Best Stereo Tube Amp: Top Picks & Reviews

You are looking for the best stereo tube amp but without any success. Unless you are ready to shell out thousands of dollars for an amplifier, you might as well hang your head down. We can’t blame you for feeling low about the fate of your music taste. Find the right, great-sounding amp for your system.

Narrow down your search with us. Whether to create a trusted partnership that will create a future together or act as a customer who gets a beneficial purchase, it is easy to purchase while feeling peace of mind with us. Launch a new product line here and see how your brand becomes favored among players through our effective marketing campaigns. Contact us today for more information.

Top Pick #

Blackstar Studio 20 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp w/Reverb...
  • Limited Candy Apple Red Tolex Color
  • 2 Channels Offer a Full Range of Tones from Clean to Overdriven
  • Blackstar's ISF Control Lets You Blend Between American & British Voicings
  • 20-watt All Tube Combo Amp w/ Reverb
  • Power Reduction Down to 2 watts

Budget Pick #

BUGERA T5 5-Watt Cage-Style Amplifier Head with...
  • Hand-built 5-Watt guitar head driven by 1 x 12AX7 and 1 x EL84 tubes
  • Authentic preamp design—everything from traditional clean/crunch to modern high-gain sounds
  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology:
  • Integrated high-definition reverb with dedicated Reverb control
  • Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass and Treble controls

Headphone Zone narrows down the search for you and brings together the best tube amp from all over the world on one easy website. Our reviews will show you what to watch out for when shopping for new tubes, how to set them up, and what to expect in terms of performance. This means you can soon be enjoying your favorite music like never before.

1. BT20A Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Audio 2 Channel: Best Stereo Tube Amplifier

 best stero tube amp

The best stereo tube amp that gives you unrivaled music enjoyment. Built to deliver world-class, audiophile-grade performance, the range is a master of detail and clarity. This 2-channel amplifier offers 100 watts power output per channel (8 ohms) with flexible controls for bass and treble, so you can tailor your sound to your preference.

The Hi-Fi audio class D amplifier goes beyond budget basics, and truly delivers natural-sounding audio that will transform your listening experience. This stereo tube amp built-in Bluetooth 5.0, high-quality digital to analog conversion, and is able to stream music from your smartphone wirelessly.

Packed full of features such as dual digital inputs, 2 x 100W outputs, and bass and treble controls, this ultra-compact stereo amp will add great sound to any pair of speakers. Built-in high-quality DAC chip supports multi formats, and excellent anti-static design makes this audio amplifier ideal for highly sensitive earphones and classic loudspeakers.

This stereo tube amp is a mini integrated amplifier designed for connecting to home audio systems and comes complete with an array of modern and convenient system features. Its new A2DP audio transmission technology and enhanced CVC noise reduction system allow you to pair your personal devices to this 2 CH mini hi-fi amplifier and listen to high-quality audio.

With two 3 W speakers, you can use it as a stereo receiver system. Many people use it as a Bluetooth amplifier for their car or for a small space like an office space. It provides 100 watts RMS output power with Bass and Treble controls to help you adjust the sound based on your preferences. The BT20A also features a redesigned volume control knob for easy access to smooth audio control.

This stereo tube amp is highly integrated and a good choice for modern-day entertainment systems, such as speakers, TV, soundbar, audio inputs, etc. These are even suitable to be installed behind home theater systems, amplifying either an in-house speaker system or your home theater surround set.

2. Rockville BluTube SG 70W: Top Rated Tube Amplifier

Rockville BluTube Amplifier

The Rockville BluTube 70W Tube Amplifier is one of the best-performing stereo tube amp, and it has a headphone jack, aux-in jack, Bluetooth, and it works as a home theater. Enjoy the full sound of your music with the technologically advanced BluTube SG amplifier. Enjoy your music and movies instantly from a built-in Bluetooth connection.

A real stereo tube amp that gives the full true tube sound you can hear and feel! This stereo tube amp is a perfect choice for power audio fans. It helps you to pair up with any Bluetooth speaker and allows you to enjoy your favorite music. It can produce extreme power smoothly, and the equalizer makes the bass perfectly controlled. Just find it & enjoy!

This stereo tube amp was designed to be used with bookshelf and tower speakers, powered subwoofers, home theater systems, and more. This amp is a perfect match for any music or movie audio source. With three selectable inputs, you can connect almost any input device you may have. This includes coaxial digital, optical, and USB inputs.

