Best Crash Cymbals: Expert’s Reviews

Having cymbals set that not only sounds good but also looks and feels good. You are a drummer looking for the right crash cymbal to fit in perfectly with a certain piece you have just composed, or you are a percussionist needing the most exquisite pair of cymbals for your next gig, or even you are a percussion hobbyist wanting the most attractive pair as your first purchase!

And it’s important to place your order with the best Crash Cymbals manufacturer in the country. Just think of all the time, effort, and money you could be saving. Check out our best crash cymbals reviews for the latest models to hit the market.

Top Pick #

Meinl 16” Trash Crash Cymbal with Holes – HCS...
  • Outstanding sound effects — the HCS 16" trash crash features hole cut-outs that dry the cymbal sound out for a trashy...
  • Designed for beginners and students — Meinl HCS cymbals are designed for beginner and student musicians using a durable...
  • Made in Germany — when you open the box, the first thing you will notice is these cymbals bear the exact same markings as...
  • Full range of sounds — unique to this price range, HCS cymbals offer all of the cymbal types and sizes normally found in...
  • Great for instructors — Meinl HCS cymbals are made for new players who are learning their way around the drum set —...

Budget Pick #

Meinl Cymbals 14” Crash Cymbal – HCS...
  • Made for fast and shimmering crash sounds — the 14" Meinl HCS crash is made for fast crash sounds, meaning the cymbal will...
  • Designed for beginners and students — Meinl HCS cymbals are designed for beginner and student musicians using a durable...
  • Made in Germany — when you open the box, the first thing you will notice is these cymbals bear the exact same markings as...
  • Full range of sounds — unique to this price range, HCS cymbals offer all of the cymbal types and sizes normally found in...
  • Great for instructors — Meinl HCS cymbals are made for new players who are learning their way around the drum set —...

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1. Roland CY-12C: Best Electric Drum Crash V-Cymbal, 12-Inch

best crash cymbals

Roland CY-12C Electronic Crash Cymbal, size: 12 inches. The CY-12C Electronic Crash Cymbal is the perfect complement to the V-drum set. The CY-12C electronic cymbal has a realistic playing feel with a natural bow response, and be used not only to play louder but also to play quicker and lighter for music that requires rapid strikes. This indoor concert cymbal.

It provides the player with explosive crash cymbal sounds and is equipped with a 2.3mm diameter rod shaft which enables attachment to any MT series electronic drum. Instructions included. It is made of brass and features two unidirectional V-shaped crash cymbals that can support ranges of sounds from loud to soft.

These crash cymbals are the choice of drummers who don’t want to sacrifice attack and presence. These crash cymbals feature a wide variety of sounds at a remarkably affordable price. And with seamless coordination between the Bass Drum Pedal and the crash/ride function in Sound Module, crashes are easier than ever!

The CY-12C is outfitted with internal acoustic sensors that trigger the module when struck to provide a realistic, natural response as a traditional acoustic cymbal. It’s durable and versatile enough to be mounted on any stand or rack to fit in any kit. This crash cymbal is the perfect complement to any electronic drum kit.

Whether used with Roland”s award-winning TD-series electronic drums or any other brand, CY-12C crash cymbals blend seamlessly into a wide variety of performances. The CY-12C offers a natural feel and grip similar to that of a real acoustic crash cymbal, making it easy for both acoustic drummers and electronic drummers alike to get a great sound right away.

The 12″ crash cymbal’s natural playability makes it an essential practice tool for drummers who seek training that accurately reflects real playing conditions. The CY-12C’s playing feel and realistic look make it a perfect addition to any electronic percussion setup.

2. Sabian SBR1811 SBR Series: Top Rated Pure Brass 18-Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal

Sabian Pure Brass 18-Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal

Looking for the best crash cymbals in 2020. We’ve got you covered. Sabian 18-inch crash/ride is a pure brass cymbal that offers an explosive musical tone with deep, rich undertones. The SBR 1811 series features a raw shimmering profile and dark hammer marks to enhance the sound. Let Sabian be your ride cymbal source today!

