Best Guitar Amp under $300 – Detailed Reviews

Looking for the best amp that won’t break the bank?

Trying to find the best guitar amp that doesn’t cost more than 300 dollars is certainly a task, which I will not try to deny. It’s not easy to search online and find all these features in one place. Can you imagine, there are thousands of products in different online stores but still you can’t compare them because they are not reviewed by people.

You want to get the right amp that delivers for your money. And you don’t want to be fooled into selecting a bad one because of the price. Or you could be busy looking around.

These amps scale up from 15-watts all the way up to 75-watts. They are rugged amps that can go through anything. When you find a good guitar amp, nothing seems impossible. Our review of these top 11 best guitar amps under $300 is unbiased and intended to help you find the right one for your needs.

As an indie guitarist, you want quality without breaking the bank. You want your music heard not just in your home but in concert halls across the country. You also want a product that will last, and this digital amplifier fits the bill! Plus it sounds awesome. And it is cheap!

1. BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 MkII-50-watt 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp: Top Pick Under $300

best guitar amp under 300

Like other generations of the legendary Katana, the new Katana-50 continues to set the benchmark for electric guitar sounds in the modern world. Its signature sound is driven by BOSS’s CAE technology (Composite Active Electronics) and the included BOSS SYS-50 controller keyboard. In addition to its Katana Modeling function, which produces tones ranging from acoustic and classical guitars to studio-quality electric sounds. This amp also provides 50 watts of power for greater volume with less distortion, making this a great small club amp for players who need a versatile amp.

BOSS Katana KTN-50 Guitar Amp Head is a small but mighty 1×12 guitar combo amp with versatile functions and performance features. The KTN-50 produces a clear tone, even at extreme volume levels. Effects such as chorus and flanging can be used separately or combined to create unique sounds. The amp’s Overdrive feature is complemented by its built-in noise gate for a tight low end and smooth transitions when the Distortion effect is added.

The BOSS Katana-50 combo amp offers professional features and a world-class tone in a sleek and compact design. The Katana series was born out of BOSS’s passion for music and the need to develop an amplifier for the needs of the working guitarist, but at a price, everyone can afford. The Katana-50 delivers 50 Watts of power through a 12″ custom speaker, giving you a crisp, cranked amp tone that won’t break the bank.

The BOSS Katana-50 guitar amp is a combo amp that has a great look, rich tone, and integrated technology. The Katana-50 Combo Amp delivers 50 watts of power through its KTN-50 1 x 12” speaker, and it can also be used in a stereo configuration with an additional amp to deliver 100 watts of power. This feature gives you the opportunity to play with friends on stage or practice at home without having to buy more equipment! This amp delivers crisp highs and deep lows for any need.

The all-new Katana-50 rocks harder than ever. BOSS’s development team, in charge of every aspect of the Katana series, has made key revisions to the power amp and speaker, faithfully reproducing the explosive dynamics that lend the Katana its unique sound. This new edition to a classic line delivers jaw-dropping performance on par with that of standalone setups. The Katana-50 also includes an effects loop and external speaker capability for stage use..

2. Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG30GFX-U): Best Rated Amp Below 300 Dollars

Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier

Marshall makes great guitar amps for rock, metal and punk music. This new amp lineup maintains the classic Marshall appearance with a modern twist. They’re available in two colors: black and white. Below are some reviews of the Marshall Amps guitar combo amplifier.

The Marshall JVM205H Guitar Combo Amplifier is a solid-state amp with 150 watts. It has 2 channels, both with their own controls. The first channel has clean and crunch modes. It can sweep between 3 gain stages of the crunch mode. On the second channel, it has a pre-gain and post-gain control that are both active at all times and can be adjusted for the smooth or abrupt level shift between modes. It also has a contour control that can add some compression to your tone.

If you’re looking for an affordable guitar amplifier for daily practice, performance, or recording, look no further than the Marshall MG10CF 1 x 10 Guitar Combo Amplifier. This amp offers several features found in more expensive amps, including a foot switchable FX loop and add effects such as chorus and delay to your tone. This amp is also perfect for bass players, thanks to the dedicated Bass input and a headphone output that allows you to blast your sound without needing a power amp.

Marshall is a popular amp brand in the world of guitar amps. Almost every guitarist has had his or her ears destroyed by the powerful, overdriven tone of Marshall amps. The classic Marshall distorting amp sound has made many aspiring musicians play much more often than they would have otherwise. The affordable price of these amps makes it possible for even beginning musicians to get a start with good equipment. You can usually find used Marshall combo amplifiers for sale for under two hundred dollars.

