10 Best SACD Player in 2021- Review & Buying Guide

best sacd playerAre you a person who enjoys listening to quality music and watching high-quality videos? If yes, then picking up the best sacd player is the best option for you. In the market, there are various models and brands of SACD players, so it is difficult to identify the best one.

Overall Best SACD Player#

OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player (SACD /...
  • Universal Blu-ray disc player with Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio, CD, VCD, HDCD, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, and MKV support
  • Dual HDMI Inputs and Outputs, MHL-Compatibility, 3 USB Inputs, DLNA (DMP & DMR), SMB/CIFS, Wireless N, RS232 & IR
  • Dual-core processor provides quick startup and fast loading times; Updated Qdeo Video Processor
  • 4k Up-conversion, 2D-to-3D Conversion, True 24p Video, Vertical Stretch Mode, Advanced Picture Controls
  • Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, YouTube, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.1-Channel Analog, Coaxial/Optical

Overall Budget SACD Player#

Sony X800 - UHD - 2D/3D - SACD - Wi-Fi - Dual HDMI...
  • Blu Ray Disc Zone: A/B/C - DVD Region: 0123456789 PAL/NTSC Built-in 4k NTSC⇔PAL 4k HD Converter
  • 4K High Dynamic Range Combined with the clarity of 4K, HDR allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness,...
  • High-Resolution Audio Playback Like going from HD video to 4K, High-Resolution Audio tracks are higher quality than MP3s and...
  • Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos treats sounds as separate objects, outputting appropriate sound effects through ceiling-reflective...
  • raced Chassis The frame-and-beam chassis is designed to offer a rigid structure to eliminate micro-vibrations, as well as...

Worry less; this article is going to guide you on who to get the best CD player for you and even provide you with the best players that are currently the top in the world. This article describes the top 10 best SACD players that you can purchase in 2020.

1. LG 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player: Overall Best SACD Player

LG 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player


The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SACD provides you with ultimate video and audio quality. You get the best experience watching 4K Stunning videos and listening to music using this CD player. The player is a product of LG, and it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi so you can live stream from online channels and platforms like YouTube, among many others. With Wi-Fi, there is some additional expense which you will incur since you will have to pay for the subscription. The premium DVD player is also compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This helps you enjoy the videos like those from Netflix movies that have a Dolby Vision playback.

LG Ultra HD player also has a USB connectivity port where you can connect your USB cable and get to watch or listen to music from your smartphone. Apart from the USB connection port, it also has an Ethernet connection port for those who wish to use the internet from Ethernet. When you purchase the device, it comes with an accessories kit, which includes: remote control, manual guide, RCU battery, and a topper/sticker.

2. Sony UBP-X800M2 Disc Player – Best Rated Sony SACD Player

Sony UBP-X800M2 Disc Player


The disc player is a product of a highly reputable brand for electronics, Sony. It is a 4K Ultra HD player which comes with the following bundle: a premium HDMI Cable of 10 feet and a Cat6 24AWG Ethernet cable of 14 feet. The Dolby vision feature of the player aids in its efficiency by bringing video scenes into reality. It shows striking highlights and vibrant colors, making you enjoy and feel the video and enjoy the cinematic experience. The device also supports BT.2020 color space, and this means that you will have access to a broader range of colors. This is a unique feature of the player that helps in improving your watching experience.

In terms of audio quality, the devices are equipped with the DSEE HX feature, which helps in upscaling dynamic range and frequency of MP3s and other files. It produces audio of high resolution; hence you can enjoy the experience of the audio’s original recording.

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3. Cambridge AXC35 CD player: Great Build Quality

Cambridge AXC35 CD player


The Cambridge AXC35 CD payer is designed only for CDs, and it does not have unrelated functions. It is a versatile playback CD player that is designed to do only one thing, and it does it excellently. The player is featured with the Wolfson WM8524 DAC, which ensures that it produces superb sound from standard CDs and other different media files. If you pair the DAC with a Butterworth filter, you will get a clearer sound from your CDs. Cambridge CD player can play WMA and MP3 files from CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs. It also has a digital output that you can use to record audio from your CD to a digital format.

The CD player is built using sturdy material that is metal Chassis; hence can last longer without getting damaged. The material also helps in providing continuing performance as well as preventing vibration that might distort the sound. The weight of the disc player is 9.5lbs; therefore, it is portable.

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4. SONY X700 – 2K/4K UHD – 2D/3D SA: Permium Quality CD player

SONY X700 - 2K/4K UHD


This brand of SACD player can work on any television which has an HDMI connection. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi simpler and faster and start enjoying your online videos. The device provides you with 4k upscaling and UHD multimedia playback, which adds excitement to watching your favourite series on your screen. Sony SACD player and support audios format of high resolution such as the Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, and Dolby TrueHD formats. The SACD player is also equipped with a firmware update that is planned to offer you’re with Dolby vision support.

