Best Turntables for Sampling & Digitizing Vinyl – Review & Buying Guide

New age sampling and DJ musical culture have reached the pioneer with the fusion of both old age classic and new age tunes. If you are a budding DJ or aspiring musician, then making a smart investment in the good and best turntables for a sampling study can be a way better decision.

For enhanced clarity of the sound, you need to find a top-quality vinyl that lets you ease in seamless recording, along with the easy conversion of the tracks from analog to digital form. Thus, after a thorough analysis, here we have come up with the reviews of the 8 best turntables for sampling that will help you easily choose one from them to experience a high-level audio quality with excellent recording performance.

Overall Best Turntables for Sampling & Digitizing Vinyl#

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB-BK Wireless...
  • Fully manual operation, selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds with direct-drive, DC servo motor and adjustable dynamic anti-skate...
  • Variable pitch control with quartz speed lock
  • Stroboscopic platter with speed indicator and removable plug-type target light for easier cueing in low light
  • Balanced S-shaped tonearm with hydraulically damped lift control and lockable rest
  • AT-HS6 universal ½"-mount headshell and AT-VM95E Dual Magnet phono cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus

Overall Budget Turntables for Sampling & Digitizing Vinyl#

Numark PT01USB | Portable Vinyl-Archiving...
  • Class-compliant USB connection, includes USB cable
  • ±10% pitch control
  • Converts all 45s, 78s and 12-inch LP records
  • Includes AC adapter or battery-powered by six "D" cells (not included)

1. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge: Best in the Category

In this world full of digitized musical components, analog devices like turntables are still in popularity. If you are looking for the best turntable for sampling that makes the musical composition easy for beginners, then this one offers to be the perfect one for you.

Designed with the decoupled motor, there are no chances of noise during the time of playback, which also assures consistent speed along with the rich sound quality. With a heavy steel platter, it serves the improved balance.

The tonearm stability has been strategically assured through the one-piece carbon tube, which measures 8.6″ that adds stiffness and effectively reduces the resonance that causes around the pick-up cartridge.

This turntable comes with the inclusion of the pre-installed Ortofon 2M Red, which offers great quality audiophile vinyl performance for enjoyment. Unlike the previous model, the brand has gone through a lot of effort for changing the plater size and the weight, which has added some extra smoothness in the rotation. Thus the sound quality has also met much improvement with the design.

Therefore the belt drive design has been approved as capable of providing the low noise AC motor that offers an effective performance with motor decoupling that utilizes the TPE damping. The ultra-precision frequency has also been generated through the AC generator, which is DC-driven, just like the speed box.

The device features a 33.45 manual speed change range, which is paired with the 33: +/- 0.60%, 45:  +/- 0.70 % of wow and flutters range along with the 33: +/- 0.19%, 45: +/- 0.17 % of speed drift for superior performance.

Along with the 15 volts DC/ 0.8A power supply and dust cover, this product comes with a weight of 5.6 kg, which offers a standard weight and performance. Moreover, with the glossy black appearance, it looks stylish.

  • The addition of a synchronous motor with the precision belt drive it offers low noise during playback
  • Ultimate speed stability has been offered without any vibration
  • 300 mm of the metal platter with the felt mat offers a smooth rotation
  • Featuring the new addition of Sorbothane motor suspension serve a good quality functionality
  • The effective arm length of 218.5 mm makes the processing effortless and smooth
  • Speed change needs to be done manually
  • Pricey

2. Numark PT01USB : Portable Vinyl-Archiving Best Turntable for 33 1/3, 45, & 78 RPM Records

Are you searching for the best turntables for sampling then it can easily be connected with the computer? Then this one lets you fulfill your wish with ease. Now you can easily play and record your vinyl anywhere as this one comes with the PT01 USB. This feature includes the built-in loudspeaker control and the +/- 10 % pitch control that you can easily play with your 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM records.

The portable design of this turntable has been combined with supreme durability. The inclusion of a hard dust cover and carrying handle lets you take it anywhere easily while keeping it clean and protected from dust.

