Best Electronic Drum Amp: Top Brands & Reviews

Whatever happened to practice and further practice? Amateur drummers everywhere are fed up with those expensive “pro” drum sets. Let’s face it, kids – they break too easily. Buyers are looking for an electronic drum amp but it’s not so easy to find a good one. There are lots of choices, and they all basically do the same thing. We just don’t get it and we want to buy an electronic drum amp-like everyone else!

That noise, that noise! Boom-boom-boom mm… Some people can’t sleep because of drums. Others will change their working schedules just so you won’t make a noise. Solution: You could stop practicing if you like the idea of being the best drummer in town. But then everyone would tell you to get a job as a drummer instead of an office job like other people who can complain about your drumming.

Top Pick #

Alesis Strike Amp 8 | 2000-Watt Portable...
  • High Power Drum Amplifier Performance - 2000 watts of peak power delivers PA style clarity, punch and more than enough...
  • Full Range Response That’s Tuned to Your Electric Drum Set - Specially-voiced 8-inch woofer and high frequency compression...
  • Setup Simplicity – Lightweight, flexible tilt-back PA cabinet design that can also be pole-mounted – perfect for home...
  • Hook-Up Flexibility For Virtually any Electronic Drum Set - (2) XLR/TRS 1/4-inch combo inputs; XLR output to link another...
  • Customise Your Drum Set Sound - Contour EQ switch to shape your sound; Ground-Lift switch eliminates unwanted noise

Budget Pick #

Roland PM-100 Compact Electronic V-Drum Set...
  • Premium all-in-one monitor designed for use with V-Drums electronic percussion products
  • Full-range audio system with 80 watts of power, custom 10-inch speaker, and tweeter
  • Angled design provides ideal sound coverage for the seated player
  • Integrated mixer with independent volume controls and global EQ
  • Dedicated V-Drums input, plus 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting electronic percussion pads, smartphones, and...

We’ve created an amplifier that makes every other amplifier look like a “cheap imitation”, and we’re selling them at the best price around. In our guide below we’ll take you step-by-step through our best drum amp reviews, helping you to find the right kit for your needs, budget, and style of playing. We hope these examples have given you food for thought on how you structure your copy around a buyer persona.

1. Alesis Strike Amp 8, 2000-Watt: Best Portable Amplifier for Electronic Drum Kits

best electronic drum amp

The Strike Amp 800 is an 8-Inch, 2000-Watt portable speaker/amplifier for electronic drum kits. It features a full-featured 3 band EQ and ground lift switch to accommodate any microphone or input source.

Alesis engineers added contour EQ to help control feedback at higher volumes and the Strike Amp 800 can be mounted either in a standard kick drum type position or horizontally on a mounting bracket that raises it up off the floor for convenient placement behind a kit.

You get the power of a conventional electronic drum amp, but you can make quick adjustments with an onboard contour EQ and ground lift switch. Plus, its ported 8″ woofer gives you incredible low end for recording or live performance! This is one of the best-sounding electronic drum amp on the market. This amp can be used by itself or paired with another amp for stereo.

The Alesis Strike Amp 8 is a 2000 Watt portable speaker/amplifier for electronic drum kits with four audio inputs, including one specifically tailored for snare drum. Featuring an 8-inch low-frequency loudspeaker and contour EQ, a USB output for connection to a computer, and more.

You get the power of a conventional electronic drum amp, but you can make quick adjustments with an onboard contour EQ and ground lift switch. Plus, its ported 8″ woofer gives you incredible low end for recording or live performance!

The Strike electronic drum amp boasts an 8-band EQ with selectable sweep frequencies for perfect sculpting, via contour controls, and a ground lift switch to disable any ground-lifted signal. This electronic drum amp also includes a separate headphone jack so that your performances stay private.

2. Alesis Strike Amp 12, 2000-Watt: Perfect Ultra-Portable Powered Drum Amplifier

Ultra-Portable Powered Drum Speaker

Alesis Strike Amp 12 | 2000-Watt Ultra-Portable Powered Drum Speaker / Amplifier With 12-Inch Woofer, High-Frequency Compression Driver and Contour EQ, #2573 Designed for drummers, the Strike Amp 12 is a 100% digital performance audio system for playing live or for practicing.

It features a powerful 2000+ watt stereo amplifier and a high-fidelity 12″ woofer with a low-frequency response down to 35 Hz. Built with durability in mind, the amp’s front panel is constructed of heavy-duty metal, and the enclosure is made of impact-resistant molded plastic. This electronic drum amp is an ultra-portable, powered speaker/amp ideal for use with electronic drums.

It features a 12-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver with a built-in limiter to prevent clipping and overloading of the amplifier. This electronic drum amp has an onboard contour EQ control that allows you to dial in exactly the sound you want. This electronic drum amp is the ultimate portable drum amp, specially designed for the serious drummer who craves big sound at an affordable price!

