Best Receiver For Turntable: Detailed Buyer’s Guide

How do you choose the right receiver for your turntable? Sometimes it feels like all those choices are more than you can possibly handle. You need to ask yourself how to find the best receiver for a turntable that is going to serve you well. Hey you! Have you checked that your new turntable is compatible with your speakers?

You probably want to indulge in your favorite hobby as often as you can, and that means having an excellent receiver for the turntable. You could go with a cheap model, but there will come a time when you realize you made the wrong choice and have to settle with something less memorable. A great receiver for the turntable is likely to bring joy from using it, and even lead to the great appreciation of your collection of vinyl.

Top Pick #

Sony STRDH190 2-ch Home Stereo Receiver with Phono...
  • Amplify and enjoy your home audio experience in the comfort of your home
  • 100 watts x 2 (8 ohms, 1 Kilo Hertz). Speaker impedance - 6–16 ohms
  • Phono input, 4 stereo RCA audio inputs, 3.5 millimeter input, stereo RCA output
  • Built in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream your favorite music service, podcasts, and more from other Bluetooth devices.
  • Connect up to 4 speakers; A/B switching to play all at once, or in separate zones

Budget Pick #

JENSEN JTA-220 3-Speed Turntable with AM/FM...
  • 3 speed stereo Turntable - 33/45/78 RPM

Boom! A lot of work turned into none at all thanks to the best receiver for turntables. Our reviews mean you know exactly which receiver to buy and can get your whole setup going in no time! Whether you want to listen to background music or your favorite vinyl records in superior quality, there’s a good receiver for turntable which will satisfy you.

1. TP-Link NFC-Enabled Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver: Best for Turntable

best receiver for turntable

The convenient and NFC (Near Field Communication)- enabled HA100 is an ideal choice for those who want to upgrade their home stereo sound system to accommodate their preferred sound sources. Featuring a Bluetooth 4.1 module, this receiver for turntable supports wireless music streaming through your Echo smartphone or tablet PC.

This TP-Link ha100 can be paired with your device up to 33 feet away, so streaming your favorite tunes has never been easier. It is a wireless audio adapter for older stereo systems and speakers without built-in Bluetooth support. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, tablet, or PC to play music stored on them.

It supports up to 24bit 48kHz high-res WAV music files and can stream music from as far as 30 meters in optimal conditions. It allows you to stream music and audio from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC to any sound system. Simply tap your phone to the NFC tag on the front of the transmitter and enjoy wireless music streaming with a single touch!

If any of your home audio systems have a 3.5mm port for cable plug-in, you can use the HA100 to connect your Bluetooth-compatible device to that speaker system. This is true for older devices, which are not usually compatible with newer versions of Bluetooth. This small and compact receiver for turntable uses proprietary technologies to enable you to listen to your devices on a larger sound system.

Easily compatible with various systems, this wireless audio receiver for turntable can stream music from up to 3 different devices. You can also transmit the audio output of your TV or PC through the HA100 to your home speakers, car stereo, or Hi-Fi system. The built-in microphone will be used for voice commands with Alexa devices, like Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and so on.

2. Sony STRDH190 2-ch Home Stereo Receiver: Top Rated in the Category

Sony Home Stereo Receiver

The Sony STRDH190 2-ch Home Stereo receiver for a turntable with Phono Inputs & Bluetooth Black is a well-designed AV receiver, which offers high-quality output, a vast array of connections, and intelligent management of multiple audio sources. You can also transmit the audio output of your TV or PC through the HA100 to your home speakers, car stereo, or Hi-Fi system.

It comes with all the features that make this device the best receiver for a turntable, as it can also support Bluetooth functionality and work in conjunction with a number of other inputs. Its compact chassis design ensures convenient setup and placement, while contact-less infrared technology for remote control and CD playback provides you with a comfortable experience.

The powerful amplifier section features 4KHz wide bandwidth & a high slew rate. This Sony receiver for turntable also supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS (Digital Theater Systems), DTS ES (extended Surround), DTS Neo:6 music system, DTS 96/24 decoder as well as PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) digital audio playback.

The simplified design allows you to enjoy music effortlessly and includes phono input terminals so you can connect your own vinyl records. It has Bluetooth capability, so you can stream music from any of your compatible devices. This Sony receiver for turntable provides 60 watts of peak power per channel for high-quality audio and is equipped with a phono input.