One of the most interesting features that have been attributed to this unit is the capability of turning the vinyl collections into the .wav and mp3 easily along with the help of the free downloadable EZ Vinyl Converter software.

You can easily record it to your PC, Macbook, along with the USB functionalities. The EZ Vinyl Converter Software lets you separate your tracks to keep it saved in individual libraries so that you can reserve them, which makes it a good turntable for sampling.

The sound output has improved much along with the built-in- speaker, with which you can easily send your tracks to the powered speakers using the RCA line-level of outputs. Along with the 1 / 8” headphone jack, you can easily listen to your tracks.

The unit can easily convert the 45s, 78 s, and the 12-inch of LP records into the form of digital files, which you can conveniently access later for listening or playing. The product includes an AC adapter that runs powered by a battery with six D cells. Also, it comes with a 45 RPM adapter and cartridge for easy output.

  • It includes the USB cable with which you can easily connect it to the computer
  • Along with the belt-driven design and plastic body with the aluminium faceplate, it is lightweight and easily portable
  • The internal monitoring speaker gives a good output
  • Comes with a durable design
  • Quite affordable
  • The platter needs a bit modification
  • Being not so weighty, the rotation is not so smooth

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3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60USB-BK: Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Convert Vinyl to Digital

Indulge in the high quality of audio with these best turntables for samplig & vinyl that comes with high-fidelity audio, which can directly be converted into the digital from the analog settings. Featuring the fully automatic belt drive, it can easily be operated at two speeds like 33-1 / 3 and 45 RPM.

Along with the seamless design, the vinyl records can easily be recorded in digital form. You can connect it anytime with the computer and the mac using the free Mac and PC- Compatible audacity software, or you can use any software of your choice for the convenience of connectivity.

The connectivity has been made much easier with the USB output converting system. Featuring a die-cast aluminum platter along with the felt mat, it is made with the anti-resonance designed to minimize the vibration during the playback.

The redesigning with the tonearm base, along with the headshell, features much-improved tracking and less resonance. Including an Integral Dual Magnet phono cartridge that comes with the replaceable diamond stylus, the retention is much more smooth and convenient.

With the seamless connectivity options, the built-in switchable pre-amplifier is given for the improved phono or line level of the output. Along with the addition of the USB output, it also comes with the detachable 3.5 mm of detachable dual RCA male output cable and a phono preamp, which is easily switchable for connecting with the powered speakers, home stereo, computers, and other devices.

The noise also gets eliminated through the added AC adapter that can move with the AC/DC conversion on the limited signal chaining, which makes it a convenient enough turntable for sampling.

  • Along with the DC servo-controlled motor and AC adaptor, the noise is quite low
  • The fully automatic, belt-drive turntable offers an excellent audio
  • The aluminum platter is much durable
  • Easy connectivity using a USB cable is offered with efficiency
  • >50 dB (DIN-B) signal-to-noise ratio offers a great noise controlling
  • The analog output clipping might occur
  • High power consumption

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4. Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB: Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable for Sampling

Get the improved quality of the audio and recording performance with this Automatic Belt-drive Stereo Turntable that comes with a lot of innovative features. Along with a silver and black combination of appearance, it looks classy and stylish, which adds up to the aesthetics of musical instruments.

The seamless features include a USB output that comes with the software which is necessary for converting the vinyl tracks into portable music files so that you can easily preserve them for playing and listening.

The operation has been made much easier with the automatic turntable operation system so that you can gently place the stylus on the records that give a smooth rotation. It automatically returns to the tonearm as soon as the record comes to an end. Therefore the best turntable for sampling goes compatible with both the record with  33-1 / 3 and 45 RPM for the user’s convenience.

Featuring the die-cast aluminum platter, the design includes anti-resonance characteristics, which are specially provided for minimizing the vibration while playing. The belt-drive design is made with the platter isolating characteristics from the motor vibration, which can lead to enhanced clarity and high-fidelity audio to ensure top-quality performance.

