Best Blues Amps: A Quick Buying Guide

Looking for the best blues amps available? Many sites that make these claims are simply listing the first ten amps they find. If you want quality, you don’t want to buy an amp on a list. You’re a guitarist, bassist, etc., and while you could just Google it, there’s a way better, more enjoyable way to find out about the best amps for your style of playing.

Question is, where to look? There are so many out there, it’s overwhelming. We have based our list of top blues amps on many, many factors including how long they have been around, how reputable their manufacturer is and what genuine customers have said about them. Sometimes they might mention objective facts about an amp, but most of the time it’s all based on opinion.

Top Pick #

Fender Blues JR Limited C12N
  • Classic warm tube tone provided by the EL84 power tubes and 12ax7 pre-amp tubes
  • Foot switchable "FAT" option adds thicker tones and subtle overdrive
  • On board spring reverb for large echo effect
  • Enjoy years of durability from the lacquer tweed cabinet
  • Warm articulate tones provided by the Jensen P12N speaker

Budget Pick #

LyxPro Electric Guitar Amp 20 Watt Amplifier Built...
  • 20 WATT AMPLIFIER 20W Amp with Built In Speaker, 1/4" Instrument Input, Headphone Jack & AUX Input for Playing Along to Music...
  • EASY TO USE CONTROLS Integrated Controls Include Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume & Grind , enjoy ultimate control with multiple...
  • AUX HOOKUP 1/8" headphone out jack Connects a phone or MP3 player to play guitar alongside your favorite recorded music
  • SOUND CREATIVITY experiment with various controls and effects on the guitar and amp, helping to expand your musicality
  • SECURED EDGES Secured hard rubber corner edges Makes your amplifier stand safe and stable also protects your amplifier from...

The answer is clear – is the current go-to place for comparing amps of all stripes and then coming up with a top-10 list! We have used the ‘product authority’ principle to make our choice from thousands of blues amps. We are now willing to share all that research with you so you can find the best blues amp for your needs in a matter of minutes.

1. LyxPro Electric Guitar Amp 20 Watt: Best Blues Amplifier

best blues amps

LyxPro Electric Guitar Blues Amp 20 Watt Amplifier Built-In Speaker Headphone Jack And Aux Input Includes Gain Bass Treble Volume And Grind – Blue. Compact amplifier with a dual-concentric speaker that lets you plug in your guitar and jam out at home or on the go. Ideal for use with tablets, portable music players, smartphones, and other electronic devices that have a headphone jack.

20 watt amplifier produces loud and clear sound with a rich bass that cuts through even the loudest of bands or live venues. This Electric Guitar Blues Amp 20 Watt Amplifier Built-In Speaker Headphone Jack And Aux Input Includes Gain Bass Treble Volume And Grind – Blue,

With the LYXPRO Electric Guitar Amp 20, Watt Amplifier gives an excellent sound system with a headphone jack and an AUX input, this amp is made for all musicians who wanted to practice in their room, garage, or any other room in their homes. The aux input allows you to plug in your MP3 player, CD player, or even your favorite tape into the headphone jack for jamming along.

And its handy size ensures that wherever you go, your amp can come with you. Play music from any electronic device into this amp via the headphone/aux output. This blue amp is an ideal entry-level guitar amp for beginners, students, hobbyists, and travelers. It is so small and compact that it does not require an AC adapter and can be run directly from the included 9V batteries.

The LYXPRO has a built-in speaker, headphone jack, and aux input making it easy to play late at night without keeping up the neighbors! All controls are easily accessible on the top panel: Gain(Overdrive), Bass, Treble, Volume, and Grind(distortion). This state-of-the-art stereo blue amp features an easy-to-use control panel and includes a convenient headphone jack for silent practice.

The LyxPro 20W electric guitar amp also features gain, bass, treble, and volume control for added tone shaping and versatility.

2. Fender Frontman 10G: Top Rated Electric Guitar Amplifier(Midnight Blue)

Electric Guitar Amplifier - Midnight Blue

The Fender Frontman 10G electric guitar blue amp 10-watt, solid-state power plant provides everything you need to explore the world of electric guitar tone. The clean and overdrive channels let you dial in a wide range of great-sounding classic and modern tones, and they’re both easily accessible via separate volume controls.

If you’re just starting out and you want a great-sounding amp that’ll last you till you’re rocking stadiums, your new Fender Frontman 10G may be for you. This blue amp features both clean and overdrive channels, as well as a horn section that brings out the best of your bass, baritone, and even 7-string guitar sounds.

This blue amp is a great little amplifier that can serve from the bedroom to bar without missing a beat. Small 5w output is enough for playing with friends or even recording in a home studio. It has great sound quality with its trademark Fender “brown sound”. It gives you good volume and tone for vocals and guitar if any of those are your thing (they should be!).