Along with the Bluetooth connection option, this makes for an easy setup. This is another addition to the Blu-Tube line. This high-power amp is very versatile, there are four inputs that can be configured for stereo or mono. It includes both balanced XLR and RCA outputs. This amp has low noise and low distortion while bringing out the warmth of your speakers.

You can use this amp for both home theater applications as well as in your studio for recording. It can also be used for commercial applications and gigs of any size.

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3. Nobsound NS-08E Amp: High-End Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

4K Projector

This stereo tube amp produces a warm sound with a touch of vintage charm while its ECC99 double triode tubes coupled with its two independent headphone amplification channels, one balanced and the other single-ended, make it ideal for home use in particular. NOBsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier is a headphone and desktop amplifier for HiFi music lovers.

It is small enough to fit in the palm, with walnut wooden chassis containing 3 tubes and 2 vacuum tubes. This stereo tube amp was designed to eliminate the need for a whole stereo by including a set of high-quality vacuum tubes and a high-fidelity audio amp in one small unit. The NOBSOUND amplifier has all of the necessary features for producing an excellent sound.

This stereo tube amp features a short signal path designed by Nobsound, with high-quality opamps and JRC4558D opamps to perfectly drive good-sounding 32ohm headphones. The amp also features an extra tube input port that is intended to be used for dedicated volume control, optional footswitch, and other electronic devices.

A compact vacuum tube headphone amplifier and preamplifier, the no sound NS-08E is part of the Acute family of hi-fi tube amps. With its integrated volume and gain controls, it’s perfect for listening to music or watching movies in a noisy environment.

This stereo tube amp can provide the same enjoyment and convenience that a wired speaker can, but with the amount of power, a pair of great headphones can provide. This headphone amp is capable of operating in both 100V and 110V modes. It has a lot of advanced features which make it really clever, wonderful equipment.

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4. T20 Bluetooth Amp: Outstanding Tube Amplifier Stereo

Bluetooth Tube Amplifier Stereo

T20 Bluetooth Stereo Tube Amp Receiver 2 channel Class D digital Mini Hi-Fi Power Amp Preamp Compact Integrated Headphone Amplifier for Home Passive Speakers with 6J4 Vacuum tubes + Power Supply This is a small amp but packs a big punch.

The sound will fill up your room with amazing quality. Great for Home, office, or as a gift. The T20 is a high-quality Bluetooth stereo Tube Amp, it features 2 x 6J4 Vacuum tubes and the Music Power Output:16V/10W, The T20 unit can be used with your PC / tablet/notebook as a compact audio amplifier (for instance voice music or YouTube), etc.

This stereo tube amp is great for use with CD, MP3, iPod, TV, and PC. The operating voltage of this amplifier is DC 12V. With 6j4 vacuum tubes inside of the 2 x 36W stereo amplifier, it helps to give you a high-quality sound when you are listening to your CDs or watching movies at home or on the go.

The T20 is an integrated stereo tube amp with 2 vacuum tubes, a digital stereo Bluetooth receiver, a wood cover, and passive speakers. The amplifier section uses EL84 tubes, with 1 tube per channel in a stereo configuration. The power section is handled by 2 pcs 6J4 tubes for driver output channels. The T20 provides a good sound.

The sound of EL84 is soft, while the sound of 6J4 hard. Therefore, the balanced tube combination provides you a crisp clear music. A play of vintage warmth and hi-tech digital amplification. Its built-in DSP functions allow you to enjoy any sound source (even streaming music from your mobile) with fantasy colors of warmth and passion.

The new T20 provides a great choice for audiophiles who prefer compact stereo tube amp.

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5. Nobsound MS-10D MKIII HiFi Bluetooth Hybrid: Top Quality Tube Power Amplifier Stereo

Nobsound HiFi Bluetooth Hybrid Tube Power Amplifier Stereo

Nobsound MS-10D MKIII is a lightweight and portable HiFi Bluetooth hybrid stereo tube amp equipped with two power tubes and four high-quality output transistors. It has added the convenience of an SD card reader for music playback. The MS-10D is a HiFi Bluetooth hybrid amplifier with a solid warm vintage sound and is designed with a powerful power capacity achieved by using 4 power tubes.

It allows USB input from a player connected to the headphone jack, as well as receiving input from other devices via OPT, Coaxial, or RCA input connectors on its front panel. Most of all, it features a subwoofer output jack for connection to compatible active or passive subwoofers. This portable device can be used at home with confidence for an enjoyable music experience.

