DJ5 Micro DJ Mixer

Bird Electronics DJ5 Micro DJ Mixer – A Quick Synopsis

Bird Electronics has come up with a unique invention of introducing the smallest DJ mixer to the world. This DJ mixer is just the size of your palm and would perfectly fit in the pockets of your pants. It is probably the world’s first-ever smallest DJ mixer that performs exactly how a DJ mixer would perform. You just need to connect two MP3 players into the 3.5mm jacks provided on board the mixer and you are set to jam the tunes and produce your own mixes.
A DJ mixer is basically a mixing console that combines multiple incoming audio signals and the signals can be manipulated by a so-called Disc Jockey or DJ. Sometimes these mixers are used by DJs for playing pre-recorded audio tracks one after the other resulting in a seamless transition between the tracks.

DJ mixers are popularly used in many dance genres and in clubs to amp-up the energy among the people. DJs in hip hop music and discotheques use these mixers to generate unique beats and mix the tracks for the public by adding loops and scratching effects to the cliché soundtracks.

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One of the very first DJ mixers was created back in the year 1971, it was named ‘Rosie’ and it was made for DJ Francis Grasso, the guy behind the invention of beat matching. It was basically a three channeled device that helped in redirecting the audio tracks one after the other without much hassle. During the same period, Rudy Bozak an audio engineer was preparing to introduce a first-ever commercial DJ mixer to the world. Bozak CMA-10-DL2 DJ mixer was made for DJs in the city.

Back in those times, the mixers were so gigantic and bulky in weight that made nearly impossible to use for mobile DJs because carrying such heavy pieces along was next to impossible. These very first models of DJ mixer featured the control knobs for individual channel’s volume rather than faders which are far more common nowadays.

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Even today there are plenty of DJ mixers that feature knobs instead of channel faders because they usually produce better signal quality and also have a longer lifespan than faders. But faders are extensively preferred nowadays because knobs are more expensive than them.
In the late ’70s and ’80s, DJ mixing played a vital role in disco and hip hop music. The DJ mixers in those times were used to engage the crowd and keep up the energy level by beat matching and beat-mixing of various soundtracks.

In the beat matching process a song ‘A’ is being played and as soon as it approaches the ending the DJ cues up the next song by using the headphones and adjusts it’s audio and speed accordingly so that it synchronizes with the beats of the song ‘A’ and slowly transits to the next song while the song ‘A’ is close to the ending.

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As the years passed the dominant mixing console saw the emergence of crossfaders. The very first mixing console with a crossfader was seen in the 1980s. The PMX 7000 had vertical crossfader that controlled the level of every individual input channel and a horizontal crossfader that helped in the seamless blending of the channels. Even till the late 90’s the similar layout for the DJ mixer was followed that had two channels and area around the crossfader for scratching, cutting, and similar effects to the tracks.

After all these mechanisms that exist in a DJ mixer, it is hard to believe that Bird Electronics has come up with a micro DJ mixer that is so compact in size that it can easily fit into your palm. The company has released a successor to its previous micro DJ mixer with more configurations. Likely to be called the world’s smallest DJ mixer it does comes with major functionalities and also possesses some of the amazing features that will definitely surprise you.

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• The DJ 5 micro DJ mixer comes with a built-in amplifier which amplifies the incoming signal and then transmits it to the output channel that makes the track audible.
• It has a very simplistic configuration and the main two jacks are provided out of which one is for input and other is for the output. Both the input and output jacks are 3.5mm each.
• The other inbuilt features on the mixer board are balance, headphone volume, and level faders that allow the player to mix and jam the tracks and synchronize the beats accordingly.
• It also comes with a slide switch for output of Line1/Line 2 and mix.
• The DJ mixer features 2 channels that can have dual tracks played simultaneously and also helps in mixing of the tracks as required.
• The volume level faders usually help synchronize the audio output of each channel separately.
• The micro DJ mixer is powered by 3 AA batteries which are easily available and no hassle of replacements.
• This compact mixer weighs only around 280 grams which makes it the lightweight unit too.

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• Model: DJ 5 micro DJ mixer
• Input: 3.5mm audio jack
• Output: 3.5 mm audio jack
• Channels: 2
• Slide switch: Line1, Line2, Mix
• Dimensions(W×D×H): 88×103.5×42mm
• Weight: 280grams

In these years the DJ mixers have gone through the vast amount of changes and the world has witnessed those bulky consoles to this micro DJ mixer. The technology has advanced so much that now the DJ mixing software is pretty much common between DJs. The virtual DJ mixing software allows the Disc Jockeys to beat match and mix the tracks instantly and improvise the beats as per the requirements. The next generation has evolved pretty much with the evolving technologies that make things simpler for the coming generations.


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