For your vinyl listening needs, it features two phono inputs – one for your turntable and another that can connect to your home theater system. Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile devices, while a USB port lets you listen to digital audio files from your thumb drive.

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3. Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver: Excellent Receiver for Turntable

Yamaha Stereo Receiver

The Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo receiver for a turntable with USB DAC and Phono Equalizer. Four audio inputs (including one phono cartridge input), wireless remote control, volume attenuator for late-night listening, headphone jack, and a multi-function LED display, best receiver for the vinyl turntable is fully equipped to be the core of your audio system.

It brings you great sound in a sleek, modern design – the perfect receiver for your turntable setup. Store 500 of your favorite songs on your smartphone or through popular music services and stream them to your stereo. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity to play music from your phone wirelessly, this receiver for the turntable is high-tech without being complicated. It is a convenient way to get the most out of your turntable.

The stereo receiver for the turntable includes Bluetooth technology, letting you stream music wirelessly from your phone or another Bluetooth-compatible device. With five analog and one digital input, you can play content from almost any source through this receiver. Built Around Yamaha’s High-Grade Burr-Brown DACs And Toshiba Transistors, This Powerhouse Delivers Outstanding Clarity And Detail At Any Volume.

A Well-Chosen Lineup Of Digital Inputs Will Takes You Around The World, While The Remote App Makes Listening From Anywhere An Effortless Task. Your music collection sounds great from every corner of your house and you can tune in to local radio stations whenever you need a reminder of home.

It is a stereo receiver for turntable – a device that sends the amplified audio signal to your speakers – with turntable connection capability. With a stylish design and energy-efficient technology, this model is built to bring you years of enjoyment.

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4. 4 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Amp – 3000 Watt Stereo Speaker: Excellent Receiver for Turntable

Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

The PRPPD3000BA receiver for the turntable is a powerful home entertainment powerhouse. This amazing 4 channel power output and 3000-watt system feature an integral CD/DVD player, AM/FM tuner with PLL circuitry, an 8.5″ full range speaker (which doubles as a 2-way PA horn tweeter), and 2 microphones with an echo for karaoke use.

This wireless Bluetooth amplifier is not only a wireless speaker but also a wireless sound system with 3000Watts total output power giving you crystal clear sound with no distortion. The wireless Bluetooth amplifier comes with an Apple Universal Dock which will allow you to connect your iPhone or iPod to rock out while connected with full stereo audio quality.

The PD3000BA wireless Bluetooth amplifier even has an aux input for any gaming console or another type of device that uses audio cables. These could be up to twelve speakers for both highs and lows that will blow you away with their crystal clear sound and powerful performance capability. It features four 3-channel 100W stereo amplifiers and four channels of input connection.

The Pyle PD300 receiver for the turntable includes a remote control and subwoofer to complete the system. This system is a perfect choice for a spacious room, providing enough power to fill even large living spaces with rich, full sound! It comes with a large selection of features that deliver clear and surprisingly good sound quality, especially at higher volumes when needed.

This receiver for turntable compact and portable amplifier operates on both 110V AC power or 12V DC vehicle output/cigarette lighter. With a large bank of 4 channels, this state-of-the-art amp can continuously deliver at a massive 3000 watts peak power, and 87.5 Hz – 24 kHz frequency response, while still conserving energy using Pyle’s exclusive Eco+ Mode Power Management.

If you want to make a good investment, then this receiver for the turntable is a wireless Bluetooth amplifier with high-quality stereo speakers for you. It has an LED light and USB port so you can play music from your own devices or hook up external sources such as a karaoke machine. This Bluetooth amplifier is a versatile piece of equipment.

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5. Sherwood RX-4109 200W: Outstanding Stereo Receiver

Sherwood Stereo Receiver

This Sherwood RX-4109 200W Stereo receiver for turntable – Black is a solid favorite among users who wish to have more options for their entertainment system. It delivers a great sound right out of the box, and you can even connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s a versatile tool for any household, regardless of your music preferences.

It delivers powerful sound so you can enjoy 75 years of audio in crystal clear clarity. Built with solid MDF construction, the Sherwood receiver features a black finish and offers both video and audio output capabilities. Available in both black and gray finishes, this sleek and functional receiver for the turntable is sure to match any décor. It also includes five preprogrammed EQ settings, including Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Flat.

