Best EL84 Amp Tube: A Quick Buying Guide

You can’t get the sound you want from a standard solid-state, transistor amplifier. Tired of buying overpriced and under-performing amps with the same old circuitry? When using the best amp, you can expect outstanding quality amp tone quality and rock steady reliability. There’s a lot of options, and it’s very easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

Amplifying your guitar signal isn’t easy. There are so many options when it comes to buying an amp and you don’t know which one to buy for your unique situation. However, given the popularity of these amps, there are many sub-par amps being produced.

Top Pick #

JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-EL84-JJ-MP)
  • JJ's EL84 is a great replacement for guitar amps or hi-fi.
  • EL84/6BQ5
  • Available in Singles, Apex Matched Pairs or Apex Matched Quads - please select from list.

Budget Pick #

Mullard EL84, Matched Quad (4 tubes)
  • Height: 2.75” (without pins)*
  • Diameter: 0.87”*
  • Russian made Mullard reissue EL84
  • Copy of the original
  • Black plates, carbonized screens, and gold plated grids

The best el84 amp will give you two things – an affordable price and a high-quality musical experience. The best EL84 amp on the market. Get our best el84 amplifier today and see for yourself why we’re miles ahead of the rest. We’ve curated a list of what we believe to be the best of the best when it comes to the world of amps. Our job is simply done after that, as all you need to do is pick and click! There has never been a better time to buy a tube amp than today. With so many brands and options to choose from, it’s easy to get swamped with confusing technospeak. So we’ve done the hard work for you and found the amp money can buy.

1. JJ Electronics (T-EL84-JJ-MP): Best Amplifier Tube

best el84 amp

Our JJ Electronics T-EL84 amp is best el84 triode preamp tube for guitar amplifiers. It has high reliability, good tone, and great dynamic performance. It has good operating characteristics and has been tested on actual musical instrument equipment. It provides a classic EL84 amp output section that is both responsive and dynamic.

The tube produces a robust, creamy tone and has the characteristic EL84 break up at higher volumes. When matched with a power section such as the Tung-Sol KT88 or the Mullard EL34, this amplifier provides an amazing range of tones. Whether you’re a DIYer or a pro, the JJ Electronics T-EL84 amp is a high-performance tube that will take your amplifier to its limits and beyond.

Each tube is meticulously manufactured in the EU by JJ Electronics and features gold-plated pins and rugged construction. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your amp, check out this 12AX7 variant from JJ Electronics designed to bring out the best in vintage amps, or push higher wattage amps to unprecedented levels.

The EL84 amp is a power triode vacuum tube intended for use in the output stages of audio amplifiers. They have a metal plate construction … the tubes are all tested for low noise and microphonics. I’ve always wanted an EL84, I just didn’t have the guts to go there compared to EL34 (this is where JJ stepped in). But now I’m glad they did and I hear the JJ’s are pretty good tubes.

The T-EL84 is a power pentode amplifier tube with a single triode channel. This tube type has a plate dissipation rating of 15 watts and requires an operating voltage range of between 4V and 40V. The T-EL84-JJ-MP is useful in high-end audio amplifiers, power amplifiers, balanced line drivers, and hybrid amplifiers.

2. Mullard EL84, Matched Pair (2 tubes): Top Rated in the Category

Mullard EL84, Matched Pair

All of the famous British companies manufactured tube amplifier EL84 and made them superbly. Nowadays, it is possible to identify which company makes a tube by its code. In general, the most sold brand is Mullard EL84. It is produced by Psvane and Svetlana. A genuine EL84 amp is a real winner when paired with the right speakers.

It delivers cheerful harmonics and detailed, lively sounds that dance through the room—but not at the expense of its composure. It is perfectly suited to the exquisite sound of smaller-than-normal speakers that produce sound on a totally different level. This is the best amp you can get using the EL84’s. This is a matched-pair that has been specifically built for guitar.

It has two EL84’s in a single channel with push-pull volume controls. It can drive an 8-ohm speaker to about 20 watts and a 16-ohm speaker to about 10 watts. It has one input jack and no footswitch jack. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the best EL84 Amp with our new design. Maintain lower distortion, fuller sound, and quieter background.

These Tubes are not available in the current production. Best EL84 Amp is the premier provider of high-quality, low-noise EL84 power tubes in the U.S. We pair premium grade tubes with precision matched triode sections and naturally biased rectifiers to make our Premium EL84 Power Tubes.