Using an integral dual magnet audio Technica phono cartridge along with the replaceable diamond stylus, the audio quality gets an enhanced improvement.

Along with the built-in phono pre-amplifier, which is switchable with the RCA output cable along with USB cables, it gives a multitude of options for easy connectivity with the computer and the other audio systems and the powered speakers, which makes it the best USB turntable for sampling.

The best turntables for sampling comes with the dual RCA (female), which can be converted to the 3.5 mm mini-plug (male) stereo adapter cable. Moreover, the addition of the 45 RPM cable, recording software, and USB cable is completely easy to use and assemble for a brilliant quality output.

  • The fully automatic belt-driven USB turntable is easy to connect with the computer and other devices
  • Offers a high-quality sound with its seamless technicalities
  • The automatic tonearm return at the end makes the operating much easier
  • Preserving the audio sources to other devices is much easier
  • With the sound recording and editing software lets you shape your track the way you want
  • Doesn’t come with any tonearm lock
  • The initial setting is too fast

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5. Pioneer DJ Direct Drive DJ Turntable, Black, 10.80 x 18.60 x 22.30: Highly Recommended for Sampling

If you are looking for the best turntables for sampling then this has just met the next generation up-gradation along with its old tradition, then this one is apt for you. This PLX- 1000 has been designed with perfection so that you can experience the best out of it.

Featuring the high-torque direct drive system, this device is capable of providing multi-pitch control, high-quality club-grade sound. This high-end product comes with a high-torque direct drive that ensures a stable rotation with the ultimate control. along with the 4.5 kg/cm of starting torque; it can reach 33 ⅓ RPM within 0.3 seconds so that we can easily consider it as a great record player for sampling.

The excellent sound design has been restored with the heavy mass and die-cast zinc chassis, which work with convenience in preventing resonance and vibrations when it’s in play. The lowered part has been engineered with the 8 mm of thick resin, which is paired with 9 mm of thick vibration-damping material, placed on the base to reduce the vibration.

Therefore the rubber insulated tonearm is an intelligent addition for reducing the howling effects. At the same time, the turntable features rubber and springs attached to the dampening part of the insulator for making it much more efficient for absorbing the external vibration.

It uses the multi tempo control for smooth track shifting from fast to slow between +/-8%, +/-16%, and +/-50 %, along with a simple reset button for instant revert to the +/-0% of speed. Designed for the ease of flexible connectivity, it has interchangeable power along with the audio cables so that it can easily be connected or replaced anytime effortlessly.

Therefore the pro-grade gold plated RCA jacks are given for ensuring the low impedance of the unit so that it can deliver an incredible sound quality every time.

The box comes with the PLX-1000, audio cable, power cord, ground wire, slip mat and sheet, adapter for EP record, turntable sheet along the dust cover. Featuring a quartz lock, the servo type direct drive method has met much more improvement.

The aluminum platter with 332 mm of die-casting diameter gives a smooth play every time. A 3-phase brushless DC motor is provided for performing with ease, while the 0.01 wow and flutter sets the level of the superior quality of this turntable.

  • The universal S shape type tonearm with the gimbal supported type structure provides a smooth rotation
  • Serves a high-grade audio playback along with the brilliant vibration damping quality
  • Easy to play with any type of cartridge and stylus of your choice
  • The sound is easily convertible into the digital track with the USB cable
  • The tactic balance type has been ensured with the solid tonearms
  • Pricey
  • Tonearm bearing issue might disrupt your play

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6. Technics SL-1210M5G Pro Turntable: For Sampling & Digitizing

If brilliant sound quality is what you are looking for, then this Technics SL-1210M5G is the most recommended turntable for you. Featuring a stylish metal black finish, it not only looks good but also brings out the excellent vibrant sound quality. Constructed with digital pitch control, this brushed steel hardware can easily be considered as a brilliant unit for its easy and steady performance.