The SBR1811 Pure Brass crash cymbal features the brilliant and complex sound of brass, providing a much fatter sound than traditional alloy models. It is a versatile addition to any drum kit and a great pop/rock standout for your recordings. Sabian 1811 series best crash cymbals are made from the best quality thick brass, and the hammered finish creates a natural “raw” appearance.

The best crash cymbal has a highly musical tone that excels in any musical genre. 1811 is the latest edition of Sabian’s world-famous B8 Pro. It has an unmistakably tight low end with excellent projection, definition, and tonal complexity. The most commonly occurring sound on the B8 is split between warm low register and clear high register – all emanating from one drum.

Each cymbal in this series is friction-welded for unmatched strength and then individually lathed and finished by hand. Carefully struck and lathed, they produce a higher, sharper, extended tone. They are two to three times louder than their bronze counterparts. SBR cymbals provide a bright, crisp sound that’s projection-ready.

The Sabian SBR Series crash cymbal offers the same sound, power, and performance as your favorite brass cymbals but with the convenience and durability of modern alloys. With a raw, over-the-top chop, a bold response, and the same bright tone that has made its predecessors successful for decades, the crash cymbal in this value-minded 18″ series is perfect to replace your old worn-out crash or upgrade an existing loud ride cymbal.

A crash cymbal is a perfect instrument for a drummer to use to add overtones and accents on top of the drums in any musical genre.

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3. Foraineam 14-Inch: Outstanding Crash Cymbal

Foraineam Crash Cymbal

The Foraineam 14-Inch Crash Cymbal is the most effective choice if you are a beginner or otherwise don’t have that much to spend. It’s commonly a lot more silent than that of its greater counterparts, although increasingly precarious to rip up. This is because the cymbal is made out of metal. And thus always be struck with a lot less force than its elder relatives, which regularly possess alloys.

In actuality, alloys are usually used for higher quality cymbals simply because they’re lighter usually and reduce inertia. This Crash Cymbal is made from high-quality B20 bronze without any tinplate. It is well designed with a pleasing sound that is not sharp, but, still produces a resonant tone. It comes with a stylish design that offers visual elegance and comfort to players.

playing with a soft stick, this cymbal produces a beautiful sound while playing at a higher speed it produces a loud crash sound. Best Crash Cymbals come in various shapes designs and sizes. There are three basic types of cymbals: china cymbals, ride cymbals and crash cymbals. China cymbals are typically used to create a melody or background line for music.

Ride cymbals are used primarily in marching bands and other field-type performances to make steady rhythms. Crash cymbals are the largest of the three and play a very vital role in modern rock music. This crash cymbal delivers rich, bright tones and can produce cutting accents when it’s time for them. Its generous weight makes it comfortable to play and produces a fuller sound than many other brands.

With a focused, clear, and clean sound, they are great paired with other crashes or cymbals in larger sets. The Foraineam 14″ Crash features a riveted bell, lathed top over a frenched hole on the bottom surface, 6-holes, and solid steel construction with a brilliant finish– everything a percussionist needs in an impressive new crash cymbal.

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4. Meinl Percussion 14” Crash Cymbal: HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set Use

Meinl Percussion Cymbal – HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set

Meinl Percussion 14” Crash Cymbal is the perfect height for handheld use and powerful enough to control the whole drum set. The traditional finish lets you produce that beyond amazing sound and the two-year warranty makes it a smart investment. Fully hand-hammered out of high-quality brass in Germany, this Meinl Percussion Cymbal will make your playing come alive.

This Crash Cymbal delivers crisp, bright sounds with a traditional look. It features an exquisite hammering pattern for a sophisticated, distinctive sound. It offers fast response and increased clarity, even at extreme volumes that make it ideal for heavy, loud rock music. This cymbal is made from a brass alloy with a Traditional Finish and includes a free Meinl HCS Pro-tech bag.

