Best 8 Channel Audio Interface

For those looking to take their home studio to the next level, the best 8 channel audio interface is a great choice. This piece of equipment allows you to record up to eight tracks at once and wholeheartedly adds an expert touch to your music. You understand that you need to record your sessions in high-quality audio, and you want to do this without breaking the bank.

The 8 channel audio interface can be difficult to navigate through, though. There are many options available so it may be hard to find what you’re looking for. Thousands of technicians have tried to sort out that problem before you. Indeed, they’ve analyzed bits of gear and shared their observations online. But all too often their opinions are focused on price tags rather than sound.

Before buying the best 8 channels, do your research! Make sure that you know what you’re getting for your money – if in doubt ask an expert – and make sure that it fits your needs. This best 8 channel audio is one of our most popular brands, but we don’t sell ANYTHING that isn’t top quality and wouldn’t recommend to our friends. Check out some of our customer reviews. That’s where we come in! Our team of engineers has written this article to guide you through picking out your new 8 channel audio interface. Try our interactive interface selector.

1. Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console Desk System Interface 8 Channel Digital USB

best 8 channel audio interface


The Pyle PMXU83BT best microphones for busking digital mixer is an incredibly useful and versatile little audio monster. With 8 XLR inputs, 2 stereo RCA inputs, and a subwoofer output (all of which support phantom power), and two balanced ¼” TRS master outputs, you have all the connections to have a full PA system.

Eight channels of DSP processing mean that this mixer is capable of running any type of sound – from vocals to DJ shows to band practice sessions. It will allow you to connect two sets of speakers with separate volume control. This sound system mixer can be used either as a mixing console or a sound card with USB to the external sound system or come as a stand-alone unit.

The Pyle PMXU83BT is an 8-channel stereo mixer / USB audio workstation with Bluetooth connectivity that features professional quality 48V phantom power and 2-band equalizers on all channels. Now you can mix music live in your living room, sing-along while streaming directly from your favorite apps, or howl to your favorite songs with the Bluetooth streaming feature.

And you don’t need a power amplifier or speakers to get big, full-range sound; it has plenty of output power of its own. This is designed to be a mixing board section alternative to professional music mixer consoles in a digital audio workstation (DAW) environment.

With its high quality and durable construction, the PMXU83BT audio mixer is a perfect choice for use in home studios, project studios, radio broadcast stations, or anywhere that requires high-quality sound. The Pyle PMXU83BT features an easy-to-use mixer section with MP3 input.

This mixer also offers a 48V phantom power supply capability for condenser microphones; and dual headphone jacks with 2 volume controls. Other inputs include a microphone/line switchable input and 2 stereo RCA inputs for connecting CD or tape players.

The 4 stereo RCA audio outputs make it easy to connect external speakers or amplifiers, while the USB input allows you to conveniently connect a media player directly into the mixer.

2. Mackie Mix Series, 8-Channel Compact Mixer with Studio-Level Audio Quality

Compact Mixer with Studio-Level Audio Quality


With a compact footprint that belies its 8 channels and onboard studio-grade 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, the Mackie Mix Series MIX8 eight-channel compact mixer is an affordable choice for those who want to mix, record, and monitor their own live shows. Plus the MIX8 has a pair of combo mic/line XLR inputs with Hi-Z switching so you can plug in virtually any mic or instrument without adapters.

The Mackie Mix Series Mix8 is a compact mixer that is equipped with audio performance that rivals more expensive mixers on the market today. This popular, durable mixer is loaded with features such as an ultra-smooth 5-band equalizer, a 10dB input pad on every channel, switchable phantom power, and very precise 4-segment LED metering.

The Mackie Mix Series Mix8 is perfect for small bands or podcasts that are seeking top sound quality without breaking the bank. This mixer was designed for professional project studios, control rooms, and small to medium-sized venues, where space is at a premium.

And it delivers big with its 1/3-RU single Rackspace design, 3-band EQ, and all-analog circuitry and components from the VLZ Series of studio mixers. To help keep down the noise, you get Mackie’s Level Loc technology for superior channel tracking and smooth, even mixing. Create your own live sound system with the Mackie Mix Series 8-channel compact mixer.

With industry-standard XLR microphone and line inputs, a built-in USB interface for recording, and a 3-band active EQ with the semi-parametric mid-band, this mixer has everything you need to make every performance sound great.

Our new 8-channel compact mixer with integrated digital effects, the Mix8 by Mackie, provides vocal and instrument inputs, 3-band EQs on all 8 channels, 2 aux sends, and a dedicated stereo USB output for recording directly to your favorite software. The Mackie Mix8 is Mackie’s most compact mixer ever, with eight inputs, including two high-quality microphone preamps and four stereo line channels.

