Best 12 Inch Subwoofers in 2021 [UPDATED]: Buyer’s Guide

Tired of subjecting yourself to sub-par audio quality during a long car ride? Or do you perhaps want to take your movie-watching experience to the next level? If you’ve already got quality speakers around, a subwoofer might just be what you need to invest in.

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Kicker 44DCWC122 CompC Dual 12-Inch 1200 Watt...
  • 12-INCH SUBWOOFER ENCLOSURE: Kicker Dual 12-Inch 1200 watt vented subwoofer enclosure is factory-tuned and vented for deep,...
  • 1200-WATT POWER: 1200 Watts Max, 600 Watts RMS power
  • SENSITIVITY: 2 ohm impedance and 98.4 dB sensitivity
  • FEATURES: Features spring loaded speaker terminal, custom port design, heavy MDF construction and thick black carpet to...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Compact to use in very little trunk space or in a SUV; Dimensions (L x W1 x W2 x H): 31.88 x 13.2 x 17.25 x...

Overall Budget Pick #

KICKER Comp 12" 300W 4 Ohm Carpeted Vented Loaded...
  • Ported, vented, loaded 300W 4-Ohm 12-inch comp subwoofer enclosure
  • Power handling:
  • Peak: 300 watts
  • RMS: 150 watts
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms

The perfect device for reproducing thumping bass, a subwoofer is essential for any audiophile. Searching for the best subwoofer, one that meets your reverberating requirements might prove to be a hassle. With this list of some of the highly in-demand subwoofers of 12 inches in the market, we hope to make your job easier!

1. Klipsch R-120SW, Black: Best 12 inch Subwoofer

best 12 inch subwoofer

The Klipsch R-120SW Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) best 12-inch subwoofer cones are exceptionally light in weight while being rigid in their build. This provides a remarkable low-frequency response, with minimal cone breakup or distortion to offer you the cleanest, deepest bass possible.

For high efficiency and maximum output, the built-in all-digital amplifier of the Reference series subwoofer is well made. The low pass crossover and phase control ensure the low-frequency tones blend with the other speakers in your room and establish the ideal level of bass.

The Line level/LFE RCA input offers maximum compatibility with standard home theater receivers. For more placement offers, this model was designed with a high performance, front-firing driver. This allows it to provide deep bass regardless of its location.

Key features

  • Brand: Klipsch
  • Model Name: Klipsch R-120SW
  • Item Model No: R-120SW
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 14 x 16.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Material: Wood
  • The maximum acoustic output is 116dB-Transforms your movie-watching experience
  • The bass and sound quality offered by this high-level 12 inch subwoofer in US are definitely worth your money
  • Rubber feet on the base prevents damaging of hard floors
  • Vibrates walls and tins placed on shelves
  • If not up kept, the wood may be susceptible to mold

2. Skar Audio SDR-12 D2 12″ 1200 Watt: Top Rated Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio Car Subwoofer

The Skar SDR-12 D2 is designed to be a hard-hitting 12-inch subwoofer that offers amazing sound reproduction and low note capabilities. This SDR features a 2.5”, 4-layered high-temperature copper voice coil that is attached to the Skar Audio signature red spider. This allows the woofer to provide extreme power handling for extended periods.

The surround on the SDR series is high roll foam due to which, the woofer produces a riveting, low-end bass response. It features a high flux, ferrite motor, and the frequency response range is 22 Hz – 300 Hz. The peak audio of the Skar subwoofer is 1,200 Watts.

Key features

  • Brand: Skar Audio
  • Model Name: SDR-12 D2
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 1200 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 12 inches
  • Colour: Black
  • RMS Power: 600 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 84.7 dB
  • Comes in a sealed box
  • The bass can easily be felt in your body and surroundings
  • Loudest subwoofer in the market-Positive customer experience after the break-in period
  • Some customers reportedly had the subwoofer blow out after minimum use

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3. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt: Excellent Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

MTX Audio Terminator

The MTX Audio Terminator TNE212D Series comes as a Dual 12” Sealed perfect Subwoofer, already enclosed. The maximum speaker output is 1200 Watts. This model is capable of producing a peak audio range of 800 Watts. The recommended power range of this dual subwoofer is 200 – 400 watts RMS at 2ohms for perfect audio quality.