The Strike Amp has a powerful 12-inch woofer and high-frequency compression, driver. It also comes equipped with a contour EQ giving you the ability to fine-tune your sound. With a 12″ woofer and high-frequency compression driver, all you need to do is plug in your percussion set or instrument with an appropriate cable or adapter, and start playing or practicing, with no annoying cords!

You can also connect an MP3 player or other audio devices through the quarter-inch stereo output for playing along to your favorite tracks while traveling. This electronic drum amp in a lightweight design that fits into your gig bag. Strike Amp 12 gives you the power to create a full, balanced sound with your electronic drums and cymbals, even outdoors.

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3. Donner DKA-20 AMP 20-Watt: Excellent Keyboard Amplifier

Donner Keyboard Amplifier

Donner DKA-20 AMP 20-Watt Keyboard Amplifier is the best electronic drum amp, which is perfect for your practice at home or recording studio. This is a very cheap and affordable electronic drum amp in the USA. This is a great product for beginners to take lessons with their teacher or master near the home.

It has cool and best features of greater sound quality, bass and treble control, Gain bass boost, and headphone jack. This product is the cheapest in the market in relation to all of its features. With a weightless than 14 lb and specially built handle on the top, this 20-Watt Amplifier is one of Donner’s best sellers which creates crisp, volume, and distortion that has been preferred by the customers for their high-quality music.

With its 4 channels of AM/FM Radio, Auxiliary Input jacks, Headphone jack & CD input it offers you a great bass sound output. This electronic drum amp has also featured 3 band Equalizer with Bass Boost, Volume Control & Channel selector along RCA audio output to connect to your speakers. As it is highly affordable you can get all the features at a price.

It features 2 – 20 watt speakers that pump out exquisite sound, with high fidelity sound response. It contains one volume and one tone control, as well as an auxiliary input. The compact design is easy to use while on the move or easily takes up space on a desktop. The electronic amp is equipped with 3 protection systems: voltage, temperature, and speaker protection.

It comes with a 20-watt power amp with a 1/8 inch line-in for connecting MP3 players and CD players, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an Aux input port to connect an iPod or other music streaming device, and a mic input with volume control.

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4. Coolmusic 100W Bluetooth: Outstanding Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amplifier

Bluetooth Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amplifier

The most advanced percussion microphone of the market is right here in this Coolmusic 100W Bluetooth Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amplifier Dual Channel Speaker with 3-band EQ, which also includes a built-in drum pad. This mini music player has all the most advanced features out there to make your practice or performance sessions a total success!

100W Bluetooth Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amp Dual Channel Speaker with 3-band EQ. This amplifier is perfect for live performance, it is lightweight and has good strong bass. You can also use it for home studio monitoring.

This electronic drum amp is your best choice! Featuring the dual-channel and 3-band EQ design, this cool headphone amplifier has been specially designed for drummers to enjoy playing music! The built-in 1” tweeter and 4×10” speaker provides optimal sound with a frequency range of 300Hz – 20KHz.

With surprising clarity, you’ll hear yourself from up to 60 meters away in wireless range, so you can connect your smartphone or other compatible devices to play along with tracks and recordings. And the compact size makes it easy to take anywhere!

This electronic drum amp unit features dual channels and the ability to play both input and through-monitor output simultaneously, two microphone inputs for practicing with other instruments or singers. Dual-Channel speaker with 3-band EQ, 100 watts of power, LED display, and Bluetooth technology for a range of up to 33 feet.

High-quality components and dedicated knobs for individual volume control make this a solid on-stage solution for small bands or solo artists. This electronic drum amp enables you to create a home recording studio where you can develop your own unique drum sound. Built-in large speakers mean you will never need to buy a separate amplifier again.

Simply connect the Coolmusic 100W Bluetooth Personal Monitor Electronic Drum Amplifier to any electric or electronic percussion instrument with a 1/4 inch audio adaptor.

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5. Donner DDA-35 AMP 35-Watt: Great Quality Electronic Drum Amplifier

Electronic Drum Amplifier

Donner DDA-35 AMP 35-Watt Electronic Drum Amp Keyboard Amplifier with Aux-in and Wireless audio connection, Drum/Keyboard/MIC 3 in 1 Amplifier with 3-Band EQ and DI OUT, High Quality (Black) features Compact design for easy portability, Connect a microphone, guitar or bass directly via the XLR Jacks or connect a computer via the Aux input.

DDA-35 is the best electronic drum amp simply because it makes playing drums much easier and less complicated. This electronic drum amp includes a feature that allows student and teacher to plug their headphones into the amplifier allowing the instructor to hear students without bothering other students or neighbors.

With its built-in drum machine, removable stage microphone, and auxiliary input jack, this compact amp makes a perfect companion for practicing at home. This affordable 35-watt amplifier has 3 band EQ on each channel, master volume control, plus a headphone jack for late-night practicing. It comes with so many features that will surely make the gig a success.

This electronic drum amp has a built-in microphone that can be plugged directly into the amp which allows the audience to hear everything that you are playing live. There is also an audio cable included so you can record yourself playing as well. Not only does this item look like a regular amp, but it sounds just like one too!

