Best Drum Kits under 1000: Top Picks

Best drum kits under 1000 are ideal for those who do not have the space to set a full-size kit up in their home or for those who don’t want to deal with tuning an acoustic drum kit.

Trying to find the best drum kits under 1000 can be challenging though. There are a lot of different brands for you to choose from. There are so many different kits you need to compare before you buy! If you are a drummer and don’t have the money to spend a lot of money, you are missing some really nice drum kits. But don’t be disheartened. There are some great quality drum kits out there that won’t break the bank. Especially if you look for the best deals and discounts available at the time. And you are going to get them right now.

Editor’s Choice #

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit – Eight Piece Mesh...
  • Next Generation Mesh Performance – All mesh drum heads deliver the most realistic, responsive and immersive playing...
  • Premium Eight Piece Configuration – 8 inch dual zone snare pad, (3) 8 inch tom pads and (3) 10 inch cymbals: ride cymbal,...
  • In Demand Sound – Nitro Drum Module with 40 ready to play classic and modern kits, 60 play along tracks and 350+ expertly...
  • Stay Focussed on Your Performance - Over-ear design provides extreme audio isolation and comfort, perfect for studio,...
  • Superior Comfort - Sweat-proof silicone headband for fit flexibility and stability while performing, even during extended...

Best Budget Pick #

Mendini By Cecilio Drum Set For Kids/Junior -...
  • GREAT KIDS DRUM SET: The 5-Piece junior drum set is an 'all-in-one' fully functional drum kit designed specifically for entry...
  • HIGH QUALITY AND GREAT SOUND: The drum sets for kids ages 5-13 not only looks shiny, vibrant and glittery, but the kids drums...
  • KIDS DRUM SETS INCLUDE: The kid drum set comes with 1 bass drum (8”x13”, 4 lugs, bass drum foot pedal), 1 mounted tom...
  • MUSIC ACCESSORIES: In addition to the kids musical instruments, the set comes with a pair of wooden kids drumsticks so the...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: To avoid any damage to the well-crafted music instruments for kids during shipping, the drums for kids come...

This detailed guide breaks down the various best drum kits under 1000 available on the market. It discusses what to look for when making your purchase and also gives advice on products that you should abstain from. Easy search, and easy movement from one drum set to another, based on your needs and preferences. We know that this is frustrating as you don’t want another millstone around your neck. That’s why we have made a list of what we think are the best under 1000.

1. Mendini By Cecilio, 16-Inch, 5-Piece, Black Metallic: Best Drum Set For Kids/Junior

best drum kits under 1000

The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5-BK-16 is a junior drum kit perfect for children and teenagers. It includes a bass drum, floor tom, 2 toms, snare drum and Cymbal, pedal, and drumsticks. The kit is constructed with aluminum shells which improve the resonance of the instruments. The inclusion of a throne, an adjustable one, gives budding musicians a place to sit comfortably while they play the drums.

It is everything you need to keep your child or student enjoying the drums and having fun! This set comes with a throne, drumsticks, cymbals, and pedals. The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 Drum kit features a 16 in. bass drum, 8 in. tom-tom, 10 in. tom-tom, a 12 in. floor tom, and a 14 in. snare drum. The sound quality is amazing for the price! Get started on the drums today!

It is a complete drum kit for kids that includes everything needed to start playing right out of the box. A full-size 16-inch snare drum and 14, 12, and 10-inch toms give you all of the tools necessary to create a complete rhythm section. With a fully adjustable drum throne, cymbals, drum pedal, sticks, and the included kick pad with a bass drum beater, learning to play has never been more fun.

Made of high-quality components, Mendini by Cecilio 5-piece junior kits boast the performance and value you need without sacrificing sound, playability, and looks. This Drum Kit is the ideal practice set for kids ages 4 and up. This fun, the well-built drum kit can be used not only for learning but as a supplemental practice set at home or in the classroom.

The kids’ kit includes practice pads, cymbals, drumsticks, and an adjustable throne to accommodate children of various heights.

2. Eastar 22 inch, 5 Piece: Perfect Drum Set Kit for Adult Junior Teen

Eastar Drum Set

Most drum kits are made of just small electronic drums and a marching drum kit pedal. Instead, go for the full-sized drum kit that provides better audio output. This Drum Kit is perfect for serious and at-home players; it features a 5 piece drum set with 1 pair of cymbals, 1 pair of drum sticks, 1 drum seat, and a stool.

The Eastar 22″ drum kit is an affordable choice if you are looking for a full-sized kit. This amazing product will help you build your musical talent and advance your skill level. It features five drums, two cymbals, one hi-hat, stand, and stool.Eastar™ brand offers quality-price products to create an affordable drum set for everybody.

If you’re looking for a drum kit to get you started on the road to musical greatness, then look no further than this Eastar 22-inch Full-Size Drum kit. It’s an excellent practice kit, and perfect for young ones looking to get their first taste of playing drums. This drum set features a 5-piece configuration that includes two crash cymbals, a hi-hat cymbal stand, a throne, and a bass drum pedal.