The Meinl Percussion HCS series cymbals are a truly classic best crash cymbals that deliver the warm, dark tone of brass. The crash cymbal is heavier and wider than an orchestral cymbal, making it the perfect combo of china and crash. It has two settings – both its bow and edge can be played to create a variety of different sounds for each musical situation.

This cymbal produces a medium-thin to medium volume and plays well night and day. Best Crash Cymbals is a leading cymbal producing company. They offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. The products of Meinl are well crafted and very durable. It will bring long-lasting pleasure to those who admire Yamaha, Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, and other top brands of musical instruments and accessories.

The HCS series are great quality cymbals that bring a big, bright sound with an explosive attack. These cymbals from Meinl are made in Germany and are created to last for decades. This Crash Cymbal features a bright, cutting sound and is hammered for a fast release between stick strokes. Crafted from brass and made in Germany, this crash cymbal will be a welcome addition to any percussion setup.

Pair it with the 14″ Traditional Crash Ride for a complete setup.

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5. Meinl 16” Crash Cymbal: Perfect HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set

Meinl 16 inch Crash Cymbal – HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set

The best crash cymbal needs to be able to get the job done, and for many years, the Meinl HCS Traditional finish 16″ crash cymbal has done exactly that. Made of brass with a traditional finish, this cymbal is known for its instantly recognizable tone.

The best crashes are made from brass, so when you need a cymbal that will get the job done, the Meinl HCS traditional finish 16″ crash is an obvious choice in crashes. The sound from this crash cymbal has a warm, dark, and rich tone. A crash cymbal is designed to be played at high volume levels. It is meant to make a very sharp and loud sound when hitting other drumming instruments.

Through careful selection of metals and shapes, the HCS Traditional Finish Crash Cymbal gives a pure and highly refined sound that fits in most drum kits. Our HCS series, produced from a special old formula brass, give these cymbals a clear and brilliant tone with a full-bodied sound. This is due to the way alloying elements affect the tone during manufacture and the traditional hand hammering.

You can tune these cymbals higher and for longer than other Meinl Traditional models. While this makes them perfect for all musical styles, they’re especially brilliant in jazz and fusion music. Each crash cymbal is made of brass which gives the right amount of resonance to make your crescendos snappy and brilliant, without overshadowing the rest of your ensemble.

The brass material also allows for an extended sustain without causing any distortion. Our Crash features a full brass body for a smooth attack and an all-around brilliant finish. The product is made from high-grade, hand-hammered brass and has a Traditional finish. It is available in a 16″ crash model to match perfectly with other Meinl cymbals.

This crash is made of high-quality brass and has a traditional finish. Meinl Cymbals come with many years of experience in cymbal making. They do not all sound the same. All cymbals have their own voice; loud, soft, dark, or bright.

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6. Meinl 18″ Crash/Ride Cymbal – Superior Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set

Meinl 18 inch Crash/Ride Cymbal - HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set

Make use of the awesome two-year warranty by purchasing the outstanding Meinl 18″Crash Cymbal HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set, Made in Germany. This product is certainly one of the best value products you can find in the market. Our Meinl HCS Traditional Crash/Ride Cymbal offers performance and value in a traditional cymbal shape.

The HCS series is crafted from high-quality B20 alloy for a big, dark, and warm crash cymbal sound. With a durable hammered finish, these medium-weight cymbals are ideal for the drummer with a taste for tradition at an incredible price point. Available only at Sam Ash Direct. The HCS series features silver-plated brass cymbals, traditional lathing, and hammering.

This crash/ride has an even, warm, and controlled response with a slight brightness to enhance projection. It can handle the swiftest of passages, yet produces a powerful crash when struck with heavy force. Fits perfectly with all 18″ mounting systems and any set-up. The Meinl Traditional finish cymbals were designed for use in recording studios and stages internationally.