It gives you 35 watts of power output and 3-band EQ, plus a DI out for connecting to PA systems and other devices. This Electronic Drum Amp is a 35-watt amplifier specifically designed and engineered for the Toms and Cymbals. It has a loud and very clear sound that will fill up any stage.

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6. Ddrum DDA50 : Stunning Electronic Percussion Amplifier

Electronic Percussion Amplifier

Donner DDA-35 AMP 35-Watt Electronic Drum Amp Keyboard Amplifier with Aux-in and Wireless audio connection, Drum/Keyboard/MIC 3 in 1 Amplifier with 3-Band EQ and DI OUT, High Quality (Black) features Compact design for easy portability, Connect a microphone, guitar or bass directly via the XLR Jacks or connect a computer via the Aux input.

DDA-35 is the best electronic drum amp simply because it makes playing drums much easier and less complicated. With this Electronic Drum Amp, you can practice, jam, and gig to your heart’s content. This sturdy, compact practice amp is built to handle high volumes and gives you an incredibly wide range of sounds that mimic everything from classic rack-mount sound modules to vintage organs,

classic analog and digital synthesizers, plus a new enhanced cymbal pad with integrated on/off switch and hi-hat controller. This electronic drum amp from ddrum features superior processing and outputs the most natural sound of any drum amplifier. The DDA50 drum amp provides a realistic percussion experience for practice or playing live with a band.

It includes dual inputs to connect to up two pads as well as XLR and 1/4″ outputs. This Electronic Drum Amp is the most dynamic, compact, and versatile electronic drum amplifier on the market. With 5 pre-programmed kits and the ability to store up to 25 of your own custom kits, this handheld electronic percussion stompbox is an absolute must for any serious drummer or DJ looking to progress in their craft.

Features 9 fully independent channels – each equipped with digital reverb and compression – providing the potential for a maximum of 45 sound parameters. The ddrum DDA50 was designed by ddrum’s Chief Engineer Brendon Power.

7. Coolmusic DM20 20W Bluetooth: Magnificent Electric Drum Amplifier

Coolmusic Bluetooth Personal Monitor Amplifier

The Coolmusic DM20 is a high-quality electronic drum amp with Bluetooth function. It is designed for studio and stage for the singer, keyboard, and e-drum. Its’ features include High-Quality Compact Audio Processing Function, 20W output power, Bluetooth speaker function, MIC with Volume Control, and Tone Control Knob.

The Coolmusic DM20 Support most mobile phones and tablet or computer as the music sources, you can play any audio from your device via Bluetooth connection. The electronic drum amp is one of the most unique and versatile electronic drum amps available in 2017. This amazing piece of gear has proven itself to be one of the easiest and best-sounding e-drum amps to date.

There are multiple signal outputs available, including 1/4″ balanced headphones output, XLR balanced line out for a PA system, as well as ¼″ and RCA outputs for home stereo systems and other setups. This is designed for drummers, bassists, keyboardists,s and other musicians on stage or in the studio who crave the warm, natural dynamics of a vintage tube amp.

DM20 provides everything you’d expect ahead, and much more–it’s a Bluetooth receiver, too! With DM20, you can stream wireless music from your smartphone or another mobile device to two channels of the DM20 amp and hear it through its stereo speaker. Connect to your Bluetooth-enabled music device and listen to your favorite song in crystal clear audio.

This electronic drum amp is the best proposition for you. It is an all-in-one solution that will get you the kind of volume and sound quality that will allow everybody in your house to know when you’re playing your electronic drums.

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8. Carlsbro CEDA50XXX: Stunning Electronic Drum Amplifier

Electronic Drum Amplifier

Carlsbro CEDA50XXX Electronic Drum Amplifier has a built-in metronome (Functions as a drummer’s guide to help the user keep in time). Carlisle ceda50xxx has Loudspeaker: 12inch, Woofer: 3.0 inch, Tweeter: 3.0 inch. 6 channels with individual volume control for each channel. This is an electronic drum amp designed to give you the best sounds possible for your Carlsbro electronic drum kit.

This amp is equipped with – the power output of 50W, – a volume control dial, – XLR input for mics, and – Line, CD-In, and Aux input for plugging in other music sources such as mp3 players or DVD players. The amp comes with a free Mic stand for even more convenience. It boasts a convenient front panel volume control and two input channels with separate volume controls.

This amp can fill even the largest rehearsal spaces while remaining small enough to carry on your back! It is a 50W electronic drum amp with effects send and return on the back of the amp. In the effects section, it has reverb, chorus, flange, and delay which are ok but nothing special. The headphone jack is really good quality though. The drum sounds are pretty realistic.

The drum pads are velocity-sensitive and can be linked to one drum at a time or all of them at once for quick grooves like a slap bass. The output level control allows you to fine-tune the volume for your individual needs. This amp is an ideal choice for those who wish to play their drums “in the traditional way”, using a drum kit at home but without having the physical space to accommodate one.