We also offer Single E84, Matched Pair E84, and Matched Quad E84 configurations for various applications including guitar amps, hi-fi audio amplifiers, microphones, audiophile pre-amplifiers, and more. Best El 84 Amp, you can buy it via this Reliable Best El 84 Amp Distributors and Manufacturers… It’s one of the best discounts and cheap prices.

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3. Quad of JJ EL84/6BQ5: Excellent Power Vacuum Tube

Quad Power Vacuum Tube

The best el84 amp,’s strength is the same as the best 6BQ5 amp, now JJ 400W power vacuum tube has come out, if you want to strengthen your 6BQ5 amp power, you can change to 400W output EL84 with getting much more gain and big sound difference. The JJ EL84/6BQ5 tube is a high-quality power tube with an extremely low noise level.

It can operate very well in most power amplifier circuits, especially in the output stage. The design is also excellent for high-fidelity applications in which sound quality is critical. The best EL84 Amp in the market. Made with premium components, including JJ Electronic EL84 amp Power triodes, gold anode tube sockets & WBT speaker terminals.

Our amps offer the warm sound for vintage and popular music. It has four channels, Brit, USA, Modern & Hi-End, that meet all kinds of demands from different customers. Different channel modes have different voicing for accurate recreation of tubes when playing different kinds of music. And our amps include 2 EL84 power amp tubes and 3 ECC83 preamps tubes for the pure enjoyment of music.

The JJ EL84 amp is one of the most popular guitar tubes in use today. First manufactured by the Russians in 1967, these 6BQ5 power tubes feature solid construction and a plate dissipation that makes them great for both preamp and power amp applications. These power amp tubes provide a warm and sweet sound that allows guitars to really breathe.

It’s made from premium-grade materials and uses gold pins to really unlock that full sound. It’s made by JJ to fit into any amp head or combo that takes an EL84/6BQ5 power tube, so you know you’re getting a tube that works just like it should.

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4. Tube Amp Doctor EL84 STR: Premium Selected Vacuum Tube

Premium Selected Vacuum Tube

The Tube Amp Doctor EL84 STR Premium Selected Vacuum Tube, Matched Pair is the best replacement for your old tubes. Paired with a premium set of Electro-Harmonix 5881 tubes, this amp has clearer and crisper sound, better capabilities, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

This EL84 amp STR Premium Selected Vacuum Tubes are matched to .1 mv or better, have tight matching tolerances, and can be used in single-ended applications. They are brand new, fresh from the factory, and have no signs of use on the glass. These are designed by a manufacturer with over 20 years tube making experience to provide long life, reliability, and excellent sound quality.

The premium set is a matched pair of EL84 amp tubes made with the best-quality select vacuum tubes, and an ideal choice for those looking for high output power and clean tones. These tubes are part of the same family as our TAD 12AX7 matching tube sets but include a premium grade vacuum tube known for its balanced tone and reliability.

The plate structure is matched for characteristic and performance consistency in each pair. This EL84 amp is a hand-selected and tested premium quality vacuum tube with very low noise floor and high gain. This is a best seller for a reason at Tube Amp Doctor; this is a top-performing EL84 tube. Also known as 6BQ5, 6P15P, 5881, KT88, 70125, 7189, 6N28P, CV2626, CV2014/6BZ6, and many other names.

If you are looking for great sound at a great value, the EL84 Amp Doctor matched pair is just what you need. This is a matched pair of EL84 amp vacuum tubes made to precise specifications by Dr. Eick himself. As always, Tube Amp Doctor’s goal is simply to make the best possible tubes possible for the vintage tube amp enthusiast.

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5. JJ Tube Upgrade Kit For VOX AC15C1: Outstanding Amps EL84

JJ Tube Upgrade Kit

The JJ Tubes EL84 amp is a professional upgrade tube for the Vox AC15C1 amp. This tube has been specially selected to enhance the operation of the amp, increasing the sound with more texture, harmonics, and improved detail, as well as better performance at higher volumes. Compact, versatile, and loaded with a tone that makes it stand out in the crowd, the AC15C1 is a true VOX classic.

From the ultra-responsive “AC” tone circuitry to the award-winning amp voicing of its all-tube four-stage preamp, this amp is an entirely original VOX design. Built around a pair of EL84 amp power tubes (ECC83S included) for a warm, smooth tone at any volume. These premium-grade tubes are selected for their superior tone and noise-free performance.

The JJ EL84 tubes are rated at 5,000 hours. In addition to the new tubes, you will also receive a new set of JJ 6V6GT power tubes that replace the originals. Our EL84 amp Kit is an easy and affordable way to get a sweet tone from your Vox AC15C1 amp.