The headphone jack is great for late-night listening. The Sherwood RX-4109 200W Stereo Receiver features an AM/FM tuner, CD Input, Auxiliary input, headphone jack, and remote. The built-in speakers are specially constructed to project forward so you can hear your music loud and clear in any space. The high quality of this receiver for the turntable is very evident upon listening to your favorite music with it.

With its power and sound control, you can customize this receiver to give you optimum audio performance. This integrated amplifier uses cutting-edge circuitry and a Sherwood-designed DAC to faithfully reproduce the richness and clarity of vinyl records. It also features a front-panel USB input so you can use your turntable to listen to any digital files on your computer, phone, or tablet.

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6. Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel: High Quality AV Receiver

Yamaha AV Receiver

The RX-V685 7.2-channel AV receiver for turntable features MusicCast, a new and easy way to enjoy music from a smartphone or tablet, wirelessly around your home. Yamaha has also equipped the RX V685 receiver for a turntable with HDMI and 4K video support, so besides offering superior sound quality, it can also display ultra high definition pictures from an HDMI-compatible source.

It even supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X movie sound formats for a truly immersive surround sound experience. This receiver for turntable creates immersive 3D surround sound that places you in the center of live music and movie action. It works with MusicCast devices wirelessly, letting you cast music around the home or directly to compatible speakers.

It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM Internet Radio, HD Radio, and more! And while It offers enough inputs to handle any imaginable configuration, its real strength is in movies and music, thanks to its BD-Live functionality for content on Blu-ray Discs and MusicCast’s multiroom wireless support.

It delivers premier sound quality, advanced features, and flexible networking capabilities that will ensure a smooth transition to the future of home entertainment. This receiver for turntable includes all the latest technologies and amazing network capabilities that allow you to control your entertainment from almost anywhere in and around your home.

With these advanced new surround modes, you get 3D surround sound that comes alive from all directions, including overhead. Plus you can enjoy music from various sources such as TV, Internet Radio, and Bluetooth, with Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer for quality sounding Bluetooth audio playback.

This receiver for turntable comes in a variety of colors to fit your décor and includes Bluetooth for easy music streaming from all your devices.

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7. 5.2-Channel Hi-Fi – 1000 Watt AV Home Speaker Subwoofer Receiver: Great for Turntable

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

The PT694BT receiver for the turntable is designed with Bluetooth technology, ideal for home entertainment enthusiasts as well as business professionals who enjoy listening to quality music. The amplifier takes advantage of the newest audio technology and provides amazing sound clarity with HD audio sources and includes an adaptation for devices that are not Bluetooth compatible.

This PT694BT receiver for turntable Pyle stereo amp also features multiple audio inputs such as USB, RCA, and the newly added HDMI input which supports 4K UHD TVs and 3D gaming systems with up to 7.1 channels of surround sound. This home audio system features built-in Bluetooth wireless technology to let you stream music from your mobile devices or play music stored on your computer.

It supports 4K Ultra HD and 3DTV for enhanced audio and video enjoyment. Reserving a space for the Pyle stereo amplifier in your home will provide you with better sound and a more fulfilling listening experience. The receiver for turntable built-in USB flash drive and SD card reader lets you enjoy music from your devices without an additional playback device.

There are four front panel audio-in jacks for plugging in virtually any portable audio device including smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and laptops, so you can play your own personal music collection through this system. A great receiver for turntable has the power to make listening great.

And by combining a variety of RCA inputs, a USB input, HDMI inputs, and outputs as well as an FM radio antenna along with Bluetooth capability, the PT694BT -PT6BH gives you plenty of ways to listen. If you’re looking into setting up a proper sound system for your home theater, or any room in your house for that matter, it is one of the best options out there.

If you’re still unfamiliar with how amps work, it’s important to note that an amplifier is essentially used to boost the power output of audio systems to achieve higher volumes while preserving audio quality.

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8. Pioneer SX-10AE: Magnificent Home Audio Stereo Receiver for Turntable

Home Audio Stereo Receiver

The Pioneer SX-10AE is the best receiver for turntable and includes Bluetooth technology and a built-in phono preamp. It is the best home stereo receiver for the turntable. It has been creating high-quality audio products for over 70 years. As a leading brand in the industry, people expect the best from us, and we deliver.

We are proud to introduce our newest and greatest creation: the Pioneer SX-10AE Stereo Receiver for a turntable with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The dual alarms can be used to wake you up or remind you of important events; you will never miss your favorite TV shows again! The 25 preset FM stations are great for radio stations that don’t have their own streaming or online station.