The Rubber Surround and 2” Aluminium voice coil of this top-rated 12-inch subwoofer provide exceptional bass for your listening. For utmost durability, the power subwoofers are built with Polypropylene cones. It is internally wired to a 2-ohm final load. Even customers with minimum knowledge of loudspeakers are delighted with the promised low bass provided.

This 12-inch subwoofer also features durable Aviation Grade black carpeting, with the Terminator logo embroidered into the front carpet, which changes the overall look of the subwoofer. This model is ideal for people looking to add bass to their vehicle music listening experience.

Key features

  • Brand: MTX
  • Model Name: B001JECAM2
  • Sound Clarity: 37 Hz
  • Speaker Type: Dual subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 1200 Watts
  • Ruggedly constructed with 5/8” MDF construction
  • Aviation grade carpet for maximum durability
  • It houses two 12-Inch Terminator subwoofers, in a vented enclosure
  • Ideal for vehicle bass improvement
  • Bass is not powerful enough to shake windows or vibrate your car, but still gives exceptional audio quality
  • Does not have anchor points attached, for securing to vehicle

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4. BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt: Superb Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer

Designed by BASH technology, the 12-inch, front-firing F12 powered subwoofer from BIC America incorporates a high current 475-watt peak amplifier. Unlike other subwoofers, the patented BIC “Venturi” vent eliminates port noise, offering smooth listening even when playing demanding music.

This model also features an adjustable crossover and volume control, automatic signal sensing, and high-level inputs. The Driver is a 12-inch injection molded woofer with a heavy-duty surround. Both Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS inputs are present for a better user experience.

The F12 weighs 41.2 pounds, encased in a wooden box. It includes a 5-year warranty, which covers any mechanical problems in the subwoofer.

Key features

  • Brand: BIC
  • Model Name: F12
  • Connections: Auxiliary
  • Colour: Red
  • Item Weight: 41.25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 14.8 x 17 inches
  • Power and sound clarity are exceptional
  • Very simple design but easily stands out and attracts positive attention
  • Good port design, there is no port rattle
  • Strong build quality-Easy to use crossover design with an adjustable knob
  • Not suitable for home stereo at full volume and power
  • The outside heats up after hours of use on max settings

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5. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt: Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer Enclosure

If you want to add bass to a system or remove the hassle of external amplifiers and subwoofer, the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 is the perfect audio system for you. The model features a 12-inch subwoofer in a custom sealed enclosure, powered by a 300 Watt amplifier.

The durable exterior of the premium quality 12-inch subwoofer resists scrapes or scratches in the trunk of your car. For optimum operation between woofer, amplifier, and enclosure, the ‘Closed-loop’ design makes everything easier. Includes separate low level and speaker level inputs with built-in 0°/180° phase switch.

The P300-12 has a detachable Power/Ground connector with high-efficiency and low current design. It also has an auto turn on and off function which prevents any possible damage to the machine after continuous use. Thermal and over-voltage function save the wires from frying up after during excessive influx of current.

Key features

  • Brand: Rockford Fosgate
  • Model Name: P300-12
  • Sound Clarity: 150 Hz
  • Speaker type: Subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 300 Watts
  • Includes remote bass level control
  • Includes adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover
  • Covered with industrial heat-activated vinyl
  • Built-in adjustable bass boost EQ
  • Installation may take long
  • High-level input does not sound good in rear or door speakers

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6. 12″ Car Audio Subwoofer – 1600 Watt: High Power Bass Surround Sound Stereo Subwoofer

Car Audio Speaker Subwoofer

This 12 inch, high powered Car Audio Subwoofer by Pyle has a maximum power output of 1600 Watts with full range surround stereo sound reproduction and impressive bass response so you can play your favorite tracks as loud as you want.

The non-fatiguing rubber suspension and specially designed rubber magnet boot are built to last. For the extended excursion, this subwoofer is designed with a non-press cone, specially treated foam surround, along bumped and vented motor construction. These features ensure a long life span for your surrounding system.