The Mix8 offers incredible sound quality in a solution ideal for acoustic musicians, singer/songwriters, worship leaders, instrumentalists, and DJs.

3. Alto Professional ZMX122FX | 8 Channel Compact Audio Mixing Desk with Built-In Effects

Alto Professional Compact Audio Mixing Desk with Built-In Effects


The best microphones for busking are our ZMX122FX 8 channel compact audio mixing desk with built-in effects, four XLR microphone inputs, and two stereo inputs. Three stereo direct recording outs make it easy to record your performance or connect external playback devices, such as a CD or MP3 player.

For quality sound on the go. This is a compact, portable audio mixing desk ideal for use in small venues and rehearsal studios. Four microphone inputs with mixable line and digital connectivity, with the flexibility to add input signals from CD players, MP3 players, or other devices with an additional stereo pair of line-level stereo inputs.

Weighing just 4.35kg this mixer is lightweight and portable and features built-in effects with four studio-quality reverbs, plus delay, chorus, and a phase invert. This 8 channel mixer puts incredible power and professional capability in an extremely portable package.

With advanced features including built-in digital effects (chorus, delay, and reverb), phantom power, independent control over two stereo outputs, Aux outputs, and more, the ZMX122FX is ready to handle live performances of any size. This mixer is ideal for small living and recording setups.

With eight channels, all featuring boutique-style 24-bit/96kHz resolution converters, four XLR mic inputs, and two stereo input sources, this mixer is perfect for performances, rehearsals, or recordings. The built-in effects include reverbs, delays, and choruses to give you a mix that sounds like a polished DJ mix.

This compact mixing desk has two stereo inputs as well as four microphone inputs with phantom power for your microphones, so you’ll always have room to grow into your sound. The Alto Professional ZMX122FX mixer features 4 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, 2 stereo inputs, 8 mono channels, and 2 stereo channels with built-in reverb.

The Built-in SPX effects processor offers 100 Programs, chorus, flanger, delay, and more. Built-in power amplification ensures a full-range sound is delivered to your audience without a PA system.

4. M-Audio AIR 192|14 – 8-In 4-Out USB Audio / MIDI Interface with Recording Software from Pro-Tools

USB Audio / MIDI Interface with Recording Software


Create a home studio near-perfect when you bundle the compact AIR from M-Audio with Avid Pro Tools software and Ableton Live – get 14×2 USB audio, MIDI, latency-free monitoring, and convenient recording software so you can record your tracks anywhere. Take advantage of killer software plugins, instrument sounds, and effects from EQ and reverb to compression, gating, flagging, and phasing.

Turn your Mac or PC computer into a powerful music-making machine with the M-Audio AIR Audio Interface. This interface is loaded with features, including studio-grade FX and virtual instruments, plus it boasts 4 XLR mic inputs and 4 pairs (16 channels) of RCA inputs for monitoring.

The AIR interface is also compatible with popular recording software, including Pro Tools M-Powered 8 (MT8) from Avid, Ableton Live Lite 8 from Ableton, and includes Ignite by AIR Music Technology software. The AIR by M-Audio is a simple and easy-to-use USB interface that delivers studio-quality sound, rock-solid plug-and-play operation, and a host of powerful software extras.

Plus, you get professional recording software, 32 realistic instrument/effect plug-ins with 24-bit/96kHz audio quality and presets created by industry pros, and a suite of tools from Propellerhead Software such as Reason Adapted, REX loop files, ReCycle 2.0 Banks Online, and more!

The AIR series has been designed from the ground up to work flawlessly with all modern computers, including both Windows and Macs. Plus, AIR provides professional connectivity in the popular RCA and XLR formats with great-sounding onboard preamps, eliminating the need for an additional audio mixer.

The ultra-compact M-Audio AIR Series audio interface combines pro-grade sound with desktop-sized convenience, perfect for the home studio or mobile recording rig. The AIR devices combine premium preamps, excellent converters, analog protection circuitry, and instrument input modules with simple yet comprehensive control software to capture studio-great results with easy and intuitive operation.

5. Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX | 8-Channel Mixer with Effects & USB Audio Interface

USB FX | 8-Channel Mixer with Effects & USB Audio Interface


Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX is the premium, portable USB mixer with 8-channels of XENYX Mic Preamps, KARAOKE-optimized 3-band British EQ on all channels, and a host of convenient studio and live mixing tools. This MIXER also has an onboard USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac users. The MIXER’S DSP effects include 16 high-quality reverbs, echo, chorus, flange, and more.

Three BPM-syncable stereo delay effects add depth and dimension with plenty of tweakable parameters. Alesis developed the MultiMix 8 USB FX mixer specifically for computer-based recording, plus a wide range of other applications.

Equipped with eight newly designed studio-grade, phantom-powered microphone preamps, eight balanced TRS stereo line inputs, and two sets of stereo outputs, the MultiMix 8 USB FX has all the I/O you need in a compact and durable package.