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3. Positive Grid Spark 40-Watt Combo Amp with Mob App: Most Suitable for Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitars

Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar

The Spark JC-40 is a 40-watt combo guitar amp specially designed for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars using virtual amps and effects from Positive Grid. The JC-40 comes equipped with two MOSFET EL84 output tubes, a solid-state 12AX7 tube preamp, 3-band EQ with the dual sweep mid as well as 2 channels of digital processing featuring 12 different amp models.

The Spark Amp is a 40-watt combo guitar amplifier with programmable effects that include reverb, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, and distortion. The amp also comes with an on-board looper and drum machine. This amp is for sale at many online music retailers and covers most of the classic sounds from popular guitarists.

The SPARK 40W Combo amp offers amazing sound in a compact and affordable package. The 2×12 speaker configuration along with the Class D amplifier design provides you with a great-sounding amp that can range from crystal clean to high gain. The included footswitch allows you to control the built-in effects on the amp as well as turn them off and on with the click of a switch.

The SPARK 40 is one of the best electric guitar amps under $300 on the market. With its 40-watt output and 16-inch speaker, it reliably slams out a loud sound, warm reverb effects, and lush tones. Highly rated for its versatility and ease of use, it comes with essential amp functions like channel volume, gain, accent, and reverb. A lightweight model, it’s easy to carry and set up at gigs; and there is even an auxiliary input in case you want to play along with your friends while they’re jamming at the same time. The most important

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4. Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt Guitar Amp Head: With Highly Rated Power Section

Fender Super Champ Guitar

Fender is known for making some pretty great guitars and amps, so it’s no surprise to see that the Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt Guitar Amp Head makes this list. Instead, this is a high-quality distortion amp that will give you what you need to play the classics or your own original tune in the style of your favorite artist.

A portable powerhouse, the Super Champ X2 15-Watt Guitar Amp Head pumps out serious tone whether you’re rehearsing at home or gigging on the weekend. The amp head’s Class A/B design, 3-band EQ, and Fender reverb let you dial in a rich variety of sounds to blast from your favorite cabinet. Features Dual channels, each with independent controls Clean and overdrive Channel switch for instant versatility Drive control for preamp distortion (shown here on overdrive) Treble, middle, and bass controls for the greater sound-shaping Effects loop.

The Fender Super Champ X2 tube guitar amp head was designed to be your personal tool for creating authentic, classic-rock hi-fi. The Super Champ X2 may be small, but it can deliver a big sound thanks to the 12″ Fender Special Design speaker and highly rated power section that use an efficient Class D amplifier. You’ll find one volume knob here along with switchable gain control for overdrive/distortion to suit any style of play.

The Fender Super Champ X2 packs a staggering wallop into its small frame, with 15 watts, and the same 1-12” speaker found in its much bigger, more expensive amp. Cover all of your electric guitar tones with great distortion effects, crystal clear sounds, and thick chords. The Super Champ X2 is small enough to fit in your bedroom or on a shelf. Best of all it uses a USB connection to power its WiFi capabilities which will let you connect to an iOS device and be up and running in minutes.

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5. Harmony HCGC212C Universal 1X12 Electric Guitar Combo Amp: Comes with Rolling Flight Case under $300

Electric Guitar Combo Amp Rolling

The Harmony Universal 1X12 electric guitar combo amp is the amp for anyone who wants a solid-state amp with a tube-like tone and is limited to only one speaker. This 18-watt amp combines a warm, natural tone with classic rock distortion and dynamic response, all in a lightweight package.

If you want true power and affordability, something with a bit more punch than a solid-state amp, then you will have to go for Harmony’s Universal 1X12 Combo Amp. What makes this one special? It can give you anything from clean, shimmering tones to big fat grindy hard rock sounds in full glory. Plus it has impressive build qualities and won’t hurt your budget either!

The Harmony Series Universal 1X12 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier features a custom-designed 12″ neodymium speaker; selectable gain control from “clean to crunch” and built-in reverb. It also features USB connectivity for recording and playback and is a 2 channel amp: clean and overdrive. This amp can also be used as a headphone amp or as an audio interface in an effects loop.