For versatile options of connection, the premium CD player is featured with a digital coaxial output and two HDMI outputs. The two mentioned features help in transmitting audio to a non-compatible system for connection. They can also be used to separate your video feeds from audios. The player can support various audio and video formats; in fact, it can support most of the file formats. You can also optimize the brightness of your video using the dynamic metadata feature.

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5. NEW Sony DVP-NC685VDisc DVD CD Player: Highly Rated

NEW Sony DVP-NC685VDisc DVD CD Player


This is a versatile Cd player from Sony that can play audio Dad’s, SACDs, CDs. It is compatible with CD-RW, CD-R. DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs. The carrousel changer allows you to have the freedom of playing one disc and, at the same time, changing the other four. The device is compatible with DTS decoding and Dolby Digital without forgetting MP3. Some DVD players can detect image changes at the level of scanning, but this device can detect the images at the pixel level.

This is aided by the PCP system( Precision Cinema Progressive). The algorithms of the player are optimized so that it can handle different pixel behavior. The optimized algorithms also help in moving objects that are not in motion and setting up sharp backgrounds of videos and images.

Apart from the standard-2 channel playback, the player also plays multichannel super audio Compact discs. In addition, it also plays MP3 audio easily. The device also has a progressive scan feature that helps in displaying an image the way it is with all the horizontal lines on the frames. This feature increases the flexibility of the video displayed on the screen and minimizes flickers. In the box are accessories such as a player changer, remote control, 2 AAA batteries, operating instructions guide, and an audio/video cable.

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6. Teac SACD Player With USB Port: For High Quality Music

Teac SACD Player With USB Port


The CD player is fully featured from TEAC Company, and it combines the player with iPod and USB playback for you to enjoy various playbacks in one device. The SACD player can play MP3 discs as well as CDs; hence it can allow hours of playback from just a single CD. You can use the front panel buttons to navigate your folders and find the music you want. The player produces good and high-quality music that has a resolution of 192 kHz/24-bit.

Teac Cd player has a unique feature known as the CD-P650. This feature helps in recording audio CDs to the USB flash disc in Mp3 format. This helps you in smooth file transfer of files from the CD to the USB without the need for a computer/laptop.

You can use the CD-P650 to record music from CDs to a USB drive at either recording speed of 1x or 2x. After recording, you can set the Recording bit from 64 to 192 kbps. The device also has an iPod digital feature that can be used to connect digital video and audio output from an iPod and enjoy quality music.

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7. Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/SACD player: For Most Accurate & Pure Sound

Marantz SA-KI Ruby CD/SACD player


Marantz SA-KI SACD player is built using the SACDM-3 mechanism of the company, which makes it produce elegant sound when playing music. You can connect the device with other devices such as your computer, USB drives, and other conventional audio components. The USB feature of the player can support FLAC files of 24-bit/384kHz resolution. It can also support DSD files, ALAC, MP3, and AIFF files. The SACD player is also equipped with two-system clocks that accurately handle incoming signals. Another unique feature of this device is that is can filter sounds and give the most accurate and purest sound.

The digital and USB inputs have been isolated on the device to prevent noise from the sources connected. The MMM stream (Marantz Musical Mastering) feature is the one responsible for filtering sound and up-sampling it to the DSD. It has a toroidal transformer, which helps in supplying power to the player.

8. Yamaha Upscaling 4K Disc Player: From World’s Best Brand

Yamaha Upscaling 4K Disc


Yamaha is among the most trusted electronics provider in the world. The brand introduces an Upscaling 4k disc player who combines quality engineering designs and innovative features. Its features include 4K ultra HD videos and CD mode as well as high-quality sound. You can connect a Miracast-compatible tablet or smartphone and mirror your videos to the player. It also has the power of the network, which is enhanced by the inbuilt Wi-Fi and has ports for Ethernet cables. Besides, the player is compatible with VUDU allowing you to enjoy videos on your demand.

Yamaha 4K SACD player shows videos of high quality that have deep color and makes the scenes appear real and exciting. It is also equipped with features that help in reducing noises from the videos. In terms of audio performance, it produces the best audios, and this is enabled by the direct bitstream, format bitstream, and a multichannel linear output.

9. Denon DCD-1600NE SACD/CD player: Best Player with Advanced Technology

Denon DCD-1600NE SACD/CD


This is an advanced version of the model DCD-2500NE. It is a super audio CD player equipped with the advanced AL32 processing plus technology that makes it support the sound source of high resolution. It has a blocking capacitor of 3300 μF, which is used as the power supply of the analog circuit. The device is designed with high-grade material making it strong and long-lasting. The material also helps in reducing vibrations that can hinder effective sound production. It also has an SX grade 1 exclusive custom condenser, and gold plated terminal.