Its built-in USB audio interface connects directly to your computer via a single USB cable for audio playback and recording – perfect for podcasting and multi-track recording. Without defeating the purpose of an acoustic beatbox, the Alesis Multimix 8 USB FX has lots of great features when it comes to recording and mixing a track.

It comes with a microphone input that allows you to record vocals or other instruments using computer recording software and an XLR input that enables you to hook up a studio condenser microphone for higher-end recordings.

The MultiMix 8 USB FX is a premium 8-channel mixer designed for professional applications. Powered by USB bus power, it’s perfect for computer recording, digital DJs, Karaoke, and live sound mixing. The MultiMix 8 USB FX has plenty of inputs and outputs to support a wide range of instrument connections.

It comes with an effects engine loaded with 32 adjustable DSP effects including delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, and reverb. Its onboard 100mm motorized fader allows for easy automation control.

6. Depusheng DT8 Professional Mixer Sound Board Console 8 Channel Desk System Interface Digital USB Computer MP3 Input 48V

Depusheng Professional Mixer Sound Board


The Depusheng DT8 is a mixer/ sound system that can be used with almost anything that produces sounds which include computers, MP3, CD, DVD, and cassette players. It is also good to use with Broadway stages, live shows in auditoriums, recording studios, and the likes besides busking.

Hence it is rightly tagged as the best microphones for busking as it can perform in various applications in diverse places. This is a solid mixing desk that will stand up to the rigors of heavy use in the club environment. Placing its mic channel input and output facilities on both sides of the audio channel path ensures maximum flexibility of microphone placement.

With eight balanced microphone inputs, it is easy to create your own multi-channel sound system with mics as varied as Shure SM58s, AKG 220s, and Sennheiser e614s. The DT8 is a reliable 8 channel mixer while being small enough to fit in your backpack.

It features onboard phantom power, high-quality XLR microphone inputs, 48V phantom power switchable for the XLR inputs, three-band EQ on each channel, and two aux sends with individual level control on the back panel for each channel. Each channel has stepped rotary controls for the gain, bass, mid and treble.

There is a master-level control knob for adding or cutting all channels at once. The channel master gain knobs allow you to set them fast if the channel isn’t adjustable. Designed for the professional audio mixer, this 8-channel mixing console is the perfect solution for your live show. This mixer has dedicated channel equalizers that have an extensive frequency range, from 40 Hz to 16 kHz.

7. Soundcraft EPM8 High-Performance 8-channel Audio Mixer

Soundcraft High-Performance 8-channel Audio Mixer


The Soundcraft EPM8 is a high-performance 8-channel audio mixer with a maximum of 100 watts per channel. Equipped with a premium XENYX Mic Preamp and 4 Neutrik inputs, this mixer is designed to handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Plus, great features like the built-in power supply, monitor outputs, and rugged steel chassis make this mixer a must-have for any gigging musician or engineer. The Soundcraft EPM8 mixer is a high specification eight-channel mixer with all the necessary facilities to support a multitude of modern audio setups.

A new preamp design that provides for increased headroom, spectral feedback suppression, and up to 30dB of gain before feedback means that any type of performance can be supported by this mixer. In addition to being one of the best values in their class, Soundcraft EPM8 mixers are also remarkable for their reliability.

Every mixing console will undergo grueling tests such as temperature and humidity cycling, power surges, mechanical shock, and drop testing – including multiple drops from incredible heights – to ensure that you’ll have a mixer that you can count on for years to come.

With Soundcraft’s EPM8 mixer, you get a huge palette of premium quality audio processing and routing options plus superb sound from our classic British Class-A mic preamps. Other EPM8 features include eight channels of high-headroom mic/line inputs, mixable S/PDIF digital I/O, DB25 connectors for easy expansion to 16 channels, and a built-in FireWire audio interface with seamless PC or Mac integration.

Designed to perfectly match the needs of today’s live entertainment market, the Soundcraft EPM8 is a pro-quality analog console that delivers feature-rich performance in a small footprint. The newly designed digital mixer provides 24 bit AD/DA conversion and connects to a computer or external recording device via USB.

The integrated effects section includes 24 new processors and a 3rd fully programmable FX bus, plus onboard MIDAS processing with Lexicon reverbs. It also features Soundcraft’s award-winning, patented DI for recording bass guitar.

8. M-Audio M-Track Eight | 8-Channel High-Resolution USB 2.0 Audio Interface

High-Resolution USB Audio Interface


The M-Track Eight is a brand new, ultra-low latency USB 2.0 recording interface that gives you everything you need to record music in your home or project studio. Constructed around a 24-bit/96 kHz capable M-Audio preamp and designed to work flawlessly with virtually any DAW, the M- Track Eight comes with a high-performance digital audio interface built right in.