The drum kit can be easily configured into a smaller three-piece setup by removing the bass pedals, kick pedal, and one crash cymbal stand. The set includes five drum pads (three toms, snare, and bass), three cymbals, a stand, stool, and sticks. This Big Drum Set contains two pedals, one for bass and one for the floor tom. All of these components combine to provide a full-sized, complete drum kit.

With this kit, you can start learning how to play the drums today.

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3. Ashthorpe 5-Piece with Genuine Brass Cymbals: Excellent Kid’s Junior Drum Set Kit

Junior Drum Set with Genuine Brass Cymbals

Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum kit with Genuine Brass Cymbals – Children’s Advanced Beginner Kit with 16″ Bass, Adjustable Throne, Cymbals, Hi-Hats, Pedals & Drumsticks – Red. This Drum kit comes complete with everything needed to play like a pro! Elegantly finished in rich Red Burst this drum kit is a great starter for any aspiring musician.

The Ashtorpe 5 piece drum kit is a new design for 2021! It’s been built with durability and quality in mind, using only the finest materials and hardware. The sturdy bass drum features our very own Ashthorpe logo and our 10/10 ply drum shells ensure a great sound every time! The cymbal stands are adjustable so your little drummer can enjoy playing to their heart’s content.

The entire family will love this eye-catching Ashthorpe 5-Piece Junior Kids Drum kit. Faithfully reproduced from today’s most popular sets for adults, the Ashthorpe 5-Piece Junior Kids Compact Drum Set is made to be played by kids. Perfect for beginners, this drum kit features high-quality, durable construction in classic colors and finishes for a look that is both attractive and inspiring.

It can be used by young children who have an interest in drums, but who would prefer not to play full-size adult drum sets. The kit features 6 different pieces: bass drum, floor tom, crash cymbals, 2 hi-hats, first crash cymbals, and lastly the first ride cymbal. This complete children’s drum kit is a real, pro-quality instrument for the aspiring drummer.

All the essentials are included in this starter package: a complete drum set with the bass pedal, cymbals, hi-hats, and even sticks! The kit offers beginners everything they need to get started playing right out of the box. No lessons are needed – simply take it home and start jamming!

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4. Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece: Junior Size Drum Set

Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit

Our Best Choice Products Beginner 3-Piece Drum Kit is the perfect practice kit for your aspiring drummer. It features one drum of each type including a bass drum, snare drum, and two toms, plus a cymbal and pair of drumsticks. This kid-sized set also comes with a cushioned stool and bass pedal for the drummer to sit on while having fun learning the drums.

Perfect for any child who dreams of someday rocking out on stage with a real rock band! Set up your own rockin’ band with this Junior Size Drum Kit by Best Choice Products. This complete set comes with everything you need for practice and playtime including a stool, 2 toms, bass, cymbal, and pedal.

The included sticks will help you sound great playing along with your favorite songs whether you’re a beginner or an experienced percussionist. Tired of listening to kids bang on pots and pans? Get them a drum kit they can play for hours with this Best Choice Products Junior Size 3-Piece Beginner Drum Set. This drum set includes a stool, 2 toms, a bass drum, and a cymbal and comes in red.

It also features convenient chucks (rather than the usual wing nuts) so you don’t need tools to adjust the drum. The stool, cymbals, two drum pads, bass drum, and pedal are all assembled for you so it’s ready to play when it arrives. The padded seat makes it comfortable for you and your child to use. Teach your kid the basics with this junior drum kit set or just let them have fun.

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5. Eastar 16 inches 3 Piece: Outstanding Kids Drum Set Kit with Throne

3 Piece Kids Drum Set

The Eastar 16 inch 3 Piece Kids Drum Kit with Throne is designed for kids aged 5+ and comes complete with everything they need to start drumming straight out of the box. This set includes a wooden drum throne, which adjusts to different heights to ensure it is suitable for your drummer as they grow.

It has 8 different percussion instruments including cymbals, toms, cowbell, and tambourine, as well as three pairs of sticks. It’s a great gift idea for children who are creative, vibrant, and looking to pursue a career in music. The compact size of this drum kit is easy to store and won’t take up too much space in your child’s room.

This junior drumset comes pre-assembled right out of the box with a throne, set of sticks, and an adjustable cymbal. The 16-inch drum sizes are perfect for beginner players learning a new instrument. It is a perfect gift for any budding musician. This Eastar 3-piece kit is just what you need to start your music journey or to add a new dimension to an existing one.

This drum kit is a unique gift idea for any child looking to learn how to play the drums. The set comes complete with 1 snare drum, 1 bass drum, and 1 cymbal to start their brand new drumming journey. The set features nice-sounding acoustics, and the adjustable wooden throne and drumsticks will put them in the driver’s seat ready to begin practicing right away.