The MS-10D MKIII is a subwoofer amp, stereo tube amp, and Dac in one. It has Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, USB, Optical, and Coax inputs. The sound quality of this unit is awesome. It has plenty of power for your subs with no clipping or hissing. The DACs in the unit produce a high-resolution sound that makes it a very enjoyable listen.

The MS-10D MKIII is a good choice for people who want to play their lossless quality music files wirelessly via Bluetooth from their smartphones or pads as well as listen to AM/FM radio stations and listen. This stereo tube amp is truly a hybrid amp with the ability to accept both digital and analog signals via USB, optical and coaxial inputs.

Output power is rated at 45Wpc into 8ohms with an output impedance of less than 4ohms, making the MS-10D perfect for powering even the most challenging speaker loads.

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6. Nobsound 6P1 6.8W x 2: Amazing Performance Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

Nobsound 6P1 is a Stereo Tube Amp, Class A Single-Ended audio amp with vacuum tubes from 6N1P and EZ90 and boasts the industrial grade, low buzzer power transformer. This amp has been upgraded with a pop-filter in front of the speaker and a USB port, which allows for computer connection and CLASA to SPEAKER listening.

This stereo tube amp is a true HiFi vacuum tube stereo power amplifier based on the audio Class A single-ended output stage. This handsome single-channel self-powered amp is handmade in the USA with the finest quality components, and its highly efficient hand-wired circuit produces twice the amount of heat as a more modern design.

The 6p1 amplifier is designed to complement any music system and permit audiophiles to listen to their favorite music. This tube stereo amp is carefully hand-built by a master craftsman. The amplifier features premium components and comes in a handcrafted wood enclosure (very beautiful) with a transparent vacuum tube to show the inner power supply.

The amplifier includes in & out RCA jacks, a 1mm Allen wrench for the speaker, and a 1/4″ headphone jack. It weighs 10 pounds, 8 lbs for the amplifier, and 2 lbs for the stand. The well-designed circuit based on single-ended vacuum tube design and working-class A to get the best sound quality for music lovers.

Nobsound 6P1 is a vacuum tube stereo amp with premium parts selected for the best performance on the market that you can see, touch and hear. The handcrafted detailed design involves sophisticated circuits to achieve a very low THD (typically 0.01%) for music lovers to enjoy the pure sound. Every detail of this vacuum tube amplifier supports the ultimate goal of making perfect music.

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7. INFI Audio Tube 80W: Magnificent Amplifier HiFi Stereo

INFI Audio Tube Amplifier HiFi Stereo

INFI Audio presents the INFI Tube 80W Amplifier, a HiFi stereo receiver integrated amp with Bluetooth, a hybrid amp for a home theater system, and also a music amplifier for listening on headphones. This stereo tube amp is designed with superior circuitry to deliver better sound quality than many of its competitors.

It measures approx. 16.5×9.8×3 inches. Look no further for your best stereo tube amp,  This is one of the most advanced and affordable stereo tube amps on the market. This 12AX7 / 6GH8 integrated amp is a HiFi streaming amplifier that will bring you great sounds and features for a great price.

With midrange control over bass and treble, USB port, digital coax and optical audio inputs, subwoofer input jacks, headphone jack, and volume control knob you can easily connect it to your other devices or hook up some speakers in your home entertainment center in order to enhance sound quality. Best stereo tube amp in the world!

If you are looking for a cheap stereo tube amp, perhaps the best stereo tube amp in the USA, it is recommended to try INFI Audio Tube 80W Amplifier. The best stereo tube amp combines the advantages of solid-state and tube products to create one of the best stereo tube amps on the market.

It is able to deliver 80 watts of pure power for your home theater system and is manufactured using high-quality components to ensure that it will last for years to come. The INFI integrated amplifier is designed with a hi-fi system in mind, ensuring that your movies are reproduced accurately.

This 80W stereo integrated amp will work with your existing speakers so you can get great audio without having to run new wires. Plus, it has built-in Bluetooth compatibility so you can wirelessly stream music. Welcome to the INFI family.

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8. INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB: Excellent Tube Amplifier

Audio Hybrid Tube Amplifier

INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Stereo Tube Amp Power Amp with Bluetooth® Home Audio HiFi Stereo Integrated Amp, AUX, Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Coaxial. Great for usage on your Home theater projector, Home audio computer speakers, Home audio surround sound receiver. Get the warm tube sound you are looking for and more with the INFI Hybrid Tube Amplifier Power Amp with Bluetooth®.