The 90 dB and dual 4-ohm impedance rating compensate for the undersized wire found in many cars today. This ultimately reduces distortion so you can enjoy your crisp and clear music.

Key features

  • Brand: Pyle
  • Model Number: PLPW12D
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 1600 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 12 inch
  • Product Dimensions: 12.75 x 13 x 6 inchesItem Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Encased in a stamped steel basket for durability
  • Bumped and vented motor construction that keeps the equipment safe and extends the life of the subwoofer
  • You can set this subwoofer up in a car, boat, motorcycle, or RV
  • Easy to mount inside cars
  • Cannot handle heavy low frequencies
  • Do not handle very high volume wel

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7. Kicker 12″ 800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm: Perfect DVC Sub-Woofer Car Power Subwoofer

Kicker Car Power Subwoofer

This wireless highly-rated 12-inch subwoofer is the perfect audio device to be fitted inside your car. Whether you want to enhance the bass or your listening experience, the 43CVR124 model by Kicker is an excellent pick. The maximum speaker output is 800 and sounds perfect when set up in a car or truck.

The mounting depth is 6.25 inches and this subwoofer does not come encased in a box. After being broken in, it offers crisp and clean bass. The matte black exterior with smooth, rounded edges makes your setup look professional and stylish.

Key features

  • Brand: Kicker
  • Model Name: KICKER 12″SUB 400W
  • Colour: Black
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 800 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 12 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 4.92 x 4.92 x 11.42 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.45 pounds
  • Clean, clear, and ample bass that is enough for a home or car set up
  • Breaking in takes about a week
  • Some users report the product blowing in

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8. 12W0V3-4 – JL Audio 12″ Single 4-Ohm: Magnificent W0V3 Series Subwoofer

Single Subwoofer

The 12W0V3-4 by JL Audio Subwoofer has a polypropylene cone that resists flexing. It is designed with a large roll surround for generous amounts of the excursion. Elevated frame cooling brings air directly to the voice coil, and prevents the exterior from heating up.

The polypropylene cone’s extra-long excursion capability lets it hit fascinatingly deep notes. It can do so without distortion. And the hefty 2-inch voice coil drives the woofer precisely for top-grade performance under extreme conditions.

Choosing the right box will transform the way this subwoofer offers sound quality. Ported or sealed boxes differ quite a bit in the way you experience your music’s bass.

Key features

  • Brand: JL AUDIO
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 600 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 12 inch
  • Item Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Mineral filled, polypropylene woofer
  • Large roll surround
  • Elevated frame cooling
  • Maximum speaker output is 600 watts
  • Sound best when two of these are in operation-Designed for medium-sized ported enclosure and compact sealed enclosures only

9. Rockford R1S4-12 12-Inch Single Voice Coil 200 Watt: RMS Power Handling Subwoofer

Rockford Subwoofer

The Rockford R1S4-12 is designed with a Fiber-reinforced painted paper-pulp cone. The laser-etched aluminum dust cap prevents the build-up of dust inside the device. The high durability compressed foam surround presents an experience that is both exciting and thrilling to the ears.

Fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider with integral woven leads is required to be broken into. This will take only a few weeks and further enhance the audio quality. The powder-coated stamped steel frame of this finely-crafted 12-inch subwoofer with spider cavity venting further, showcases incredible engineering by Rockford.

Key features

  • Brand: Rockford
  • Model Number: R1S4-12
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 5.5 inches
  • Depth in inches: 12 inches
  • Sound quality is excellent when placed on any surface
  • Thumping bass that is crystal clear
  • 200 Watts RMS power is enough to reverberate sound in your car
  • Works best only in a sealed box
  • User may be required to turn down the bass on the amp

10. Polk Audio PSW505 12″ Powered Subwoofer: Deep Bass Impact & Distortion-Free Sound

Home Theater Systems

Polk’s 12-inch Dynamic Balance Woofer sounds exceptional due to its impeccable build. This choicest 12-inch subwoofer picks up the subtleties between different kinds of sounds; whether it can be melodious string music or solid blasts and booms. It correctly reproduces these effects with accuracy.