This Drum Kit is a real classic and has been specially designed for kids. It was made durable to endure the tough treatment that children are renowned for. The high-quality finishes give this drum kit a sophisticated look perfect for adults as well, but still, we recommend it to young music learners and adults who would like to start a band with their kids.

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6. Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Set: Amazing Children’s Beginner Kit with 14″ Bass

Junior Drum Set - Children's Beginner Kit

Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum Kit – Children’s Beginner Kit with 14″ Bass, Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks – Green, Orange. Let the children explore their musical side with a fun drum kit! The drum kit is equipped with three drum heads, one bass head, and two cymbals that keep the child entertained for hours.

The throne enables the user to sit comfortably while playing. The pedals and sticks are designed specifically for kids. This kid’s drum kit is ideal for 6-year-olds and over. The drum kit includes a 14″ Bass drum, 6.5″ Tom, and 8″ Crash cymbal. In addition to this, the kit includes an Adjustable Throne for a perfect posture with two-way adjustable height and seat position adjustability.

This Drum Kit includes everything you need to start drumming. It is an all-inclusive drum kit for your child that even comes with a built-in amp. Create music together with your child. It’s an activity your entire family will love! The Ashthorpe junior drum kit is perfect for children who have recently developed a desire to play the drums.

The fully adjustable throne mounted boom cymbal, and low-mass bass drum pedal makes this the ideal beginner’s kit. This complete kit features everything you need to get started playing: snare, bass drum, stand, throne that adjusts to three height levels (very stable at its lowest setting), cymbal, and a pair of drum sticks.

If you have a budding drummer in your family or are considering buying someone their first drum this is such an awesome deal!

7. Ludwig LC178X016 Questlove: Magnificent Drum Pocket Kit 4-piece

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit

Check out this Questlove 4-piece drum kit. Since its introduction, the Ludwig LC178X016 Questlove Pocket Kit 4-piece Drum kit has been the choice of players looking for a basic, affordable drum set and sound quality that is comparable to more expensive models. This drum kit features a 10″ x 6 1/2″ tom, 12″ x 8″ floor tom, 14″ x 14″ bass drum, and matching 1 1/8″ snare drum mountable on the bass drum.

Its small size makes it ideal for personal use or home recording studio setups. It has the innovative Kickport feature, which increases bass response and offers increased tuning capabilities without sacrificing sound and tone.

Plus, it includes a mesh-head VH hi-hat with cast bottom cymbal for cool effects, a tough-as-nails snare that will provide years of performance, and a bass drum pedal that can handle the toughest beaters out there. The Questlove drum kit has a classic look and tone that are sure to stand out in the crowd.

With deep bass tones from the kick drum and plenty of attack from the snare and toms, you’ll be sure to cut through the mix. This Drum Ket is specifically built for mobile musicians and features the classic Ludwig sound and quality in a lightweight, portable package. It comes complete with all hardware needed to hit the stage in minutes.

The Ludwig Questlove kit features a single-ply 10mm Maple shell design, and warm finishes of Black Sparkle on the two bass drums. With one 20″ by 24″ Bass drum and one 22″ by 18″ bass drum, this set is compact enough to fit into bedrooms and big enough to sound great even if you’re a little advanced player. Incorporating mesh heads for the toms as well as a cowbell style side snare for added variety in sound.

8. LAGRIMA 16 inch 5-Piece: Admirable Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne

Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set

LAGRIMA is a brand, specializing in manufacturing various musical instruments, providing the perfect combination of quality and price. By using professional techniques, excellent craftsmanship, and great passion, we are trying to create the best musical products for the best prices.

We offer a wide variety of drum kits, detune guitar, bass guitar, ukulele set, mandolin set, 10-inch snare drum, and game drum sets, etc. All kinds of incredible instruments will follow with us. This drum kit is a complete junior drum set with everything you need to start learning drums. The Lagrima drums are crafted from durable wood and feature beautiful stenciled designs and bright transparent sparkles.

Soft head cymbals are mounted on metal stands and the throne is fully height adjustable, making little drummer’s dreams come true – whether playing alone or with friends. The drum kit features a 16″ bass drum, 14″ and 10″ tom-toms, and a 12″ mounted tom. Included are 2 sticks as well as 2 cymbal pads. Adjustable cymbal clamps accommodate both junior and full-size cymbals.

With its sturdy construction and easy assembly, the Lagrima junior drum set puts the fun back into learning to play drums. The time has come for your child to take their first steps towards making sweet music. Plus, with the adjustable throne and strong hardware, this drum kit can be played on for years and years. It comes pre-assembled, which makes it easier than ever to get up-and-running fast.

If you are searching for ideal drum kits for children, this is the one! Featuring a beautiful sparkled drum skin, sturdy all-metal hardware, and stylish glittery gold trim, this drum kit makes playing fun. Ideal for beginner drummers ages 5 and up. Beginners will develop the rhythm and coordination of different beats by using these drums.