When it comes to sound output, this stereo receiver for the turntable is loud enough to fill an entire room. It has the added advantage of Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly from your favorite devices or uses the 3.5 mm aux input to play music directly through this receiver.

Features Powered by 45 watts of high-quality amplification, Compatible with Apple MFi certified devices using a simple USB connection, Bluetooth wireless audio streaming up to 33 feet (10 meters), iPod/iPhone compatibility, and an IR remote for convenient control over all your sources and features.

With 40 watts per channel maximum power and a true all-analog preamplifier design, the SX-10AE sounds spectacular with both digital and analog sources. It is a home audio receiver that’s so advanced you’d think it was from the future.

As part of the Elite series of consumer electronics from Pioneer, this powerhouse receiver for turntable lends a hand to any home theater system with four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, and one composite video input. It also boasts S-Master technology that delivers clear sound via audio-grade capacitors and an amplifier that delivers quality sound at a high volume without any distortion.

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9. Denon AVR-S750H Receiver: Great Product for Turntables

Denon Receiver

The new AVR-S750H is the best Denon receiver for the turntable. It provides 165 watts per channel and 4K Ultra HD video pass-through. It also has an HDMI port that supports the latest 3D and HDR formats, and it’s compatible with eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), which supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X.

It is designed to satisfy the most demanding home theater fans with premium sound quality and 4K Ultra HD video with HDR. It supports high-resolution audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and AURALiC. Built-in Wi-Fi enables sophisticated music streaming capabilities, including FLAC lossless and Apple Music, to bring your favorite tracks to life.

The AVR-S750H receiver for turntable also features a full complement of all the latest HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.4 specifications for 4K/60 PQ, HDR, as well as both Dolby Vision and HDR10 compatibility. It’s equipped with Dolby Vision, 4K HDR, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Multiroom, and much more.

This receiver for turntable also incorporates eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), which enables object-based audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, to be sent over a single HDMI connection from an A/V source to a compatible A/V receiver. The lead HDMI control function enables high-definition audio to play through all connected HDMI-connected devices – as long as they are 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and ARC compatible.

This receiver for the turntable is the perfect audio companion for all your channels, gaming consoles, and streaming services. You can enjoy high-definition audio as well as theater-like surround sound with this unit. This includes a headphone jack for you to use late at night when others in your household are sleeping or watch a movie without disturbing anyone.

Featuring Dolby virtual reality software and Apple Airplay wireless technology, this is the perfect receiver for working out of your smartphone or iPod.

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10. Denon AVR-X4700H 8K Ultra HD 9.2 Channel (125 Watt X 9): Superb AV Receiver for Turntable

Denon Ultra HD AV Receiver

The AVR-X4700H 9.2 Channel receiver for turntable brings you the ultimate in Premium Home Theater entertainment with 8K Ultra HD video, Dolby Atmos 3D, DTS:X 3D, and 4K60 4:4:4 color resolution via HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2 support.

Unlike another receiver for a turntable in its class, the AVR-X4700H also delivers the latest exciting gaming features like Game Mode and Dual-Band Wi-Fi, as well as a new Denon DJ powered by Pioneer technology for an unparalleled home entertainment experience. Get 3D and 4K video, immersive 3D audio, and never worry about the dark with the AVR-X4700H receiver.

This 9.2 channel home theater audio/video receiver has a 125 W per channel high current power amplifier rated at 8 ohms to satisfy your most demanding speakers. The AVR-X4700H receiver for turntable delivers a maximum of 140 watts per channel (8 Ohms, 20 Hz~20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive) or 4ohm at 20Hz~20KHz (HT by Bundle).

Enjoy superior sound with the latest high-resolution audio codecs including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1. Plus, for the first time ever on a Denon receiver, you can control your home theater system through the receiver for the turntable.

DTS Neural:X and Auro 3D provide immersive audio formats that include overhead speakers for a truly 360-degree sonic presentation. It is the best of everything Denon Audio has to offer, it supports 7.2 channel surround sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X ultra-definition surround sound decoding that will blow your mind.

It does not stop there, this receiver for turntable has High-Resolution audio support up to 24bit/192kHz files, and also supports 4k Ultra HD video rendering in 8k resolution for both video and audio, a whole new level of virtual reality thanks to built-in HEOS technology.