Their traditional craftsmanship and carefully developed features make them particularly popular with drummers. This 18” crash cymbal combines the attack of a crash with the sustained response of a ride. This Cymbal is handcrafted in Germany using a traditional casting method and produces a variety of sounds by itself or with other cymbals.

Its uniquely shaped, flat bell surface can be tuned to achieve higher volume. In addition to marking the start of a song, crashing cymbals punctuate and accent music as it unfolds, providing a rhythmic foundation for the rest of the music. Traditional finish brass cymbals are the most versatile for any kind of music.

Meinl designer cymbals stand out because they’re innovative and unique. Innovatively designed for specific musical styles, each cymbal combines performance technologies with exclusive designs. From the recording studio to concert stages around the world, musicians have come to rely on Meinl cymbals as their sound source of choice.

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7. Zildjian Planet Z (ZP16C): Top Rated Crash Cymbal

Zildjian Planet Z Crash Cymbal

The Zildjian Planet Z Crash Cymbal (ZP16C) was designed with professional drummers in mind. They are crafted from B20 alloy (80%) and a 20% tin content for more volume with good projection and a heavy feel without the need to use excessive force. This cymbal brings together the perfect mix of durability and sound characteristics, making it an ideal addition to any drum line’s arsenal.

Best crash cymbals are arguably the best crash cymbals ever made. They produce a deep, rich sound that cuts through louder musical passages and can emulate many sounds. These best crash cymbals are not too bright and not overbearing on your ears.

The Zildjian Planet Z Crash Cymbal is a cast from the company’s first invention in Constantinople and features a unique sonority unmatched by any other brand. Zildjian Planet Z Crash Cymbals are made in the USA, with a look and sound that make them unmistakably Zildjian. This cymbal can be used for any genre in your drum set.

Planet Z has a loud volume and also has a deep bell that gives the cymbal its tonal color. The super-thin hammering along the edge makes this cymbal stand out. Great stick definition, warm tone, and excellent response make this cymbal very effective for the intermediate to advanced player. Planet Z Crash cymbals provide explosive sounds and a bright attack for any music genre.

Designed with a powerful voice, the Zildjian Planet Z series offers a musical complement to any drummer or percussionist. The non-traditional sizes create unique sonic opportunities when combined with our different tonal and finish options. It provides an enormous, explosive crash that cuts through the mix with ease.

Even in mixed ensemble settings, its projected nature still allows it to maintain its definition that sets it apart from other multi-purpose cymbal lines.

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8. Kuyal 16-Inch,0.7mm Copper Alloy: Great Quality Crash Cymbal

Kuyal 16-Inch Crash Cymbal,0.7mm Copper Alloy Crash Cymbal

Extra-large and extra loud, Kuyal’s 16-inch crash cymbal brings the chasm to your ears with its extreme volume. It has a double bowled edge for an enhanced sustain, which means more of those amazing overtones.

The 0.7mm copper alloy bowl provides an attractive golden finish – it looks like a real gem! It comes from a highly reputed brand- Kuyal that manufactures quality musical instruments and professional audio equipment. The product is of premium quality and has a premium design. This crash cymbal will be an excellent addition to your next drum set.

It is a top choice for all drummers who want to full their performance with unique sounds and clear tones. The crash cymbal has a deep tone, clear strike, and excellent well-defined stick articulation. It features heavyweight design and is coated with a copper alloy so it resonates with rich sounds. The 16-inch diameter offers a wide, sweet sound to compliment any drum kit.

Copper alloy strikes ultra-sharp and delivers powerful projection. 0.7mm Thickness provides a comfortable rebound feel and consistent sustain. Our crash cymbal has well-balanced, resonance and tone makes it easy to fit into the mix. Crafted with durable 0.7mm copper alloy, this 16-inch crash commemorates a classic vintage design.