Driven by 160 Watt power, the PSW505 gives high-performance audio quality without any distortion. It blends with any speakers and is recommended for a home system setup. Make your movies, music, and sports experience even more exhilarating with chest-thumping bass.

The front grille of the PSW505 is detachable, and the back has a magnetically shielded LFE-input for noisy signal aversion. The back also has line & speaker-level inputs/outputs and a Phase Toggle Switch design; this is for running multiple subwoofers.

This subwoofer is easy to integrate with existing systems, hook it up to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly.

Key features

  • Brand: Polk Audio
  • Model: PSW505
  • Sound Clarity 125 Hz
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Speakers Maximum Output Power: 500 Watts
  • Features continuously variable 60-120 Hz crossover
  • Also features 25-125 Hz frequency response
  • Includes technology that cancels out all destructive cross channel interference
  • Produces wide, enveloping soundstage that is tuned specifically for minimum cabinet size, in a home system
  • Isolate and adjust the voice channel level to reproduce sound quality appropriate for the media you wish to experience
  • Amplifier quality is not durable enough and is susceptible to early damage
  • Polk customer service is not the best

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a woofer and a subwoofer?

Woofers are a broad-spectrum low-frequency speaker with a typical range of 20-2000Hz. The subwoofer has a lower frequency speaker than the woofer and it covers the range of 20-200HZ. The woofer is capable of producing mid, treble, and bass while a subwoofer only produces bass. Woofers usually have two-layer coils as compared to the four-layer coil in a subwoofer.

Which hits harder: one 12″ sub or two 10″ subs?

The 12″ subwoofer produces a deeper frequency sound than the 10″ subwoofer. Although two 10″ subs have more cone or surface area than a single 12″ sub hence they are louder. The type of enclosure of the subs are of the utmost importance as two vented enclosure 10″ subs will produce a deeper sound similar to the 12″ subwoofers than the sealed enclosure ones.

What does a subwoofer do?

The subwoofer is a type of speaker that produces lower frequency sounds than a woofer and a tweeter. It is designed to move a large amount of air with strong, slow, accurate vibrations and thus it is usually enclosed in outer housing with its power source. When properly configured it is an essential component of a well-balanced speaker system that adds depth and impact to the explosions in your movies or bass in your music.

Are square or triangular subwoofers better than round ones?

The Triangle subwoofer has a lesser surface area and fails to provide a good surface for sound waves to come off of. Square subs have the advantage of having a larger surface area for the enclosure that they are on. However, a sound wave is circular so therefore a round sub is going to produce better sound waves. Thus a circular subwoofer is generally preferred for its sound quality.

What is the difference between an active and a passive subwoofer?

An active or a powered sub typically has a built-in amplifier while a passive subwoofer needs an external amplifier to function. The passive subwoofer consists only of the subwoofer driver and the enclosure. Hence the active subwoofers are bulkier than passive subwoofers. It is also possible to enhance the performance of the passive sub by just upgrading the amp.

Why is adjusting the frequency that comes out of the subwoofer so important?

The lower the Hz, the more is the bass produced however it is important to remember that the subwoofer should just augment the sound coming from the main speakers. It should not be configured to overpower everything else but blend in with the sound produced by the rest of the speakers. Thus it is extremely important to adjust the frequency that comes out from the subwoofer to have a well-balanced stereo system.

Can I connect another subwoofer amp to the low-level output?

It is possible to connect another subwoofer amp to low-level output by using a converter with the help of power wire, remote wires, and RCA wires. The power cables can be conveniently split into two by a distribution block which can power both the amps with 4 gauge wires. Y Splitters can also be used to efficiently connect two amps to an output.

Do I need two powered subwoofers for my home theater?

It is always recommended to install at least two powered subs to your home theatre system instead of one for numerous reasons. Primarily because two subs combined are louder than a single sub and creates deeper impact sounds. Two subs in a room provide a much smoother frequency response. Last but not least, the stereo subwoofers sound more lifelike than a mono subwoofer.