This kit replaces the original 12AX7 tube with an ECC83S (12AU7) high gain, JJ-Tesla matched pair tube and provides a tighter, more focused sound profile with a nice bell tone in the high end. Includes 5 preamp tubes per kit, and has 32-pin for the higher quality signal to the amp.

Its included tremolo effect produces as many different sounds as the mind can imagine, with its depth easily adjustable to satisfy even the pickiest of musicians. This el84 amp upgrade kit is the best way to take your amp’s performance to the next level, bringing the retro tube amp tone of 1963 back to life.

With quality JJ Electronics ECC83S tubes, you can expect a fuller range of sound and better harmonics – capturing that rich tone that crafted rock legends from The Beatles to AC/DC.

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6. Mullard EL84, Matched Quad (4 tubes): Magnificent Amp Tube

Mullard EL84, Matched Quad (4 tubes)

Best el84 amp, We’ve been offering the best tubes and have the most popular brands on the market like RCA, Amperex, GE, Tung-Sol, Raytheon, Telefunken, Mullard, Brimar, etc. If you’re looking for a pair of preamp tubes to power your vintage tube amplifier or an entire matched quad of EL84s capable of over 15 watts of glorious EL84 tone then you’ve come to the right place.

This is possibly the reason why our tubes are used by more boutique and custom amp builders than any other brand. Dirty Rats Music is proud to offer the best EL84 Amp, Matched Quads available. These are the same tubes that were used in the original “Marshall JTM45” amplifiers as well as countless other vintage amplifiers from Vox, Fender, Peavey, Ric, and others.

Our EL84 amp tubes provide unmatched warmth and clarity with a superior crunch, dynamics, and overdrive; you will be able to push the amp to its limits however, you will always get those smooth tube characteristics that our customers love.

This is the best EL84 amp amongst the many on the market. In our extensive research, we pitted this tube against all other EL84 amps in order to find out what tubes sound best with guitars and speakers, etc. After rounds of listening tests, we finally came up with this Mullard EL84, Matched Quad (4 tubes).

This el84 amp will give you a fantastic tone for many types of guitar music and also has a powerful and beautiful overdrive! Best EL84 Amps. EL84 in Stock, Ready to ship. Those famous circuits built with THE MULLARD tubes like JTM45, HiWatt, Fender Champ, Marshall Plexi, Blackface Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC30, etc., can now be reproduced in your amplifier with the new production of EL84 tubes.

These tubes are carefully selected from leading manufacturers and matched into quads, so all of them must meet the same performance standards to be approved for production and sale.

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7. Brand New Matched Pair JJ EL84 6BQ5: Fully Tested Guaranteed Vacuum Tubes

Fully Tested Guaranteed Vacuum Tubes

El84 amp tubes are commonly used in small audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, and car stereo applications. Featuring quality and reliability at a budget-friendly price, JJ Electronics’ matched pair of EL84 tubes provide superior performance. The JJ EL84 Matched Pair is a classic, all-tube amp in just about every way.

Paying tribute to a tonal favorite that helped define rock music for decades on end, the EL84 comes equipped with its namesake power tubes to handle crunchy rhythms and sizzling solos alike. Whether playing an electrically charged tube amp or a Fender-style combo, the retro EL84 is great for any classic guitar setup.

The JJ Electronic EL84 amp is an improved version of the classic 6BQ5, offering nearly identical performance at a significantly reduced price! The JJ EL84 amp tubes were designed with the new solid-state audio amplifiers in mind. In the past the EL84 amp tubes were designed with output transformers and lots of power, to get a good sound at high power levels.

To make an amplifier sound good we now need low distortion, low noise, enough power to make our speakers play dynamic and very fast, good bass reproduction, and more power when the volume control is rolled off. The JJ EL-84 amp is a high-quality, medium output tube. It provides unparalleled performance and reliability in both single-ended and push-pull configurations.

You can expect loads of clean headroom, great dynamics, exceptional harmonic and intermodulation distortion characteristics, a robust bottom end, and smooth highs. Brand new–Matched in serials and date codes, test results on the box. Don’t know the exact model number of your amplifier? Just measure the distance from the center pin to the base of your power tube output socket.

That will tell you which tube size is needed.

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8. EL84/6BQ5 – Tung-Sol Matched Quad: Great Qulaity Amp Tube

Tung-Sol Matched Quad

This EL84 amp is a premium product that has been specifically designed and selected for its superior sound quality. As a reputable manufacturer, Tung-Sol takes great pride in the fact that they can offer such incredible value in their products. The EL84/6BQ5 – Tung-Sol Matched Quad is also backed by a full one-year warranty to give you total peace of mind.