With a variety of simple connections to almost anything USB input to a number of inputs including RCA or Optic input, this amp is capable of becoming many different things Including a Bluetooth hub for your streaming device or computer. This Stereo Tube amp has been designed to be a picture of modern audio elegance.

In addition to its clean, stunning physical design, this stereo tube amp can stream music wirelessly from your HP or Apple computer via an AUX/Bluetooth connection or USB drive. This hybrid amplifier uses low impedance outputs in order to drastically reduce power loss and increase the volume of your audio systems.

You can also switch between Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, and aux for any type of connectivity need you may have. This stereo tube amp incorporates 3 powerful and high-quality 6N1P 6N1P power tubes that offer a highly pure and strong amp tone.

It can drive a set of large speakers with a power factor up to 1000W/4Ω (8-ohm load), making it ideal for home audio applications such as stereo listening, parties, games, etc. This stereo tube-amp features Bluetooth so that you can stream tunes from any of your devices, and it also has a USB port to load up any of your own music. We think you’ll love all of the great features like INFi’s Intelligent Soundstage ™, Hybrid Flow, and Total Purity ™.

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9. Nobsound NS-01E Mini Tube Amp: Great Headphone Amplifier Stereo

Mini Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo

The NOBSOUND NS-01E is the ultimate audiophile headphone stereo tube amp and preamplifier, featuring two high sensitivity ECC83 tubes for both stereo input and output. The NS-01E is the smallest tube amplifier capable of driving the most demanding headphones, such as 600Ω Sennheisers. The amplifier circuit uses a single ultra high gain 12AX7 driver stage with each channel outputting 50W.

The mini stereo tube headphone amplifier NS-01E is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy the warm tones of tubes without having to worry too much about power consumption or space limitations. With both PC and AC operation, this little amp will deliver you a warm tube-driven sound that makes all your headphones shine!

Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, this stereo tube amp has all of the high-quality parts that make for a great audio product. With a quartet of fully functioning vacuum tubes in a 2x6L6 configuration hand wired and tested for years before shipping, this amp is packed with the sound everyone loves while maintaining an affordable price point.

This is a stereo guitar amp for serious listeners. It is able to deliver the characteristic sound of a real tube amp thanks to its 3 vacuum tubes. Loaded with modern technology and versatile in its many applications, the NS-01E is perfect for home listening applications or as an easy access headphone amplifier.

This unit was designed in France by Nobsound but manufactured in China from high-quality components. This stereo tube amp is designed with the highest-quality components – audiophile-grade, to be exact.

Combined with traditional volume control, Audiophile-grade capacitors, and NOBsound’s exclusive patented sound enhancement technology, this revolutionary headphone amp will astound even the most discriminating of ears.

10. Nobsound NS-02E Vacuum Tube Amp: Perfect Headphone Amplifier Stereo

Nobsound Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo

Best Stereo tube amp 2021—Nobsound NS-02E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Stereo HiFi Earphone Pre-Amp DIY (Black), a Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier with simple control circuit design, has a Very high gain, which can reach up to 70DB-80DB. The vacuum tube headphone amplifier is powered by 2 X 12ax7 tubes.

It also features PLL technology and an Adaptive Phase Calibration system, so the sound of music coming out from the loudspeaker is pure and clear. With the development of this product, it can proudly show the performance of vacuum tubes; make you be immersed in the wonderful music world. It is not only an amplifier but also a sound processor.

With the help of headphones and audio devices connected to it, you can hear favorite music to relax and enjoy. This stereo tube amp is the first model in NOBSOUND’s new lineup of vacuum tube amplifier products. This vacuum tube headphone amplifier provides a total of four channels.

Each channel is implemented with its own vacuum tube circuit, and the entire product has been designed with high fidelity in mind. This stereo tube amp is specially designed to drive high-quality headphones or earphones. This solid-state amplifier features both the high gain 12AU7 stereo input tube and the low gain 12AU7 amplifying tube.

Together with the transformer volume knob, this tube amplifier provides a lively sound signature that is easy on your ears and easy on the eye. This stereo tube amp allows you to play virtually any kind of music direct from your iPhone or Android devices, making it a great way to turn existing music libraries into a brand new listening experience.

With a high-quality zinc alloy casing and solid milled aluminum faceplate, this little gem is ready for anything and would look great on top of your desk or in any living room.