triode
• Power input: DC power to filaments
• Dimensions: 12L×17W×11H inches
• Weight: 20lbs
The amps with such low wattage are one of their kind inventions. They not only fulfill the required audio output for the musician but also add up to the aesthetics criteria very well. The Blackheart Little Giant Amp is a perfect amplifier no matter what you consider, be it the construction quality of the product or the good tone outputs. The three-watt triode switch provides the distortion at a faster time which is an add-on to the product.

Thus, the low powered amps prove to be excellent recording tools. The volume outputs and the tone frequency are perfectly matched in the pentode switch for a musician to create some of the exceptional audio tracks.

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