It features a raw hammered finish and delivers a high-impact sound that is bright, articulate, and warm-sounding. It’s easy to set up and has a solid construction to provide a heavy sound when struck by the beater. This durable cymbal is crafted with advanced craftsmanship to provide a bright, high-end sound that will enhance your music experience and help you produce better results.

This Crash Cymbal is the perfect product for drummers. This Crash Cymbal by Kuyal is made from premium quality copper 16-inch crash cymbals which produce a rich & warm, classic, and very distinctive drumming sound to make your performance impressive. In addition to this alluring product will surely add up to the prestige of your tonal range.

9. Roland (CY-8): Affordable & Best Crash Cymbal

Roland Crash Cymbal

Roland’s CY-8 Crash Cymbal features a variety of sounds. The sound quality is a perfect balance between satisfying volume and dynamic range, so it provides a real musical experience. The CY-8 also has multiple levels of sensitivity so you can play gentle or hard, soft or loud, offering a wide range of musical expressions.

The CY-8 Crash Cymbal features a full-bodied sound that is warmer and darker than the open HH series. And while many players choose the HH1 as their go-to crash for its sharp, focused sound, the new CY-8 offers a cool alternative by offering the kind of thick wash that legendary rock crashes are made of.

The CY-8 Crash Cymbal converts any standard hi-hat stand into a crash stand with its height-adjustable Cymbal Arm and independent cymbal tilter. A durable brass finish and a mass-loaded base for even impact protect your cymbal from wear, while the custom sidearm design matches the look of other CY series hardware. This Crash Cymbal is the first crash cymbal in Roland’s new line of cymbal accessories.

It is also the first crash cymbal to be MIDI-compatible right out of the box. The sound of this crash cymbal is a bright and cutting crash with a fast decay, and full range expression. The CY-8 is 16 inches in diameter and features 100% pure copper traditional hammering and lathing techniques. The CY-8 produces a bright volume with high clarity that can easily be heard above the rest of the band.

It comes in various models and colors, including bright, gold, or dark nickel to fit your needs. The CY-8 Crash Cymbal delivers the assertive attack and quick decay essential in today’s most popular musical styles. Compact in size and light in weight, it is the perfect crash cymbal for modern drummers who need a versatile, compact complement to their setup.

Individually handcrafted in Japan with a high level of attention to detail, these cymbals are both beautiful and exceedingly versatile. And they’re priced right for any musician’s budget.

10. Zildjian Planet Z: Magnificent Crash Ride Cymbal

Zildjian Planet Z Crash Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian 21 inch Planet Z Crash Ride Cymbal is a large crash cymbal that provides a bright, explosive crash tone. It features a bright finish that easily cuts through the mix and provides excellent stick definition. Zildjian 21 Inch Crash Rides are great for high-volume situations, such as live stage performances. The cymbals are made from an alloy consisting of bronze, copper, and tin.

The cymbal’s diameter is 21 inches with a width of 20.56 inches. It has a weight range between 4030 grams and 4010 grams. This Crash Ride Cymbal has brighter, more full-bodied sound than any previous Zildjian Dark Crash cymbal. The dark matte finish has a rainbow pattern that marks the most advanced hammering on the planet.

Since innovation is the key to success for Zildjian, they produced the first Crash/Ride combination. This 18″ Crash/Ride compliments any drum set with its warm, bright and explosive sound and complex overtones. The manufacturing process requires advanced yet simple techniques, which assure that only the highest quality Planet Z’s leave the building.

The Zildjian Planet Z Crash Ride Cymbal takes the concept of a traditional ride cymbal into unexplored territory. Its unique surface texture creates enhanced levels of stick definition and clarity, while its powerful, complex wash is ideal for crescendo work and adding weight to musical scores.

These Zildjian Planet Z crash cymbals are ideal for players looking for an easily controlled, well-defined, and full sound. Whether you’re playing with a drum kit or in an orchestra setting, this 11-inch crash cymbal is the perfect choice to add color and depth to your performance.