The best EL84 amp for musical instrument amplifier applications by Tung-Sol. The Tung-Sol KT66 is a high-quality audio output vacuum tube manufactured in Russia. There are only a couple of decent 6BQ5 suppliers in the world, and both of them make tubes that are basically the same and sound the same, so really it comes down to price, availability, and customer service.

Our best EL84 amp is very popular among customers. It has 10000+ orders which are better than other brands such as TAD, JJ, Electro Harmonix lamps. Best is the world’s largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes and produces the most popular el84 tube brand (tung sol). The product can pass CE, SGS, RoHS certification. Our EL84 amp is the best EL84 package on the market!

The sound quality of these tubes is truly amazing. These amps take their tonal signature from cranked-up British amps such as Marshall, Vox, and others using EL-84’s in the preamp section. The highs are sparkly and crisp, mids powerful and defined with a strong bass response. The new EL84 Amp will please the Class “A” Tube Amp enthusiasts.

The EL84 is a 6BQ5/EL84 which is one of the best-kept tube amplifier secrets. The EL84 has a very nice balance of both clean and overdriven tones unlike any of its 6V6 or 6L6 cousins.

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9. Sovtek EL84 / 6BQ5: Stunning Vacuum Tube for Amp

Sovtek Vacuum Tube

The Cascode circuit provides maximum signal swing, greater overload margin, and lowers distortion in the output stage compared to conventional amplifier configurations. This long-tailed pair arrangement helps counteract early peaking of the EL84/6BQ5/6N5P triode. The amplifier produces abundant power across its performance range. The gain is 20dB, 0.8V RMS input gives 1V RMS output.

The input sensitivity is set at 6mV and the maximum gain is achieved at a slightly negative feedback level of -15dB. Above this point, the amplifier becomes unstable. THE best EL84 amp can be best used with the modern guitar sound requirements. The el84 amp generates a nice tone that fits perfectly for providing the basic frequencies in your overall guitar sound.

The sweet clarity that this amplifier boasts of makes it a great addition to your setup for things like recording, practicing, and producing music with several instruments. The Sovtek EL84 amp is a 6BQ5 vacuum tube with a 5-star review rating on Harmony Central. It’s one of the highest quality yet most affordable 6BQ5s you can get.

The Sovtek EL84 has smooth power characteristics, doesn’t suffer from microphonics, and lasts longer than the power tubes behind it in the product line. You can use your EL84 in an amplifier that requires 6DJ8 or 6P39S. That means that if at any time within the first six months of ownership if your amp stops playing as an amp should, we’ll give you a single replacement on the spot.

No hassles, no question, just drop by or call us and we’ll get you fixed up. Our EL84 amp is a premium quality high fidelity Output Transformerless Tube. The EL84/6BQ5 is typically used in guitar amplifiers for the PreAmp and/or driver stage, due to its low negative feedback factor, very hi-fi resolute sound, and durability.

10. Groove Tubes GT-EL84-S: Admirable Medium Duet Amplifier Tube

Groove Duet Amplifier Tube

The Groove Tubes GT-EL84-S Medium Duet is the ideal replacement for Fender and other amplifiers that use the Type EL84. They provide a little more power than a 6BQ5, yet sound similar enough to deliver the performance you require at an affordable price. They are made in America by a family of tube experts at Groove Tubes.

The EL84 amp power tubes and the performance of Tung-Sol 12AX7s. It has simple 5881, 6L6, and EL34 pairings. The medium plate in this tube is ideal for any application where these tubes are typically used. These vacuum tubes sound great in tone and also their ability to seamlessly handle overdrive and thus lessening the chance that your amp will become unusable due to any overheating instances without endangering any harm due to excessive heat damage.

Thanks to the incredible output power and excellent dynamic response, these new Groove Tubes EL84 amp(medium)s offer musicians a wide variety of clean and crunchy tones, suitable for blues, jazz-rock fusion, hard rock, and even heavy metal there are some different brands out there but Groove Tubes have never let me down.

I recently bought two EL84 amp tubes from [site]. Each was packed with care and each worked great in the amp. Great company to do business with. The EL84 amp family of miniature pentode guitar amplifiers are primarily designed as low frequency and/or medium gain, push-pull complementary pairs, but are also used in single-ended designs.

They provide ample output for bass speakers or multiple pairs in a voice-coil stereo configuration.