Best microphones for busking can be a challenge because of the wide range of choices in the market. Here you have to understand what types of things you must consider before buying microphones for busking. If you are looking for the highest quality and performance microphone, then Octane Preamp is a good choice for your musical instrument.

A complete dream for music producers and recording artists alike. The M-Track Eight is a premium 8-channel audio interface that makes it easy to record studio-quality audio on your Mac or PC. Use the natural warmth and tone of the included Octane preamp, control studio sessions on the fly with 3 control knobs, and easily manage all of your session tracks with 8 dedicated instrument inputs.

The combination of these superb converters and the preamp provides an extremely linear and neutral sonic character, capable of capturing dynamic recordings from microphones and instruments alike. As a Class A product, the M-Track Eight draws less than 3 Watts of power, ensuring low noise and minimal heat production.

The M-Track Eight is a USB 2.0 audio interface that delivers professional studio sound to your desktop or mobile recording rig. It comes equipped with a large 3″ color display with a resizable/removable monitor stand. The M-Track Eight also features an octave of studio-grade compressors and the microphone preamp, all of which are racked in our 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface for amazing sound quality.

9. Mackie Mix8 8-Channel Compact Mixer with Pair of EMB XLR Cable and Gravity Magnet

Mackie 8-Channel Compact Mixer


The Mackie Mix8 Compact Series 8 channel compact mixer makes it easy to mix live shows, podcasts, and more. Its 2 built-in inputs make it a great mixer for mobile DJs and others who need to plug into multiple sources at once. Count on the Mackie Mix8 mixer to deliver dynamic warm audio, thanks to its 3-band EQ with ±15 dB adjustment for high, mid, and low frequencies.

I/O options include stereo RCA inputs, balanced XLR inputs with phantom power, and balanced ¼” TRS outputs for connecting monitors. Mix it up with the Mackie Mix8, an 8-channel compact mixer that fits your sound. Ideal for any live performance, this mixer features 3 onboard studio-quality effects, providing you with clear and accurate monitoring.

Plus, all audio connections are made via combo connectors to ensure a true, balanced signal. Welcome to the Mackie family. The Mackie Mix8 offers performance and technology to help you bring your best to every gig.

8 channels of premium audio quality with the VLZ3 preamp, 8 mono channels plus 2 stereo channels at premium 3510-2050 spl with +48V phantom power, 3-band EQ with sweep mids, and a Lynx mixer-emulator are all included in this ultra-compact mixer.

You even get a Mackie microphone stand cover and a mobile phone holder that also doubles as a cable holder/windscreen for closer to the mic performance. Great when recording at home or doing live sound. The Mackie Mix8 is a compact mixer designed to handle small to mid-size shows and basic recording sessions.

With the Mackie Mix8, you can mix all of your live and studio signals into your favorite DAW thanks to the 24-bit/48 kHz resolution and zero-latency direct monitoring. The Mackie Mix8 features 8 input channels with a simultaneous stereo input, central detented 3-band EQ with sweepable mid, built-in compression for every channel, and a high-quality Mackie mic preamp.

The Mackie Mix8 Compact Mixer lets you get your signal in the mix fast. Plugin up to eight dynamic, condenser, or ribbon microphones with studio-grade audio quality and stay in control with three dedicated mono channels.

10. Fineshine 8/12/16 Channel Audio Mixer Sound Mixing Console with Bluetooth USB

Audio Mixer Sound Mixing Console with Bluetooth USB


Fineshine brings you the all-new Channel Audio Mixer Sound Mixing Console with Bluetooth USB, PC Recording Input, XLR Microphone Jack, 48V Power, RCA Input/Output. It has channel input for stereo headphones and music playing, a USB recording device synchronization function with 2 channels, and a built-in microphone jack.

It is very easy to use and perfect for your home karaoke sessions or apps for DJ control. This is an ideal solution for live sound mixing, home recording, and project studios. It has 8 input channels: 2 XLR + 6 RCA (with phantom power).

This compact channel mixer allows you to mix voice, instruments, or any audio source easily! The Fineshine 8/12/16 channel mixer is a high-performance digital audio mixing console that provides a wide range of applications including live engineering, recording, education, practice, and studio work.

The user can mix up to 8 channels of input signals, adjust sound effect volume and record the input signals or livestream through the USB port. Fully compatible with both professional and novice users alike, this mixer is trusted by brands both big and small. The mixer features an innovative design coupled with intuitive controls that allows you to get the job done.

This is accomplished by individually adjusting the volume level and sound frequency (tone) of each microphone and audio channel, something that is typically only possible when using a much more expensive mixer. This makes stepping up to the Fineshine mixer ideal for both professional and aspiring live sound engineers, as well as for clubs and venues that are looking for outstanding audio quality!