Along with the improved quality tonearms, the best turntables for sampling can provide an easy skip resistance. Moreover, the adjustable electronic braking system lets you have superb control over the tonearms while playing.

The design gets an interesting touch-up with the digital pitch control as it is quite easy to adjust according to your choice and requirement. Moreover, constant service has also been offered during the shift from the turntable to the turntable.

The speed is easily changeable between the +/- 8 % and the +/- 16 % using the one-touch button. Also, resetting the turntable to pitch zero is smooth with the one-button touch.

The addition of improvement in the tonearms is given for the alleviating of the skipping. The built-in anti-skate adjustment, along with the adjustable height setting, is perfect for scratching for the best sound output, which proves it to be the best turntables for sampling & scratching.

Made with an adjustable braking system, the speed can easily be controlled for the quick or slow stopping required for your track. Therefore the high-torque motor is great for quick start-ups without any delay.

The built-in blue LED pitch indicator and stylus offer smooth control over your instrument. The stylus comes with the kick cancel and an anti-skip functionality so that the pitch control can easily be replaced. The inclusion of the arm-end scale makes the weight adjustment quicker than before. With the dust cover and the slipmat, the turntable is easy to maintain.

  • The smart addition of the pitch correcting indicator makes monitoring easy
  • Best sound quality has been delivered through the scratching
  • The torque offers an optimal performance all the time
  • The inclusion of the dust cover keeps the device protected
  • Improvement of weight gives a smooth rotation
  • Spinning requires a bit improvement
  • Not so durable

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7. Stanton STR8.150 MKII: Professional Direct Drive DJ Turntable for Sampling

Being a professional DJ, if you are searching for the best turntables for sampling, that meets all your expectations, then this turntable for sampling can be the ideal choice for you. Made up of the brushed aluminum top frame, it promotes a modern design paired with the roust construction to deliver the enhanced quality of the clear signaling and minimizing the resonance base to 22/5 lbs/ 10.2 kg and vibration during playing.

The whisper-quiet motor comes with a dampened platter and a straight tonearm, which offers a smooth rotation without any noise along with powerful torque. This direct drive turntable features a motor torque up to 4.5 kg, suitable for brilliant sound quality.

The modern straight tonearm helps in fine adjustment of the height while the adjustable brake speed works great in having superior control. The selectable pitch control ranges between 38, 25, and 50 %, which is easy to set with the quartz lock.

These best turntables for sampling also features a full version of the decadence DVS software for easy connectivity. With the addition of the removable target light and the adjustable shock-absorption feet, it is easy to set anywhere while enjoying a vibration-free performance. The selectable phono and the line RCA outputs make operating easier than before.

It comes with the inclusion of the 45 adapters, slipmat, right-angled cable, and the full version decadence DVS software, which are easy to set up for a smooth and quality sound experience.

  • Create the authentic retro music of the 70s with perfection  along with the 50% of pitch adjustment
  • The ultra-stable platter and tonearm help in creating the best sound output
  • The skip-proof straight tonearm offers brilliant feedback – resistance
  • 4.5 kgs of torque motos are brilliant in creating low-noise.
  • Comes in a durable construction
  • Takes a bit long time to catch the speed when scratching
  • The volume is a bit low

8. Reloop RP-2000 MK2 Direct Drive DJ Turntable: Perfect for Sampling

Along with the most interesting improvements, this can be the best companion for your musical artistry. This best turntable for sampling can be a revolutionary addition to your DJ instruments. The newly developed top panel has been constructed with improved metallic buttons, which enhances sound quality.

Therefore the excellent quality direct-drive motor paired with the precision-engineered friendly die-cast platter, which is far better than other belt-driven turntables. The RP- 2000 MK2 helps in easy transferring of the motor force directly to the drive hub, which offers a minimal level of the wow and flatters along with the higher torque that generates the fast powering with the precision-engineered platter.

Along with the adjustable pitch control range from the +/-8% is best suitable for ensuring the finest quality pitch adjustment. The tonearm features a static balance with its  S- shape combined with its hydraulic fit, which comes with the anti-skating mechanism. The universal SME connection lets the user connect with a large number of cartridges.

