Best Guitar Amp under $500 – Complete Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best guitar amp under $500, and are tired of reading reviews on the internet to find out. Let me help you have a quick glance at some of the best amps under $500 so you can make an informed decision.

It is true that the guitar amplifier has gone through a lot of upgrades over the years. With more brands and models coming up year by year, it is always a challenge to zero down on the best guitar amplifier under 500 bucks.

As you do some research on these amplifiers, you will realize that they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, while others are bigger. Some have more controls, while others have very few controls. They are made using different materials including plastic, wood and metal.

1. Spark Smart Guitar Amp: Best in the Category under $500

best guitar amp under 500

Spark Smart Guitar Amp is a self-contained guitar amplifier. It can provide you with high-quality sound – suitable for jamming with artist jam tracks or making music on your own. It also comes with many built-in features such as 10,000 tones, smart jam, auto chords & Bluetooth connectivity plus guitar tuner so you can play whenever and wherever you like! This device is very convenient to carry and use during your free time. This review provides all the information about this product in detail.

The Spark Smart Guitar Amp is one of the best ones that will give you the ability to up to 10,000 tunes on your device. It only weighs 8 pounds in weight and is very portable so you can take it anywhere you want!

Spark Smart Guitar Amp is a compact, yet full-featured, guitar amp designed for every guitarist. Spark Smart Guitar Amp bundles a broad range of amps and effects for the first time. It includes a multi-effects processor with endless possibilities of sound creation, whether you are playing on stage or at home. The intelligent phrases feature makes it possible to play the guitar like a piano using guitar chords.

With automatic accompaniment, jamming has become more fun than ever before. Spark Smart Guitar Amp gives you immediate feedback on your performance and offers you the exact thing you want: fun.

Spark Smart Guitar Amp is a New Generation of Guitar and Bass Amplifier Fusing Smart Technology with Musical Expression – It’s more than an Amp, it’s your guitar jamming buddy!

It is an excellent guitar amps with smart amplifier and Bluetooth speaker product, it has a stylish appearance and makes your guitar play more fun. With this Bluetooth speaker, you can connect with your smart phones which is awesome to take the music everywhere you want. The built-in speaker is quite loud and powerful as well.

2. BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 MkII-50-watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp: Ideal Guitar AMP below $500

BOSS Guitar Combo Amp

The Boss Katana-50 MkII head is an ultra-compact, tube-driven, 2-channel guitar amp with a gorgeous vintage sound and modern features. It’s equally strong with both clean and overdriven tones, and best of all, it can be used with a wide range of speaker cabinets.

The BOSS Katana series guitar amps have been instrumental in the development of the BOSS compact amplifier lineup. The original Katana was one of the first amps designed from the ground up to achieve the rich, warm tone of a traditional tube amp at an affordable price. Today’s Katana amps utilize cutting-edge circuitry including COSM modeling technology to achieve even greater tone and performance than ever before.

Boss Katana 50W 2-Channel Guitar Combo Amp Black model KTN-50B · More gain and volume with the Gain Boost controller · Powerful sound with the oversized speaker for the maximum sound projection (3″x8″) · Straightforward amp switching: Built-in effects include classic Boss fuzz, reverb, chorus, flanger and delay effects ·

The Katana-50 is a 1×12 combo amplifier with a power of 50 watts. The solid-state amp comes integrated with the KTN-50 2×12 Speaker system. This combo amplifier has 2 channels and features 3 modes (Clean, Crunch, and Lead). The BOSS Katana-50 is the ideal amp for those guitarists who want to experience great tone at the touch of a button.

The BOSS Katana series revolutionizes guitar amplification with the all-in-one design that every guitarist will appreciate.

If you want a classic tube amp tone at a modest price and don’t mind giving up extra reverb and vibrato, the BOSS Katana-50 is right for you. It offers quality sound and construction at a very reasonable price. It includes two channels with independent gain and master volume controls; each channel offers clean and overdrive sounds, plus separate Bass, Middle, and Treble controls for fine-tuning your sound. Its effects include an analog chorus pedal effect.