The power consumption of the device when it is on is 24W, while the standby power is 0.1 W or even less. Its weight is 8.2kg, so it is a bit heavier as compared to other SACD players. When you purchase the disc player, you will be provided with accessories such as the easy start manual, instruction manual, AAA batteries, audio cable, power cable, and remote control. Enjoy quality music with the Denon DCD-1600NE CD player.

2. Marantz Professional PMD-526C Player: Best Marantz SACD Player


Marantz Professional PMD-526C


Marantz professional CD player is an affordable and highly versatile media player that has excellent features to make you enjoy your videos and audios. It has applications that can enable you to connect your devices to the player. Such applications include the SD card functionality where you can insert your external memory card and enjoy watching and listening to your files.
It also has a USB playback for connecting a US flash drive as well as an AUX input application. It is a perfect option for both commercial use and individual users.

The SACD player features a front panel lock, Bluetooth pairing, direct access to tracks, Power-on play, balanced XLR output, and an RS-232c control. It also has a memory of settings that you can use after the devices have lost power. It is a recommended device for commercial use and can be used for education, conferences, and retail too. It weighs 2.92 kgs, therefore easy to carry it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SACD player?

An SACD player is an electronic device that can play music or videos stored in a CD or an SACD disk. An SACD player sounds better than a standard CD player.

What are Super Audio CDs?

A super audio compact disk is a read-only optical disc that can store audios and video files. It is designed to play in an SACD player.

Is it worth it to buy a Super Audio CD Player?

Yes, it is worth it to purchase an SACD player because it comes with great features that will improve your entertainment.

Are SACDs still being made?

Yes, SACDs are still made by various companies like Oppo, Yamaha, Sony, Marantz, and Cambridge Audio.

Can you play SACD on Blu Ray players?

Yes, a blue ray player can play an SACD.

How do I rip SACD to my computer?

You can simply achieve this using Oppo BDP-105D. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Sonore iso2dsd software in your computer
  2. Connect a USB drive to your SACD player
  3. Find the IP address using your Oppo BDP-105D
  4. Insert your SACD
  5. Go to your computer and open the Sonore software
  6. Click the server input icon
  7. Write the IP address of the Oppo BDP-105 on the blank space displayed on your pc
  8. On the upper right side of your computer, double click the channel icon
  9. Select the output mode of Sony DSF and then click execute
  10. Choose the file you want and click rip icon

Is SACD better than CD?

Yes, an SACD is better than a CD because it offers more audio channels; it has a long time of playing and has a higher bitrate as compared to a conventional CD.

How do I know my cd player will play SACD?

You can know by checking if your SACD is a dual-layer disc and has PCM content.

Which output best for the SACD player?

HDMI, because it is easier to use it, and it will help you hear high-resolution music from the SACD.

What type of receiver needed for an SACD player?

A receiver that can decode your SACDS sound formats and one that can switch between video and audio components.

How to connect an SACD player to your receiver?

Here are the steps to follow

connect the analogue cables at the back of your SACD in their respective positions

Connect the end of the cable to your sound receiver ( the same way you connected to the player)

Switch on your music and enjoy

How to clean the lens of an SACD player?

You can use a camera lens brush to clean the lens of your SACD player.

Buying guide for the best SACD player

Before purchasing any SACD player, there are a few factors that you should consider so that you get to buy a quality player. Here are some of the factors.


Consider the type of connections and connecting options that the SACD player comes with. Do they offer you an optical output or a digital coaxial that you can use for external file transfers? Go for an SACD player that has balanced XLR outputs for you to connect to audiophile gears.


By looking at the chassis, you will get to know what kind of material has been used in designing and manufacturing of the player. This is mostly described in the manual, and the engineering details will help you know if the device reduces vibrations. Remember, vibrations from the player will make you not enjoy the great sound of the music you’re listening to.

Power Supply

Any electronic device requires a reliable power supply. Look at the SACD player’s power transformers and get to know if they supply high current and low noise power. There are various high-end supplies that are used in designing the SACD players. A good example is the toroidal transformers.

Versatility of the device

It is also good to consider the versatility of the SACD player. Apart from listening to music, what other benefits can you get from the device? There are some that can be used to insert DVDs and watch videos. Some have radios in them, among many other things.


The mentioned above are the best SACDs players that you can purchase and start enjoying your favorite music and videos at home. However, there are various factors that you should consider before buying any of the devices. The first thing is to look at the durability of the machine. This can be checked by looking at the material used in the making of the device. You should also consider looking at the specs as they will guide you on which device will fit you. All the mentioned players are versatile, and they come with various applications. Lastly, consider the price of the CD players since we are after saving money. Go for the CD player which fits your budget and will satisfy your entertainment needs to the fullest.