The top panel meets a new design along with its deep-black metallic finish. Therefore the inclusion of the start/stop metallic button and the speed setting button operating the turntable is much easier.

Ensuring clear haptic feedback, it serves as an easy push-button for the extendable aluminum target light for the easy visibility of the needle position in the dark. The RP-2000 MK2 offers a high-quality OM black pick-up combined with a pre-fitted headshell so that it can be playback-ready at any time.

  • Along with the shock-absorbing feet, the vibration gets reduced
  • Featuring the anti-skating hydraulic mechanism, the s-shaped tonearm features the classic and traditional design
  • Speed selecting is much easier with the dedicated buttons
  • The reinforced housing construction offers sturdily built body
  • The direct-drive motor and the precise motor control offers an adjustable spin
  • The voltage requirement is quite high
  • Acoustic dampening is not that convenient

Buyer’s Guide: Things to think about before making a purchase of the best turntables for sampling

Before opting for the best turntable for sampling to make a useful addition to your musical components, you need to consider a few factors to make sure that you have spent it in the right place. Here are a few points that you should look for:

Drive Type :

There are two types of drive available in the market for the turntables for sampling- direct drive and belt drive. Though it doesn’t make any difference to the sound quality, it adds some of the important features for your needs. The direct drive can be the best option for you if you prefer scratching. On the other hand, belt-drive turntables are great for creating less vibration.

Inclusion of the start button: 

Most of the best turntables for sampling comes with the 2 start buttons, which let you do the simple adjustability of the configuration and setup. Therefore it makes the speed shifting and on/off much easier and convenient.

Pitch and shift control : 

For changing the speed of your turntable and correcting the pitch to make your tracks much more beautiful, you should choose a turntable with these features. Some of the turntables come with manual speed shifting, which can be frustrating sometimes.

Quartz power: 

Turntables with the quartz lock are much convenient for the easy enabling of locking record players for enhanced accuracy. It offers easy maintenance of the stability and the consistency of the platter rotation speed.


Most of the best turntables for sampling comes with the main speed settings of ​33 1⁄3, 45, and 78 RPM. for the type of your record and the tracks that you want to play, you need to choose the speed setting of the turntable.

Torque power : 

The torque power controls the scratching in a turntable. For the convenience of scratching the torque, power should be of high power as it helps the turntable to catch the speed quite easily while stopping the spinning of vinyl.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to get hi-res audio from turntables?

Along with an external analog to digital audio converter (ADC) or a built-in analog to digital converter system, with phono preamp USB cable, you can easily turn the analog vinyl sound to hi-res audio.

2. What is a turntable platter?

The platter in a turntable can be described as the spinning surface on which the record needs to be placed. It helps in maintaining the speed and consistency of the recording, while it prevents unwanted vibrations so that the stylus can remain unaffected.

3. Do I need pitch correction for the best turntables for sampling?

Depending on the pitch-related problems, you might need a pitch correction. If you are facing problems like the absence of pitch controlling or finding strobe dots on the platter that affects the sound, you can easily fix that with pitch correction.

4. What is wow and flutter on a turntable?

The wow and flutter on a turntable refers to the recording ability and the good pitch of the device. Also, it determines the distortion avoiding and the consistency of the good sound.

5. What is the best tonearm length?

Adding some more numbers to the tonearm length helps in reducing the tracking error while playing the turntables. Most of the best turntables sampling comes with the standard size of tonearm with 9″ length. However, they are also available in 10″ and 12″ of size variations for adding much accuracy to the performance.

6. How to know when to replace a turntable needle?

Most of the best turntables for sampling comes with the manufacturer’s recommendations to change the needle after 1000 hours of use. So if you play it for an average of 1 hour every day, you need to change it every couple of years. Also, you’ll get to know it from the distortion of the original shape and output of incoherent and distorted sound from the speaker.