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3. Blackstar IDCORE100 Guitar Amp, 2X10″, 100W: Highly Recommended

Blackstar Guitar Amp

Blackstar IDCORE100 Guitar Amp is one of the best guitar amplifiersbest guitar amplifier under $500. It has an integrated power amplifier. It also has a configurable power stage, USB recorder and recorder. Its 8 draw effects, available for each channel, very useful. Some enhancements According to the user review; it has a delay buffer in the preamp.

Enjoy great tone and versatility with a Blackstar ID: Core 100 V2 Guitar Combo Amp. The 2×10″ design and 100-Watt amp can help you get any sound you want from a single amp, for practice, or even a small gig. This combo amp also has a built-in loop fx pedal that adds an echo or reverb to your sound, an XLR line out to send your signal to a mixing board.

Blackstar IDCORE100 Guitar Amp is a 6.5-inch combo amp built with Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control, which takes you from the USA to the UK in the twist of a knob. It includes Instrument and Line inputs, plus volume, bass, middle and treble controls as well as built-in delay and reverb for the perfect blend of guitar tone.

The Blackstar ID: Core 100 Guitar Amp Modeling Combo packs a whopping 100 watts of stereo power into one compact 8-inch combo. This is more than enough power for recording and live applications and can be used in clubs as well due to its extremely low noise level. Using the ID: Core app you can customize every knob on this amp, as well as download new, presets from other users.

Despite its small footprint, Blackstar’s ID: Core 100W Guitar Amp offers plenty of tone and power for any stage. This hybrid guitar amp boasts 3 channels, two foot-switchable with the optional FS-1 footswitch, that can be used separately or combined in any manner to create an almost infinite number of sounds. The Bandwidth control shapes your tone, with a simple twist of the dial adding bottom for a fat crunch or smooth highs for shimmering solos.

The IDCORE100 is a smart 100W guitar amplifier that packs in enough features to satisfy professional players and those for whom the dream of playing guitar is still alive. Capable of being run in stereo or mono, the IDCORE100 offers clean and lead channels with an effects loop, an emulated line out, Bluetooth connectivity, and CD/MP3 player inputs, while additional functionality includes an aux input iPod/MP3 connection, a headphone output, and USB port.

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4. Hartke 2500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head, 250 watts: With Best Bass Sound

Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

The Hartke 2500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head features an advanced Class D power amp that pumps out 250W of the bone-crushing bass sound. This amp is a serious contender for bedroom, garage, and studio use. The Hartke 2500 comes equipped with volume, treble, and bass controls as well as a 3 band graphic EQ. Additionally, it also has speaker-level inputs so you can hook up to a full PA system, powered monitors, or even passive speaker cabinets.

If you’re looking for a powerful, portable amp with plenty of tone-shaping capabilities, then this head is what you need. Rated at an impressive 250 watts, the Hartke 2500 is effortlessly compatible with many different bass cabinets and speaker configurations. This head features a separate tweeter volume control and send/return loop for your pedal effects.

Hartke’s new 2500 bass head offers 250 watts, has two 12″ Eminence drivers, sleek cosmetics, and an ultra bass-friendly frequency spectrum. This amp is powerful enough for any gig, rehearsal, or studio session — plus the features will appeal to studio owners as well for its wide variety of tone-shaping built right in. Along with plenty of power, this combo amp features a master volume, presence control, and three-band EQ.

The Hartke 2500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head is a pro-quality bass amplifier built for versatility. The two-channel amp has an XLR direct/power recording output, ¼” tuner out, ¼” effects loop out, and USB digital output. It’s equipped with a single 12″ speaker enclosure and a proprietary Class D power section.

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5. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-DSL40CR-U): Affordable & Best under $500

Guitar Combo Amplifier

You’ll get the sound you want from your music when you’re equipped with this Marshall guitar amp combo. You’ll be able to get an hour of power from this amp, with a CD input that allows you to plug in your MP3 player and jam along. This amp is also portable, with a lightweight construction that’s easy enough to carry around locations. When you need your next loud tune, pick up this amplifier.

The Marshall MG Series MG30FX is a 1 x 12-inch combo guitar amplifier with 30 watts of power, a single channel, two foot-switchable channels and additional features that make it a great choice for the home recording musician. The name says it all. The bright, natural clean tone from the patented SIT circuitry with an inspiring variety of overdrive and distortion tones available via the fully-independent foot-switchable gain channels.

Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 is the ideal amp for stage, studio, or home use. This 2 x 8 Watt guitar combo features 2 channels, with Normal and Top Boost channels, each with volume, bass, middle and treble controls. 2466 Vintage Modern also has will have 2 effects switches that can be turned on/off for each channel:

The Marshall MG Series MHZ15R Guitar Amp Head plays your 5- to 16-ohm guitar cabinets and boasts 15 Watts of power that can be cranked up to 30 Watts via its Overdrive switch. The amp’s Gain knob controls a 3-band EQ, while the Volume knob sets the volume bypassing the Channel control. In addition, the presence circuit adds depth to your sound at low volumes. This combo amplifier has a single 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speaker.

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6. The ToneWood Amp Acoustic Electric Pre Amp/Multi-Effect Processor: Best Guitar Amp

Electric Pre Amp/Multi-Effect Processor

Powering your acoustic guitar with the ToneWood Amp brings you years of experience and thoughtful design in a single device. The biggest challenge with an acoustic guitar is in amplifying its sound to fill the room or an outdoor concert space, and this is where having the right KPA preamp/multi-effect processor is so important.

The ToneWood Amp is an all-in-one guitar effect amplifier and signal processor, incorporating a preamp, multi-effect section, and acoustic guitar simulator. It offers 34 different effects settings that can be used with an electric or acoustic guitar.

ToneWood can deliver more tonal flexibility than other gear in its price range. The six-band graphic EQ, along with two separate effects processors–each with its own set of parameters–provides the powerful tone shaping. The unit’s preamp processer eliminates the need for a separate mic’d amplifier, so you can put the speakers in a spot where they’ll sound best. A pair of 1/4″ jacks in the back allows a second guitar or bass (or any other instrument)

The ToneWood Amp by Fishman is a revolutionary pre-amp / multi-effect processor that brings all your acoustic guitar amplification needs together into an ultra-compact device. This innovative platform contains all the effects found in traditional stand-alone floor processors and more, all of which can also be used in conjunction with any amplifier or PA system. It utilizes the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled level of sound definition and performance.

7. Vox Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (VXMSB25): Great Power & Portability

Vox Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

This Vox Mini-Amp is ideal for beginners taking lessons, intermediate guitarists, and even more advanced players practicing alone at home. It has an all-analog circuit that simulates the tone of the best tube amp using a 12AX7 tube to deliver that rich, warm sound and classic distortion. It features a three-stage gain structure with volume and tone controls, as well as a headphone jack. This Vox amp can connect to any guitar with a 1/4″ output using the included cable.

The Vox VXI4 40W guitar amplifier offers you a perfect combination of power and portability. This 4-channel amplifier comes with four built-in effects (dedicated effect knobs for each channel), spacious Digital Reverb, and even an AUX Input for jamming along to your favorite tracks. Enjoy the freedom of playing wherever and whenever with this compact yet powerful Vox guitar amp.

The Vox Mini Bass is a compact yet powerful amplifier that has been specifically designed to drive loudspeakers in the 50 to the 200-watt range to produce full, commanding tones from an instrument with a pickup having an output of 180mV/1kHz. The 12″ Vox speaker enclosures are constructed of wood, but are covered in vinyl, and can be tilted up so that the entire front surface of the speaker is visible.

With the Vox Mini3, you get a solid amp at a great price. The Mini3 is all about value and convenience with its built-in overdrive and tweeter and headphone jacks. It also comes with an easy-to-read Backlit LCD panel that tells you volume level, overdrive amount, tone settings, and battery power.

This is an updated edition of the wildly popular Vox Mini3. It contains a top-quality 2-channel amplifier that is designed to produce incredible tones for recording or practice. Features like variable input gain and bass, middle and treble controls allow you to apply a wide range of musical styles. The Vox AC10C1 offers classic British invasion sounds and more.

8. Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 Modeling Guitar Amp: Top Quality Amplifier with Bluetooth Speaker System

Guitar Amplifier and Bluetooth Speaker System

Do you want to get the best sound and performance of the best guitar amplifiers? AMPLIFi is the perfect choice with 75 models of classic guitar amplifiers. ​Read our AMPLIFi 75 Modeling Guitar Amplifier reviews, details, and all kinds of related information.

The Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 is a guitar amplifier that allows you to play through a collection of amps, effects, and microphones. The AMPLIFi 75 supports the most advanced guitar tones available today. Take your sound from stage to studio to backroom with the world’s best-selling modeling amplifier. Control everything from the AMPLIFi Remote iOS or Android app, or the included wired controller.

AMPLIFi 75 is a modern guitar amplifier, wireless Bluetooth speaker, and digital audio player in one powerful unit – at an amazing price. It’s a sophisticated combo amp that captures the spirit of classic tube amps with the massive tone, precise dynamic response, swift details, and engaging playability.

The AMPLIFi 75 delivers 75W of power through a 12″ speaker, giving you legendary Line 6 tone from any room. This powerful amplifier provides amazing presets to inspire your music and then lets you customize them to your exact taste. Store your creations, change them on the go, and share them with the free AMPLIFi Remote App (available for iOS/Android).

9. Fender Acoustasonic 40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier: Best under $500

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amplifier

The Fender Acoustasonic 40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier boasts 40 watts of power, an 8-inch speaker housed in an open-back cabinet, and a single channel with controls for volume, bass, mid, and treble. It utilizes the exclusive Fender Acoustic Reactive Technology (F.A.R.T.) to deliver the rich acoustic sound that’s never muddy or distorted.

Whether you’re looking to add some acoustic sound to your setup or you want to go full out with an acoustic rig, the Fender Acoustasonic 40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier features three channels and 40 watts of power for a solid pool of sounds. Take it on stage or set in your living room. The dual-channel preamp has switchable channel volume for customizing the guitar sound and the XLR output lets you plug directly into a mixing board.

The Fender Acoustasonic 40 acoustic guitar amplifier provides everything you need to play acoustic guitar and comes with a convenient lightweight design that makes it easy to take with you to any gig. It comes with a piezo pickup, a built-in tuner for quick and easy tuning, and an effects section that gives you access to reverb and chorus for your performance.

Completely re-voiced for 2014, the Fender Acoustasonic 40 acoustic guitar amplifier delivers a bold 40W of power, while offering easy operability thanks to its revamped gain and EQ controls. Ideal for live performances as well as recording applications, the Acoustasonic 40 features two channels with four built-in presets, and is equipped with Fender’s unique Tri-Channel Acoustic Resonance system. Featuring a 12″ Ray Agogo driver and dual 6.5

10. Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Guitar Amp with 2 Channels: Perfect & High Quality Sound

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The introduction of the Acoustic Soloist AS50D sees Marshall return to their roots with a traditional ‘’greenback’’ speaker-emulated design. This 2 channel 50W amp has both an acoustic volume control and a guitar volume control for the ultimate in sound shaping. It can also be used as simply an electric guitar amp thanks to the 1 x 12-inch cab emulation on the mic channel.

The Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is a small amp designed for acoustic guitars. Featuring a 12-inch speaker, 2 channels, and clean and drive channels, this amp has everything you need for performing in concerts or at home. Weighing less than 20 pounds, it’s convenient enough to bring with you on the road. It features an effects loop-out XLR jack, so you can have even more options when playing live.

With the Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier, you’ll be able to play your acoustic with great tone and feel, without worrying about feedback. The built-in DI lets you plug straight into a PA or recording system for even more flexibility.

The Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D delivers a high-quality, intense pro sound that is perfect for the stage, yet powerful enough to rock out in your living room. This highly portable amp features a single 12″ speaker and 50W stereo power, great for making the guitar stand out, especially with the added effects. This 3-channel amplifier offers volume controls on each channel along with bass, middle, and treble EQ controls, making it easy to dial in your perfect tone.

The Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is much more than just an amplifier – it’s a complete system for acoustic guitarists. It features one custom-designed 6.5″ speaker, two XLR combo jack inputs with level control, headphone-out jack, external speaker output jack, and proprietary anti-feedback control which provides amazing feedback rejection making it the perfect amplifier to play in front of large crowds.