The Harmony 1X12 is a monstrous amp with all the features you need to rock. This affordable all-tube combo amp features a custom-designed, toroidal power transformer, reverb, chorus/vibrato voicing knob, bright switch for added cut, and aux MP3 input jack with level control and lines out on the back panel. This tremendous little monster boasts two 12AX7 preamp tubes and one EL84 power tube to deliver a whopping 40W RMS of pure tone!

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6. Roland Micro Cube GX 3W 1×5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp Black: Best Pick under 300 Dollars

Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp

The Micro Cube is compact and powerful, pushing a full six watts RMS (five watts per channel) from three high-quality amp models. A revolutionary new approach to analog modeling technology, the Roland GX-technology Engine is the heart of the Micro Cube guitar combo amp. This new system captures every nuance of these revered amps. The model chosen for the Micro Cube adds a dimension of depth and bite not found in many other solid-state designs.

Our top pick as the best under 300 dollars is the Roland Micro Cube GX-3W. This little amp packs quite a punch with three different channels and built-in guitar effects. The clean channel gives you all the options of an amplifier within the micro cube. You have the ability to cut or boost certain frequency ranges giving you ultimate control over your tone and sound. You also can choose to run it at high or low gain, which allows you to switch between crunchy, classic rock tones and a warmer clean sound. It’s also run by 9V battery power or AC power.

If you are looking for a small amplifier that is easily portable, the Roland Micro Cube Guitar Combo Amp is a good option to consider. This model features a built-in stereo system that provides powerful speaker systems. It also contains various ports and connectors for the addition of accessories and effects devices such as cables, picks, etc. You may also adjust the tones through these accessories. The product can be easily carried around because of its compact size and lightweight. Despite its low price, it delivers amazing quality sound with durability.

The Micro Cube GX is everything a great guitar amp should be small, lightweight, and portable enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Fits Right in Your Studio With a simple setup and straightforward operation, this amp fits right into your studio. Just plug it into your favorite recorder or interface, and you’re ready to go! Don’t let its diminutive size fool you what the Micro Cube lacks in size it certainly makes up for in power!

7. Orange Crush Bass 25W Bass Guitar Combo Amp, Orange: Budget Amplifier with Best Sound Quality

Orange Crush Bass Guitar

Orange Crush Bass 25W Combo is all about giving you the most direct tone path possible, shaping your sound with the minimum of fuss. The front has a clean and simple layout with Volume and Gain knobs for making fine adjustments to your level. There’s an active/passive switch for getting the most out of your pickups; just turn it on when you need that extra level of clarity or punch. Orange has a crisp, clear sound full of life at any volume; this is thanks to the highly efficient Class-D amplifier technology which also makes it incredibly portable.

Designed specifically for bass guitarists Orange Crush Bass delivers everything you need to take your sound to the stage. Whether it’s classic bass tones from our award-winning 15” speaker or crushing overdrive from our onboard distortion, you can be sure of big clean bass with good dynamics thanks to the 2 x 10W RMS power amplifier.

Orange Crush Bass Combo amplifier gives your bass guitar the right kind of power that you can expect from Orange. Undeniably, it is the best cheap amp today. With 25 watts and a solid state circuit, Orange Crush Bass gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It features clean and overdrive channels and controls for gain, volume, treble, bass, and mid.

This compact and lightweight Orange Crush Bass amplifier is equally suited to the smallest practice room and the biggest gig, due to its highly portable design. And, with its front-panel gain control setting, it allows you to tailor your sound exactly for an even greater degree of tonal versatility.

8. Odyssey FZGAMPHEAD1 Flight Zone Universal Guitar Amp: With 300 Watt Amp & Top Slanted Style Panel

Odyssey Flight Zone Universal Guitar

The Odyssey Flight Zone is a universal guitar amp that is very light in weight. It boasts itself as being able to be used on stage, made for playing various types of music, and having a range of high-quality tones with the incredible tone control. The Odyssey Flight Zone has two channels that can be switched with the push of a button, and it also includes an effects loop. It has an amazing line-in jack located on the top of the amp for easy access that will allow users to connect an MP3 device directly to it. It also has metal handles for easy transportation.

The Vortex Universal Amp offers a 300-Watt amplifier with top slanted style panels, a full 2 channel preamp, a 12″ custom-designed speaker, and a heavy-duty protective grill. The Odyssey Flight Zone is ideal for the player who wants to be heard. When you buy the Flight Zone Amp from Ibanez, you will receive an initial hang-tag, owner’s manual, warranty card, and 10′ instrument cable (lighted ends).