Has clean and overdrive channels for versatility, but the overdrive channel is quite distorting and probably should only be used at home with headphones (I had no idea when I purchased this amp). The Frontman 10G blue amp gives you all that vintage Fender sound in a back-to-basics package, with none of the frills or extras that drive up the price from other amps.

With its smaller size and affordable price, the Frontman 10G makes a great practice amp at home, and it even makes a great amp for small gigs.

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3. Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier: Mini Blue Series Audio Power Amp

Blue Series Audio Power Amplifier

The Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier is a multifunctional power amplifier that can transform any audio-equipped device into a Bluetooth wireless speaker for easy streaming from almost any media device. This mini amp features 2 x 25 Watt (PCA12BT) amplifiers to drive both speakers simultaneously, a USB port (DC 5V) for charging, and also includes an auxiliary 3.5mm jack.

The amp also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and will allow up to 20 hours of playback when the battery is fully charged. The mini stereo blue amp can stream music from any Bluetooth device in line-of-sight range (up to 10 meters), and simultaneously charge your mobile devices via its high-current USB charge port. Or, listen to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM tuner.

This blue amp is the perfect 2-channel stereo amplifier that comes with your favorite music streaming from Bluetooth wireless technology. Connect directly to your sound system, powered subwoofers, or active speakers for an incredible music experience, and be the hero of the party.

Built to deliver finesse audio playback with powerful built-in Class AB circuitry that delivers an output power of 25 watts RMS per channel into 4 speakers. A stereo line input allows you to connect directly to your computer, satellite radio, MP3 players, and other devices to enjoy your favorite music in ultimate sound quality.

This blue amp has a power indicator light, stereo RCA inputs, and a stereo headphone jack output. It also delivers a USB charge port, a 3.5mm AUX-in for non-Bluetooth devices, and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

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4. VOX Amplug 2 Blues (AP2BL): Excellent Guitar Headphone Amplifier

Guitar Headphone Amplifier

The new VOX Amplug 2 Blues are a pair of headphones packed with a realistic guitar sound, and a sensitive microphone for recording onto an iPhone or smartphone. You can also plug the Amplug 2 into your guitar amp via its 1/4″ guitar input jack.

The sound quality of the preamp is so great and all you need is to adjust the volume with the knob, which can be directly connected to the guitar as well as iPhone or smartphone!! This mini blue amp headphone guitar amp offers portable tone and volume control so you can enjoy hours of practicing anywhere, anytime.

Great for connecting to an iPod or smartphone, it also comes with two sets of earbuds and a compact carrying case for easy transportation. The compact, all-analog circuit faithfully reproduces the warmth and growl of the original amp. This headphone amp features 3 different amps and 2 effects; from sparkling clean to tube-driven blues to full-on distorted rock, this little headphone amp has it all.

This blue amp for an electric guitar that grants super-portable operation of a full-fledged guitar amplifier. It contains an AC power supply and battery and can be used as a tabletop mini amp. Use the Tone and Drive adjusters to create your own sound just as you would on a conventional guitar amplifier. The compact size makes this perfect for use in breaks at school or work when you’re limited to low volumes.

The tube-like warmth and response are the same you’d expect from a traditional guitar amp – the perfect tool to use during practice. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere.

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5. JOYO BLUEJAY (BLUES-JUNIOR) BanTamp Series: Outstanding Mini Amp

JOYO BLUEJAY BanTamp Series Mini Amp

Interested in learning how to play the guitar? Whether you’re following your heart or just looking for a new hobby, commit yourself to learn this rich, rewarding instrument with accessories that give you a solid start. The JOYO BLUEJAY (BLUES-JUNIOR) BanTamp Series Mini Amp Head is a great little amp for students and beginners.

This mini blue amp head is an upgraded version of regular Blues Junior, it inherited the same 1 x 12″ speaker with 30W output, but added Bluetooth and smartphone application. Powered by EL84 tubes, this Bluetooth combo amplifier is a great choice for guitarists to enjoy practice in a different way. This unit is based on the flagship model, the Blues King, but in a more compact form.

This blue amp is an amazingly versatile amplifier; it can be used as a standalone unit or bundled with the BT-1 Bluetooth receiver to play quietly with headphones, or pipe your sound to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. This blue amp is designed for home or studio use. It’s a 2 channel tube amplifier with 20 watts of power.

The gain and tone channels are separately controllable and can be blended to produce the desired effect. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming; input jack for smartphones or other music devices; DC output jack for adding a speaker cabinet (sold separately); reverb control; selectable impedance, 65W, and 120W, footswitch for effects switching and reverb on/off, fan cooling built-in.

A mini-jack on the back panel of the amp allows you to hook up a mobile device via Bluetooth for playing along with your favorite tracks. The JOYO BlurJay also features selectable clean/overdrive voicing on both channels, line out to connect directly to other equipment, and external speaker output with separate volume control.