The Odyssey Flight Zone amplifier rocks! Whether you’re powering your bass or guitar amp, this 100-watt powerhouse is loaded with great tone. Plus, with plenty of channels to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, and it comes in at an affordable price. We love the 10″ high-power woofers and their tough enclosure!

The Flight Zone Universal is a two-channel 15W 2×12 guitar amp with USB connectivity that helps your sound stand out and also comes with some advanced features such as Wireless USB audio streaming, Up to five hours of battery life, Different acoustic/electric, and electric guitar models, Line-in for use as a recording amplifier, Expression pedal gain control capability…

9. Alphasonik 15″ Powered 2800W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker, Mic w/ Tripod Stand: Best for Live Performance

DJ Amplified Loud Speaker

Alphasonik Pro Series DJ Amps give you the tools you need to maximize your live performance while keeping your cost in check. Available in multiple configurations featuring 1500, 2000, and 2800 watts of clean (RMS) power through two speakers, these amps are perfect for backstage monitors, band PA systems, personal practice rigs or just playing out with a friend or two. We include speaker-level outputs for connection to passive or full-range speaker cabinets as well as line-level inputs for connecting other pro audio gear.

Alphasonik 15″ powered 2800W professional DJ loudspeaker is designed to offer you a powerful and great sound, with low and medium frequencies of which it produces clear, accurate bass. It features a compact design that will fit smoothly into your home entertainment system. There is also a jack input connector for connecting your iPod device or music player. The front panel also provides an adjustable microphone stand. At the very bottom of the front panel, there is a space to store your remote control.

For small gigs, houses of worship, and DJ applications, the Alphasonik 2800W PRO DJ Amplified Loudspeaker gives you plenty of options. These speakers are easy to use with a volume control knob on the top. They are light in weight and optimized to handle high wattage. The built-in mixer allows you to plug in two separate microphones for karaoke or vocal songs, plus a USB port will let you play music right from any compatible device.

The Alphasonik 2800W 3-Way Powered DJ Speaker is engineered to be professional enough for the most discerning of DJs, and will definitely bring your sonic portfolio up to scratch. Combining the latest amplifier technology with a high-quality 15″ speaker for a true hi-fi sound, ultra-compact speakers with exceptional bass response deliver a fantastic soundscape.

10. 40 Watt Portable Rechargeable Amp for Acoustic Guitar with Bluetooth: Best for Practice under $300

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The 40-watt acoustic guitar amplifier is ideal for bedroom practice, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that gives you full control over your entertainment. With 3 channels and 2 bands EQ, pump up the guitar volume to jam along to your favorite tracks with a rich acoustic tone.

With this 3 channel, 2 band amp from Gear4music you can now enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to your acoustic guitar straight through a built-in speaker or connect to the PA system for better sound. The amp has an input jack socket with an A/B switch which allows you to connect to both your acoustic guitar and to the PA at the same time. This gives you a great opportunity for occasional open mic nights when you’re playing with friends. With a built-in microphone, wireless Bluetooth connection (aptX), and TONE button the power of the amp is on your finger

No matter where you are, jam along with your favorite artist with the best guitar amp under 300 from Marlboro Music. This compact and lightweight amplifier are only 2 pounds, and yet it puts forth a sound that is warm and clear for great listening experiences in your home or on the go. This Marlboro Music rechargeable amp includes four internal speaker drivers, a subwoofer, strong magnets for great bass response, and a Bluetooth device that allows you to play music wirelessly from your favorite devices. The portable acoustic guitar amplifier is designed for acoustic guitars and also has a 1/4”

Pyle-Pro PMKG35BL 5.5″ Portable 3-channel Amplifier with Bluetooth & Aux Input: 40 watts. This amplifier features a front-panel Aux input and Auxiliary AUX Input, so you can connect your media device of choice and jam along as loud as you please! It’s also Bluetooth enabled so you can stream music wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Includes Rechargeable 9V 1A AC Adapter.

Get ready to dish out the best guitar experience with the SK-230BL. This amplifier is built to be your go-to pedal for both small band shows and formal concerts. The 40-watt amp features Bluetooth, allowing you to connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A dual-channel with a separate equalizer allows you to personalize your sound easily. This compact amplifier features an AUX-in jack, allowing you to jam along with other musicians or plugins directly to a recording studio.